Inspirational Happy Friendship Day Quotes

A life without friends is a boring place to live.
As much as you can, make your friends feel cherished and important.
Here is an extensive collection of friendship quotes that can help you send the message:

Friendship is like a continuously flowing river. It may change its course several times, but it never dries up.

A true friend knows everything about you, the good and the bad, but still loves you for who you are.

The most important ingredient we need in the recipe of life is friendship.

Friendship is almost like art and philosophy; these are things you don’t need to survive. Yet having friends gives value to our survival.

Two is better than one, for when one falls, the other one lifts him back up. Pity the person who falls alone, for he doesn’t have anyone to support him during the bad times.


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I cope in life with a bit of help from my friends.

Everyone is a new door to different worlds.

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One hug is equivalent to a thousand words. A friend, on the other hand, is worth much more.

There will be a time when you’ll stop believing in yourself, while your faithful friend will never stop thinking about you.

Real friends stay behind, even if they’d rather be somewhere else.

Value your friends. You’ll never know what they’re worth until you’ve lost them.

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Being a friend is a fantastic thing in itself.

We’ll keep our friendship till we’re both old and feeble. Then we’ll be new friends once again!

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It’s okay to keep your friends the same way you would your books; few and well selected.

Friends allow you the freedom to become whoever you want to be.

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A genuine friendship is never calm.

Some go to priests, while others look to poetry. I go to my friends.

Be careful when making new friends. Once you’re in, continue putting effort into the relationship.

Friendship is as fragile as glass. Take good care of it. Once it’s broken, it will never be back to the way it was. There will always be cracks.

Friends to everyone are friends to no one.

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You’ll never run out of people who’d ride with you in a limo. What you’re looking for are people who’ll take the bus with you when the limo stops coming.

Wanting to be friends with someone is easy. The tricky part happens when you wait for the fruit of your friendship to blossom.


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The best mirror is your best friend.

The only thing better than a friend is another with chocolate.

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Friendship isn’t exactly the easiest thing to explain. It’s not something you can learn in school. If you haven’t understood what true friendship is at this point, then you haven’t learned anything useful at all.

To walk with a friend in the dark is better than to walk alone in the light.

Does friendship begin when one person says to another, You too? I thought I was the only one.

Even if I forget to say hi or issue a reply, I hope you don’t think I’ve forgotten you. I want you to miss me.

Don’t think twice to call me when you’re in trouble. I’ll always be there to help.

It’s a good feeling if someone misses you; even better when someone loves you. But the best feeling is when someone doesn’t forget you.

Marriages end not because of a lack of love but of a lack of friendship between two people.


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Want to know the difference between a friend and a rose? Roses don’t last forever; friendships do.

Even when miles apart, true friends remain close to the heart.

You can compare friendship with good wine. Everything gets better the older they get.

Friends never enter your life without reason. Their purpose is to bring joy and laughter to your life.

Genuine friends are like diamonds. They’re beautiful and rare. False friends, on the other hand, are like fallen leaves. They’re littered everywhere.

Come to me when you’re lonely. I won’t guarantee I’ll make you laugh, but surely I’ll cry with you.

I’ve always thought there’s nothing better than loving someone. I’m wrong. Now, I think loving a friend is better. We lose people we love every day, but real friends stay.


Friends are like mangoes. Sometimes, they’re sweet. Sometimes, they’re sour. I’m just lucky I found a sweet mango in a friend like you!

How long would you like us to be friends? As long as there are stars in the sky and until the waters run dry. I’ll be there for you until the day I die.

One candle can light an entire room. One friend brightens a whole life. Thank you for being the light of my life.


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The secret to making friends is listening. Learn to mind what the other person is saying. Most people never really take the time to listen.

You’ll know a friendship is confirmed when the awkwardness in silence begins to be comfortable.

There is no word invented yet for old friends who’ve just connected.

Choose friends who aren’t comfortable to be with. Choose the ones who will force you to open up and explore the world.

It’s possible to make more friends by becoming interested in other people, rather than forcing people to become interested in you.


There’s but one bond that makes or breaks a companionship, either friendship or marriage, and that’s a good conversation.

An authentic friend will never get in your way, not unless you’re going down.

Friends who change when you change and nod when you nod aren’t friends. Stay with your shadow instead. They do things better.

