Top 30 Happy Birthday Photographer Quotes

We all have that one friend that loves taking photographs of people, our photographer friend who is rarely on the pictures but always behind the camera.
Well, here is your chance to get a good shot of that friend and make him or her feel special too.
Here are some greetings of happy birthday photographer for your friend that will surely make him or her feel that she is also important to you and also to all the photographers that you may know.

Happy birthday photographer, today go ahead and smile for the camera for a change, okay?

To the one who takes only the best pictures, we’ll take them for you today, it’s your turn now.

You’ll have to make do whether we take good shots or not, swear we’ll try our best though.


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You have the skill of capturing emotions on the photos you take, so now, just enjoy your day.

Happy birthday wishes for a photographer friend

How about trying to be in the picture for today instead? Have a happy birthday photographer.

All the best wishes to the person who have taken every possible moment to just celebrate life.

100 Happy Birthday

It is now time to celebrate the things you never thought you could, enjoy the moment for now.

You must understand that some things can never last but photos are what could, I know that.

You thought everyone the beauty of preserving things, you deserve the best day on your birthday.

Happy birthday photographer, thank you for all the nice photos you have taken of us, really.

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I am still in awe at how gorgeous every shot you take prints out, I hope you love this big day.

Today is your big day, camera man, so try to be the one on the camera, not behind it okay?

You are the one who makes the holiday brighter with photos to celebrate it with, thank you!

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

May you have an exciting day trying to capture the world with your hands and camera.

I hope you like this camera because it is the one that I am going to give to you, enjoy it out.

I still have that shot you caught of me from way back then, happy birthday photographer!

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You just have a signature style of capturing images and it is wonderful, have a good birthday.

May you have the best bday bash because you of all people deserve it the most, you really do.

Happy birthday photographer, I hang all the photos you’ve taken inside of my room, still.

I think you might have billed us too low for what you deserve you take amazing pictures!

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You are truly effortless with a camera, you’re blessed with taking photos, happiest bday, dear.

Any event I am going to, I want you as the official camera man, for now, just relax for today.

You deserve a break from your camera & something to pamper your hands with, happy bday.

Happy birthday photographer, you really did capture every emotion we had on a picture.

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You are truly the best photo taker in the world, no one can compare, so have a happy bday.

May the person who is behind the photos taken today enjoy his birthday, he deserves it.

You deserve to be praised for all the work that you have done, you are truly fantastic, girl!

You gave me a chance to go back to the happy moments, happy birthday photographer!

I know you love your camera because you understand each other, here’s another one for you.


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I couldn’t think of a better gift than this so I hope you have a space for a new one, my friend.

You work hard to capture emotions within a shot, I hope I can be like you as well, have fun!

Thank you for helping us have memories we won’t ever forget, you deserve a happy day today.

Happy birthday photographer, don’t worry I’ll snap some pictures so you can have them all.

I take a look at the pictures and I remember the way I was back then thank you for everything.

I won’t even charge you today so go ahead and have fun, I’ll handle the camera for today.

Just for today, bring your camera down and just enjoy your big day, you’re older now again.

Another year has passed you by and I think that you should just have all the joy you can.

You make everyone smile with the shots you take, so just have a happy birthday photographer.

We know you love what you do because it shows in the results, your photos, enjoy this day!

For there are a thousand reasons you should keep doing what you do so happy big day to you!


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Like a doctor but with a camera instead, you fill up hearts the way a surgeon’s opens it up.

Happy birthday photographer, thanks for every moment that you helped in preserving, really.

I think you would look good in front of the camera as well so just work it out and have fun.

May you have a great time just doing the things that you want and just having some laugh.

You have a gift for capturing emotions and I could not find anyone better, happy birthday, girl.

I heard they can display your shots at the museum, I guess you really are that talented, boy.

Happy birthday photographer, it is now your own turn to just enjoy the moment and have fun.

Your peers tell me of you and speak highly, I can see why, you have such amazing work space.

Something wonderful, that is the best way to describe your day so just have a happy day to all.

A great thanks to people like you who are willing to be out of the picture to take a good one.


How do you explain being as happy as I am seeing my face on a piece of paper, really now.

It’s our moment to take your pictures so for now, just enjoy and happy birthday photographer!

You are now a year older but your skills do not fade away, I am still in awe of you, my dear.

There is nothing I would love more than to celebrate your big day with you, with a camera.


You have given me all of the favorite pictures that I have, I won’t wish for another, enjoy!

Happy birthday photographer, don’t worry, we’ll try our best to take some good shots of you.

It shows that you love what you are doing because you just glow, so just have a fun day today.


May you celebrate your birthday in the most amazing way, you deserve to be happy, you do!

Some things just last, like photographs do, and I can say they are truly a work of art, they are.

Now just relax and know that we appreciate you a lot, so happy birthday photographer, enjoy!

Take a moment to just rest up, relax, and catch up with your surroundings, you can do it.

You show me how committed you are with your job and find it fascinating as well, you are.

I will call you again soon enough, I’m sure of it for you take amazing photos, have fun today.

You’ve been there for every event we ever had so I hope you will just have some fun for now.


Happy birthday photographer, you have a talent in recreating moments and preserving them.

There is no one else I would rather be now than taking pictures of how I look but you, friend.

Every piece of photograph that you take just blew me away, you are fantastic at what you do.

Happy birthday photographer, we are truly in awe of your superior skills and abilities, really.

I will never forget anything that you have taken a shot of, you are truly a gem in the rough.

May you have unforgettable moments on your big day because you deserve to have that.

Of all the people in the world, you are the one that deserve to have some great fun, you do.


Happy birthday photographer, wishing you the best and that you have your dreams come true.

You are turning a year older but the quality of pics you take remain the best, they still do.

Remind me to tell you how awesome you are because that is the truth of it, you are amazing.

Happy birthday photographer, your pictures amuses me in ways I have never been ever.

You deserve to be remembered on this day because it is your day, have all the fun you can.

You have such a passion for art and everything you take on that camera is one, have fun!

Happy birthday photographer, you touch hearts and that is one of your many talents, girl.


Thank you for always taking some great picture I can remember for forever, you are cool.

One day, I can look back at this day and remember everything that happened coz of you.

Happy birthday photographer, there is not much I can say but that you are truly amazing.

Thank you for allowing me to share my life to you by these photos that you have taken.

Hiring you as the photographer is truly one of the best choices I have done, happy bday!

Happy birthday photographer, enjoy your big day and always remember we are here for you.

To the world’s best camera man, you deserve everything in the world, I mean it literally.

There is nothing much I would love but to be able to see the pictures you have taken.

You are a blessing for the media and those who love the camera, calls for a celebration.

May your craft keep you on the right track and keep you happy as well, you deserve that.


You are one of the vital persons that needs to be here right now, but you can rest today.

Today is your day so go ahead and go on an adventure and just have fun, camera man.

Without cameras, I doubt anything can ever be documented except by words, right, dear?

You give life a whole lot of color and happiness, you deserve to be happy too, so enjoy today.