The 60 Happy Veterans Day Quotes

We sometimes seek heroes who would save our day; however, we forget the existing heroes who fought for our freedom years ago – the Veterans.
We see the greys in their hair and wrinkles in their skin which signifies a lack of strength, not the years of experience through battles fought with great valiancy.
Today, let us remember the honor, pride, and freedom they brought to our country by respecting their great sacrifices and sending gifts and messages that will show them how grateful we are for having them in our lives and our country.

Someone willing to put their life for our own sake and freedom is a hero in my book! Thanks for your valiancy and great sacrifice! Happy Hero’s Day!

No one had served the country better than our greatest Veterans! They sacrificed their lives for the sake of many and the freedom of our country. With tremendous gratitude, we salute you for the honor and privilege you brought to this country!


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Let’s take this moment to remember the sacrifices of the courageous men and women who heroically fought for the freedom and honor of America to make it the greatest nation on earth!

War was never only for those strong in body; it is for those who are strong in heart and mind.

Patiently, we wait for their return. With a worried heart, we hope that they’re still delicate and robust. Gratefully, we thank and salute them for being our great heroes.

As your big day approaches, we’d like to thank and salute you for being our hero!

To the brave soldiers and sailors everywhere who bear his country’s cause, To the men and women who fought for their brothers and sisters in the field and served with their best for the exact reason – We honor, thank, and salute you!

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Triumph is only for those who are not afraid and those who never quit. Happy Veterans Day!

With great pride and honor, we salute our heroes of past and present – the Veterans! Best wishes for Veterans Day!

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To all the brave soldiers who served our country with their best, Happy Soldiers Day!

“Support our armed men and women!” we cry, but I say, “Let us love our Veterans!” Let us never forget their valiancy and heroic deeds for our country.

For your valiancy, great efforts, and sacrifices for our country, we salute you.

To all who served as our armed forces, we thank and salute you! Your sacrifices in honor and duty for our nation are worthy of being praised. You indeed are our heroes! Happy Hero’s Day!

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Saying thank you won’t be enough because greater are your sacrifices to fight for our freedom. Thank you for all the hard work. With great pride, we salute and honor all our soldiers! Happy Veterans Day!

This country will remain the homeland of the free as long as it is the home of the brave.

To be brave does not mean you’re not afraid. It means you’ll go anyway, whatever may happen. Thank you, Veterans!

We are the “Land of the free” because of the bravery of our men and women who fought the battle for our liberty. We salute you with sincere gratitude and pride and wish you to celebrate this day dedicated to our heroes, Veterans!


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For preserving the liberty of our country, we proudly salute you! Happy Veterans Day!

My greatest heroes are those who put their lives at risk for the sake of many and protect our world, making it a better place – police, firefighters, and our soldiers. We salute your great efforts and sacrifices for our nation!

We thank you for your great efforts; how you protect us makes us feel safer and at ease. With tremendous gratitude from the bottom of our hearts!

Bravery is contagious. When a brave man stands up for what is right, the others are often affected and do the same.

Your valiance, loyalty, and sacrifice for this nation will never be forgotten. I am wishing you a Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you so much for protecting us – our lives, and the freedom of this country. Thank you for guarding us tirelessly. We salute and wish you a Happy Veterans Day!

At this moment, twenty-five million veterans are living with us. These men and women selflessly fought for our nation’s liberty setting aside their civilian lives. With great pride and honor, they bravely put on their uniform to serve this country. Happy Veterans Day!


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Glad to wear the colors red, white, and blue because of our courageous men and women like you! Thank you for your hard work, sacrifices, and service. May you have a wonderful day!

With our hearts filled with gratitude and joy and eyes filled with tears, we would like to thank our brave men and women who risked their lives and sacrificed everything for the sake of our country so that we can live a better life. Thank you so much, and we wish you a Happy Veterans Day!


More than glory and honor, and history’s iron pen, was the thought of duty done and the compassion of his fellow men.

With endless admiration and thanks, we wish you the Happiest Veterans Day ever! Thank you so much for serving our nation and protecting our homeland’s liberty.


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Many of our men and women may fall throughout battles, but their death was never in vain. Going out there and fighting is a great accomplishment by itself. All our soldiers are heroes, winners. We salute and wish you a Happy Hero’s Day!


Honoring the sacrifices, hard work, and service many have done for our nation for the sake of freedom and democracy is the very foundation of Veterans Day.

My beloved son, your bravery, sacrifices, and patriotism bring great pride and honor to our family. Thank you so much. May you have a Happy Veterans Day!


