The 60 Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes

We celebrate the miracle of our lives each year, and each birthday is a remembrance of that miracle. Just as we remember and honour our birthdays, we also have friends and loved ones who never send us gifts and best wishes.
Saying thank you is a way of showing how much we appreciate their kindness and remembrance.

Here are some ways to say thank you:

To my Facebook friends, thank you for remembering my birthday. You just made my day complete.

I am very blessed to have friends like you. Thanks for the best wishes you so unfailingly sent on my birthday. Love to all.

Your remembering my birthday makes me feel so loved. Thanks so much. You are rare brood guys.

Thank you for sharing my day. My birthday was made more wonderful with your presence.

Hello friends! Thank you for the best wishes you sent on my birthday. You made me feel so wonderful.


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If there is anything I want to thank the heavens for, it is the gift of your friendship. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Friends like you make my life worth living. Your best wishes for my birthday just proved it.

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I just reached another milestone in life, and this milestone has been made more meaningful with your friendship.

My birthday wouldn’t have been so memorable if not for your kind thoughts.

Today’s birthday was my best birthday ever. I owe it to you folks.

Your birthday wishes make me feel special. Thanks for the assurance of your love.

The 105 thank you for the birthday wishes.

I didn’t have any reason to feel low on my birthday. Your presence made all the difference.

I do not feel the year has passed. Instead, I think that I’ve spent the year enjoying it with friends like you, especially on my birthday.

A friend is always a blessing from the Lord. You are one of God’s greatest blessings to me. Thanks for the best wishes on my birthday.

Hello friends. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I couldn’t ask for more.

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Your birthday wishes can make me live forever.

I could not imagine life without friends like you. Your kind thoughts and best wishes on my birthday are so well appreciated.

Your dropping by to greet me on my birthday was such a surprise.

Thank you, friend, for the kind words. You made my birthday a great day.

Thank you, love. Thank you for making my birthday so special. Your wishes are my wishes for you as well.

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I will never forget our childhood years together. Looking back, it was your friendship that gave me much encouragement. Thank you for the best wishes you sent on my birthday.

My birthday has been made more memorable and more meaningful because of you. Thanks for going out of your way to drop by on my birthday. It meant a lot to me.

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Your wishes are my wishes. Thank you for making my dreams come true on my birthday.

Good old friends are rare, and friendships are tested with age. Thank you for passing through that test with me.

Thank you guys for making my birthday special. Your surprise was indeed a surprise.


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Thanks for the kind note. Even if we are miles apart, you took time out to e-mail wishes for my birthday.

Time and distance cannot separate our thoughts. I truly appreciate your kindness.

If I can celebrate my birthday again, I would wish to celebrate it once more with you.

Kind thoughts and birthday greetings from friends are always remembered. They form part of the Pandora boxes of our lives.

Just as you never fail to remember my birthday, your gift will always remind me of you.

Hugs to you! Your birthday gift was the best!

Thank you for the birthday party. It wouldn’t have been such a success without your assistance.

How did you know I would love this gift? Thanks so much, and thank you too for the best birthday wishes.

Every year, I always look forward to hearing from you. Your birthday greetings are always unique and so well appreciated.

Thanks for the birthday treat! I truly enjoyed it.

Thank you for being a sweet friend. You made my birthday celebration extra special.


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Friends, it was a fantastic birthday party. Thanks to all of you. See you again next year!

A year older? Or a year younger? Thank you for making me feel young again.

Thank you for the effort you made to make me happy on my birthday. I will never forget your kind gesture.

Your birthday wishes for me are so well appreciated and will always be part of my treasure chest.

I never had a birthday party as classy as this one. Thanks, friends!

Thank you for the sweetest birthday cake ever! It was just as sweet as your friendship.

Thanks, friends, for making me feel like a queen on my birthday. Thank you for the gifts and best wishes.


To celebrate my birthday with you was my greatest wish. Thank you for making that wish come true.

How can I say thank you for the kind deed you’ve done to make my birthday meaningful? I am very grateful.

Your thoughts and wishes for me on my birthday are enough to keep me inspired the whole year through.


It amazes me how you can show love with the most straightforward birthday greeting. Your words contain all the emotions I could barely handle.


Your friendship is priceless. I can never hope to find another friend like you. Thanks for making my birthday so extra special.

I would love to have two birthdays a year if I can, to receive more wishes from you.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, thank you for the gift, thank you most of all for your friendship.


A true friend will never forget to send wishes on your birthday. Thanks for being a true friend.

I get older each year is enough reason to give me the blues; but, you can take those blues away. Thanks, a friend, for the beautiful birthday wish.