Test your friendship by doing nothing with another person. If you enjoyed your time doing nothing together, then you have a friend for life.

Growing separately doesn’t change the fact that at one time, we became entwined with each other. No matter what happens, I’m always thankful for that.


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Friendship isn’t characterized by the number of things friends can discuss but by the number of things that don’t even need to be mentioned.

It’s the gift of friendship to talk about nonsense and for that nonsense to be respected.


Look for a friend, and you’ll realize they’re scarce. Become a friend, and you’ll find that they’re everywhere.

Anyone can relate to the sufferings of a friend. But you’ll know the true ones, those friends who can join you in your success.

The only glue that holds the world together is friendship.

Love me, and I may be forced to love you just the same.

You’ll know a friend’s natural when you make a fool of yourself, and he believes that you’ve only done a temporary job.

Most people enter into relationships to get something. The truth is that this never works out. If you want a lasting relationship, give more than you take.


True friends make the most remarkable discovery when they realize that they can grow up without growing apart.

There’s one sad truth I came to know after travelling for a time. It’s the fact that we’re eager to please those we just met while we ignore and wound the people who love us best.

Stop expecting perfection from other people, and you’ll find that they’re likeable still by being who they are.

Be friends with who you are as a person, and you’ll never be alone.

Many people hold two friends in their life that are opposite to one another. They keep the first one because of similarity, while the other one attracts them because of their difference.


People become lonelier because they build more walls instead of bridges.

Those you can call at four in the morning are the friends that matter.

One of the most fundamental things in human existence is having someone to tell things to.

To be a friend is to become a master of timing. There exists a time for quiet and for allowing friends to choose their paths. There also comes a time to help friends pick the pieces back together when the storms are all over.


Remember that during a conflict, there is one factor that determines if your friendship survives or falls to total damage. That factor is our attitude.

Life is how we make it, and partly by how we choose our friends.

You’re in a safe place if you feel pain when criticizing your friends. The moment you enjoy that is the right time to hold your tongue and let no words come out.

Be a friend before you even need one.

People will forget what you told them, but they’ll never cease to think about how awful you made the experience.

You may be one thing to the world. But to the person who cherishes your existence, you are their world.

Your faithful friend will walk into your life when most others would rather walkout.

Only a friend will believe in you long after you stop believing in yourself.

Everyone starts as a friend until they become otherwise.

Two people can talk every day yet never really become friends, and for two people to meet in an instant end up becoming friends for life.

One of the better parts of life is our friendships.

Friendship is never an accident. It’s destiny.

No one’s a failure if you have friends in life.

It takes a considerable amount of courage to stand up to your enemies, just the same if you stand up to your friends.

Life becomes easier when you become friends with yourself.

Fear friends who are evil and dishonest. It’s better to be with a wild beast that will hurt your body than to be with fake friends who’ll break your heart and mind.

It’s okay for friends to take time away from each other. If your relationship lives in your heart, your friendship will survive the test of time and distance.

Keep the friend who knows your tears, then the few ones who only know what your smile looks like.

True friends are like angels. Heaven sends them to me so I won’t be alone in life.

Cool quotes on friendship day

Happy Friendship Day to someone who has always meant a lot to me and who will always be someone I care about!

May you know just how much I care about you as you go about your day on this day that we celebrate friendship!

I do not know what I would do if I did not have you to reach out to when life is hard, and I hope you have a fantastic Friendship Day!

May you always know that I love you and am there for you, and may this Friendship Day be blessed for you!

Happy Friendship Day to someone who makes my life a little easier to face and who is there when I would like to talk.

I have always felt good that I have you to turn to when life gets hard, and I hope that you have a happy Friendship Day!


Happy Friendship Day to someone who brightens up my world and makes me excited to get up each day!

Some people are jealous of us and the friendship that we share… Happy Friendship Day to you!

Happy Friendship Day to someone who has always been that person I can lean on when life gets hard!

We will always look out for one another and be there when life gets tough. Happy Friendship Day to the two of us!

Happy Friendship Day and I love you to that one person who has been a friend to me since I was young!

Your smile is beautiful, your hugs are warm, and I could not ask for a better friend than you. May you have a happy Friendship Day!

Today, we celebrate friendship, and I would not be the person I am now if you were not a part of my life!