Everyone rejoices when the war is over, but only a few remember the brave soldiers who laid their lives and sacrificed their families for the country’s safety. Nothing can ever be equally enough to thank them for all their efforts. I wish you a great and Happy Veterans Day!

A hero is a man who’s dedicated to the formation and defense of reality-conforming, life-changing values.

Your acts of bravery, selflessness and unconditional love for this nation will always be remembered. Today, we salute our veterans and thank them for their dedication and patriotism! Happy Veterans Day!

Today is the day we should reminisce about those who fought bravely for our country’s pride, honor, and freedom. Happy Veterans Day!


Consider your soldiers as your children, and they will be with you into the deepest valleys. Treat them as your beloved sons, and they will stand by your side even to the death.

May the Lord Almighty bless the courageous men and women who risked their lives to preserve our freedom. Thank you for your sacrifices and services. Have a Happy Veterans Day!


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It’s a reasonable day because it is a day of pride and honor. A day to show our appreciation and express our gratitude to all who sacrificed their lives serving our fellow countrymen and nation. Happy Veterans Day!

The veterans of our military troops have risked their lives in the battle to protect the freedom we enjoy. They have sacrificed and devoted their lives to their country and deserve to be recognized for their commitment.

Happy Veterans Day, Father, and to all the fathers who dedicated their lives to serve and protect not only our family but our country. I am so proud of you!

We will never forget your bravery, strength, and patriotism today and always. Have a Wonderful Day, soldier!


You must guard our nation, your responsibility to protect our lives, so we must salute you, to show you our great gratitude for all the hardships you have faced. Happy Veterans Day!

How meaningful it is for us never to forget, to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!

Every member of our military troops has contributed to our country’s freedom and liberty. We salute the courageous men and women who put their lives in line to protect us with great pride and gratitude—wishing you a Happy Veterans Day!


Let us bear in mind all the sacrifices made by our brave men so that we can have a safer life. No amount of recognition can be equally enough to honor them. Let’s just offer our prayers for them and their loved ones. May you have a Happy Hero’s Day!

Honoring the sacrifices our brave men and women have made for our country in the name of liberty and democracy is the very foundation of Veterans Day.

I’ll do whatever it takes to honor our veterans, short of sitting in a Veterans Day celebration, parade, or speech.

The American flag still unfurls intense, persistent, and stunning. We thank the millions of our veterans for all the great efforts and immeasurable sacrifices they made for our nation. With pride and honor, we salute our beloved veterans. Happy Veterans Day!


Bravery is almost a contradiction in terms. It implies a strong desire to live, taking the form of readiness to die.

Happy Veterans Day from someone who can’t even handle the feigned warfare of video games.

There cannot be a better demise than sacrificing your life for the sake of our country and our fellow countrymen. These veterans have died for the sake of many.

Some people live their whole lives wondering if they ever made a difference in the world, but the Marines and the rest of our armed forces don’t have that problem.

Thanks for doing what I’m much of a fool and a coward to do!

We may not have known each of them distinctively. But let us include every veteran and their loved ones in our prayers. Have a nice Veterans Day today!

But for our libert,y they fought for, and our nation’s land they wrought for, is their memorial today and for aye. Happy Veterans Day!

I believe there is one greater position than being a president, and I would call that patriot.

Happy veterans day quotes for dad or husband

Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for your service and all of the time that you dedicated to making our country accessible.

Happy Veterans Day to a real-life hero. You are a fantastic person, and your sacrifice will always be remembered!

You have gone above and beyond and done more than most. We are forever grateful to you for your service.

This is the holiday when we celebrate people like you who have sacrificed, but we are always grateful for you!

Thank you for all that you have sacrificed in serving in the military. We appreciate you on this Veterans Day and every day.

Thank you for your unselfish service. You are a great example, and I couldn’t be more grateful for you and what you have done.

Thank you for serving with the military so that we can be safe and free in our country. We will never forget what you have done!

You did something unique when you decided to join the military, and you deserve the best in life! Happy day!

You deserve much more than just one day to be celebrated for all you have done for our country. Thank you.

Thank you for the sacrifices you made. We are grateful to you for serving our country. I hope you have a good holiday.

You deserve so much more than just a simple, Happy Veterans Day, so I will say thank you, too. Your service is appreciated!

Your service and the way that you gave of yourself for this country will forever be appreciated. Have a good day!

There is so much to thank you for this Veterans Day and always. You did an unselfish act, and we appreciate you.

Happy Veterans Day to a great person who has given a great example to many. Thank you for your service!