35+ Happy Birthday Football Player

Footballers are said to be among the most entertaining group of people in the world.
They bring in so much fun to everyone when playing around the pitch.
If your favorite footballer is celebrating his birthday, or perhaps, you have a friend or a family member who is so fond of football, then here are some birthday wishes for footballers that you can send to greet them on their special day.

You’ll find good football players. Others are excellent, and some are superb. Of all these players, you are one of a kind! Happy birthday, superstar! Enjoy your day!

Happy birthday! I hope that your time to shine in the field of football will come soon since you are too good to be part of your team. You are, in fact, way better than some of the players from the premier league.

Football is such a competitive game and reaching where you now means that you are dedicated and committed to what you are doing. Now that it’s your special day, it’s time to party because you deserve to be happy.


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My wish for you on your birthday is for you to have a fair chance of proving yourself to the highest level in the field of football since that is exactly where you belong. Have a fun birthday!

Each footballer would love to reach the peak of their football profession, and I know that’s your dream too. Happy birthday, my friend. I hope you will someday be allowed to prove to the world that you are capable of becoming a star soon. Happy birthday!

Everyone admires the life of every footballer, even though everyone does not know the hard work that they put into the sport. I hope someday, all your efforts and hard work will pay off in such a massive way. Happiest birthday to you!

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Some footballers may have the same ability as you; however some of them belong to much better clubs. But don’t worry, for your time will soon come. Have a great one, and may you enjoy your special day!

The best thing that any footballer could experience is to keep on playing at their best until they achieve the highest level of their profession. On your birthday, my wish is for all your dreams to come true, especially in the field of football.

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It’s important that every footballer will have passion for the game since this will help them to sustain longer in the sport, even until their talent drops. Happiest birthday to you, my idol! Keep doing your best and someday, all your efforts will surely pay off.

Happy birthday my favorite footballer! I hope nothing will ever stop you from ever achieving your goals in the field of football!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for being one of the best footballers I know. I wish you nothing but the best in your career. So enjoy your day and keep safe in all your sports.

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Your manner of playing has brought so much joy in the face of so many people and I pray that you will have a long career in the field of football. Enjoy your special day!

Sports careers tend to be elongated if family and love ones will be there to offer help when needed. On your birthday, please know that we’ll never be far from you. Happiest birthday to you our great footballer!

I have never ever seen a young football player as talented as you in my whole life. You truly are one of a kind! You are filled with so much potentials and I wish for a big club to be soon coming for you. Happy birthday!

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Playing football is not easy and excelling in the sport has never been easier. But you did so well in the sports and that just proves how great of a person you are. Enjoy your day and may you have a fun filled birthday!

Some people are naturally born a star while others are made. I want to let you know that today the day where a great star was born and that is you. Happy birthday to you my super star footballer friend!

Nothing can compare to dreaming on becoming a superstar and waking up one day to know that such dream has actually come true. I am really happy for what you have achieved, so enjoy yourself now that it is your special day!

God gave everyone a talent and our talents are already within us. It will all be up to us to use this. I am so glad you are using your talent so well and I am not surprised why you are doing so well in football. Happiest birthday to you my talented footballer friend!

If there is something that you are really great at, that is grabbing every opportunity that comes. I am so glad you become such a great footballer. Have a lovely day and may you have many happy returns of the day!

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I remembered when that opportunity for you to become a footballer came, you were feeling skeptical about it. But look at you now – you are such a star! May you have a wonderful birthday!

The greatness of a speaker lies in their ability to communicate well with their audience, but the greatness of a footballer lies in their ability to entertain. Thank you for entertaining us, happy birthday!

Congratulations! You have finally finished the league season and was even a top goal scorer! Now that it’s your birthday, may you have the best time of your life, keep flying high and reach your goal!

On your special day, I wish you continued success in your football career. May you not have any reasons to stop loving what you are doing now! Many happy returns of the day!

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The life of every footballer is really great, not only because you get to entertain people but also because you have the chance to visit so many exciting places. Enjoy your day, my friend and may you have many more birthdays to come!

The love of your fans can make you strong and motivated, however your rivals’ hate will make you unstoppable. You truly are the man of your team and I wish you a great success and a beautiful life ahead. Happy birthday!

You should be excited for what lies ahead. Don’t be afraid to show your unlimited confidence and soon enough, success will be yours. May you have a beautiful journey in life filled with so much pleasure and success! May you have many more returns of the day!


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Make decisions that will make you feel happy afterward. On your special day, I wish you infinite happiness and successful career. Have a blissful life!

Do not be scared to fight until the end and until such time that you will be able to reach your dreams of becoming a famous football star! May you have a wonderful celebration on this special day of yours!

If you want to succeed in your chosen endeavor, always test yourself against all the best. If you do this, you could become the best ever footballer someday. Happy birthday!

As the goalkeeper, be ready to catch all the balls we would throw at you today, since it is your birthday. Happiest birthday to the most amazing goalkeeper in the world!

The day that you have overcome what you lack in life, would be the same day that you will be recognized the best footballer in the whole world. Happiest birthday to you, may you have unlimited success in the future!

You should set only one goal – to be the best and to be the best in your field. Happiest birthday to you my sweet footballer. May you have an awesome life ahead!

The beauty of your life is in your dreams and what you ever desire to achieve and do, as well as the struggle to make them all come true. Happy birthday! May all of your football dreams come true and may you have unlimited success ahead!

You’re my champion but I wanted you to be the champion of the world. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday!

Happiest birthday to the best footballer I have known. I may not be there to celebrate your special day, but please know that I am always thinking of you especially today.


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Always strive hard to be the best footballer that you can be, who exceeds the boundaries of a common sense. I am wishing you many happy returns of the day on this special day of yours and may all of your drams and wishes come true.

Happiest birthday to you my champ, my footballer. In all your games, make it a goal to destroy the goalkeeper.

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To my favorite goalkeeper, always make the most of your life because remember, you only live once. Enjoy it, live it and pursue it. Once you lose it, you are not going to get it back again. On your birthday, may you have all the happiness this world brings! Enjoy your day, happy birthday!

Do not ever make your fans feel frustrated, because they are your number one supporter and your only key to success. I wish you good health on your birthday and may you continue to enjoy playing football.


To my footballer, always give your one hundred percent in every match so no one can ever make lame doubts regarding your capability. On your birthday, I wish you all the best that life can bring. Have a fabulous day!


Do not tell everyone your dreams. Instead, show them that you rare really serious about pursuing them. Happiest birthday and May you have a very successful football career ahead!

Aim high and reach your dreams! Be the kind of footballer that you always wanted to be. On your birthday, I wish you continued success not only in your football career, but also in all aspects of your life my dear!


Make it a goal to achieve all of your dreams in life, like you would in every game of football, where you strive hard to be the champion, happy birthday!