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Thanks for your beautiful birthday gift. I love it. Thanks most of all for the gift of friendship.

Your wishes for my birthday make my heart go wild.

Thanks for the inspiring thoughts. They are priceless and enough to keep me going through the year.


Of all the things I received on my birthday, it is your card that I appreciate most. Thank you for the expression of your love.

Thank you for the beautiful thoughts and birthday messages. They form part of the rainbows of my life.

Thanks for being the first to greet me on my birthday. You make me feel so special and so loved.


Thank you to all my Facebook friends who took their time out to greet me on my birthday. You could have ignored the post, but you paused to send your wishes.

I would be feeling lonely if not for your greetings. Thanks for spicing up my birthday.

A tweet for a tweet. To all those who sent me their tweets on my birthday, here’s a tweet to all of you.

Just as I can’t live without water, I can’t live without hearing from you, especially on my birthday. Thanks for taking your time out to call.

I may lose or break all the birthday gifts I have received, but your wishes will forever be etched in my heart.

You are the rainbow that colours my day. The star that lights up my night. Without your wishes, I would have been unfortunate on my birthday. Thanks for colouring my day and brightening up my night.

If I have one hundred years to live, would you send me one hundred wishes?

Thanks for the poem you wrote, especially for my birthday. I am truly honoured to be the recipient of such great treasure.

Thanks for the birthday message. It was just what I was waiting for. The knot that would tie up the loose thread of my day.

My birthday wouldn’t be complete without your wishes. It served like the icing that sweetened up my birthday cake.


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I want you to know that your birthday wishes will forever linger in my heart and form part of my beautiful memories of you.

Words can impact one’s life. Your birthday wishes just did that to me.

How else can I say thank you when words are not enough to convey it? Your wishes for my birthday are so beautiful. They bring tears to my eyes.

I cannot live without love, and I cannot live without a friend. Thanks for the wishes you sent me on my birthday, and thank you for being a friend.

Your birthday wishes cheer me up; they lighten up my day and brighten up my nights.

Friends, if I can hang on the thread of life forever, I would love to hang on with all your birthday wishes by my side.

If I eat without drinking water, I will choke. If I lived without laughter, I would pass away in sorrow. Your cheerful notes for my birthday allows me to live my life with joy and laughter the year through. It prevents me from choking.

Thanks for the flowers you sent on my birthday. They are as lovely as you are.

Your love was all I needed to perk up my birthday, and your messages just did that.

Though distance separates us now, your friendship is one that I treasure most, and your birthday wishes are permanently engraved in my heart.

If anything I look forward to each year, it is the card that comes from you on my birthday, which you invariably send.

I wouldn’t think of comparing your wishes to all the gifts I received on my birthday. Your wishes and kind thoughts for me are priceless.

If I were an entrepreneur, your birthday wishes for me would be my fixed assets. They would never depreciate.

Birthday parties last for hours, but your wishes for me will be etched in my heart forever.

A day has only twenty-four hours; true, but your wishes for me do not last a day. It will be remembered throughout my life.

Thanks for remembering to send your birthday wishes in advance. I wish you well on your travels t00.

Like beautiful memories, your best wishes for my birthday will form part of my treasure chest.

I may not have the chance to write you a poem; I do not know how to rhyme words or write a song. I know to let you know how grateful I am that I have you as a friend. Thanks for the birthday wishes you sent.

The words expressed in your birthday wish is sweeter than all the chocolates in the world. It is even more precious than the ice cream toppings in a cake.

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes

Thanks to all of you who took the time out of your day to wish me a happy birthday. It truly touched my heart. I am so blessed to have such beautiful people in my life.

From every call, every text, every Facebook post, every tweet and every gift. I thank every one of you for thinking of me on my special day.

Each yAsw older, I realize how blessed I am to call every one of you my family and friends. Thank you for the birthday wishes. You have no idea how much every one of them meant to me.


I am overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised by all the love I received on my birthday. No gift can amount to the love that was shown. Thank each of you for taking time out of your day to think of little old me. Thank you for the birthday wishes. They meant more to me than you all will ever know!

I don’t know what I would do without all of you. I was feeling a little down today, but your outpour of love shown through each text, call, and post reminded me of how blessed I am to have such incredible people in my life. Thank you!

A simple thank you goes out to all of my family and friends who acknowledged my special day. You are appreciated.

I sincerely have the best family and friends anyone can ask for. Thank you for all the love shown to me on my special day!

Thank you all for thinking of me. I am so blessed to have you guys be a part of my life. My day couldn’t have been any better, thanks to all of my family and friends. You mean the world to me!