Thanksgiving 2019 – Unique Wishes with Images

Thanksgiving day 2019 is coming very soon.
The first question that people ask is
When is Thanksgiving day 2019?
The answer is simple. Thanksgiving is celebrated each year on the fourth Thursday in November. This year it is Thursday, 28 November.

What is Thanksgiving day?

National holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada when Americans gather together for a day feasting and family. Here are some nicely crafted 100 Happy Thanksgiving Quotes for you to read and share with your loved ones.

The meal usually includes a turkey and other ingredients like stuffing, vegetables, potatoes, gravy, and pumpkin pie.


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Thanksgiving Day is a time for all people to give thanks for what they have.

How to celebrate Thanksgiving day ?

  • Prepare the meal
  • Make the table festive
  • Enjoy some traditional holiday pursuits
  • Spend a the time reflecting on the meaning of Thanksgiving
  • Consider helping less fortunate
  • Find activities to do after the meal
  • Take a long nap after the meal if you’re feeling sleepy

Thanksgiving wishes and greetings

Each of us needs to set aside one day for thanksgiving, and it is just what we need to do, you know?

I want to remind you that it is essential to save at least a day for thanksgiving; it is important.

There comes a day called thanksgiving where we have to go and give our thanks for all of it.

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Even if the only prayer you have ever said in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.

Learn to be grateful for the things that you have, learn to say thank you to other people, child.


Do not just take the day called thanksgiving, but instead be grateful for everything you had.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have things sufficient then go give your thanks today.

This one day is the day where we sing all the praises for the Lord up above who made it.

For all the blessings that we have received for this year, thanksgiving is the perfect day for it.


We must be thankful for everything that we have been given whether we deserve it or not.

The best thing about today, thanksgiving, is that we can give all the praises that are overdue.


One morning, let us start a feast and sing with all the thankfulness in each of our hearts, dear.

What I really want to say is that saying thank you is not enough to show your appreciation.

The best way to express that you are thankful is to live by it, live and pay things forward.

The highest way to show that you are thankful is to share the blessings that you have received.

For today, remember all the things that God has given your for this year and shout in joy!

Let us grab a drink and drink for all the things that we have done over the year, just let us be.

Dear Lord, we thank you for today for all the things that you have given us this whole year.

After one year, we are all gathered together by thanksgiving and that I think is really amazing

Just give this day some gratitude and enjoy just being friends, here is too all of those 4P’s.


If possible, I would really like to make thanksgiving more frequent than it already is, father.

You cannot miss thanksgiving, as it only comes once year anyways, do you get that, child?