The 45 Birthday Wishes for Dogs

Some says dogs are better companions than men because they love unconditionally and is loyal more than anyone else.

Though there is a barrier of language between you and your furry friend, nothing can keep the love between the two of you apart.

Express your love for your best friend with these Happy Birthday Quotes for dogs.

Nobody loves me as much as you do. As soon as I get home from a hard day’s work, the fatigue is lifted off my shoulder just by seeing your cuddly welcome. I love you buddy. Happy birthday!

Each day with you is a day to be celebrated. You’ve only made the hardest days bearable and the happiest days even happier. Though you sometimes give me loads of headache, the joy you give me outweighs all of it! Happy bday buddy.


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For your birthday, you can have all the most delicious treats and your most favourite food! You can have your fellow furry friends come over and have the greatest party ever! Wonderful birthday, buddy.

If there is one wish I want most in the world, it will be for you to live for 500 years more! Let’s have lots of fun together in the days to come! Best birthday buddy.

Your bark is my morning alarm and my ‘welcome home’ greeting. The wagging of your tail is my comfort and my stress buster. The way you cuddle beside me is all the love I ever need. Wonderful bday buddy.

My home has become ever more comforting with you in it. Who could resist your icky kisses and body-slamming hugs? It makes me forget my problems and the worries that I have. Thank you buddy. Happy birthday.

100 Birthday Wishes

No one has ever loved me unconditionally as much as you do. You are there at my worst and loved me even though I was un-loveable. Thank you buddy. I could never hoped for a better best friend than you. Best bday.

We grew up together and had so many adventures together! You taught me countless of lessons, stayed by me during my worst and best times. My childhood wouldn’t be as beautiful without you in it. I promise that I will take care of you always, buddy. Happy birthday!

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Petting you is my number one therapy. It makes my day brighter and it soothes my weariness away. Thank you always being there, buddy. Best bday.

Before you came into our lives, we have peaceful mornings, a better smelling backyard and untarnished furniture. In spite of giving us loads of headaches, the joy you have given us is unequal to anything. Your cuddly ways of loving us is unlike any other. Thank you, buddy. Wonderful bday.

Even if you can only bark, you do not need words to show how much you love me. Your puppy dog eyes, you furry tummy and icky kisses are enough to express how much I mean the world to you. I want you to know that you mean as much to me as well, buddy. Best birthday.

Now I understand why they say that dogs are a man’s best friend. You can sense it when something is bothering me and cuddle up beside me to comfort me. Thank you, buddy. I couldn’t imagine a world without you. Wonderful birthday.

You are more than just a pet – you are my jogging buddy, my alarm clock, my best friend, my furniture destroyer, and my furry pillow. The moment you walked into my life, everything has changed. Although my apartment has been messier, I have never been more happier in my life. Thank you, buddy. Happy bday.

200 Happy Birthday

The best thing about dogs is that they never judge you. In spite of whoever you may be, they will love you completely and absolutely. You’re the best buddy. Happy birthday.


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While your doggy cake is being baked at the oven, let me tell you how much I love you. Even though a lot of my savings goes to, you will always be my favourite companion and my irreplaceable best friend. Happy bday, buddy.

During my lowest, I know that you are there to lift me up. During my loneliest, I know that you are there to cheer me up. When I am lost, I know that you are there to guide me back. Thank you, buddy. Wonderful birthday.

You have kept the house safe from strangers even from that poor mailman you’ve chased around. You’ve done a job well done, buddy. Even a cat or squirrel is no match against your prowess. Happy birthday.

We’ve been to amazing places together. We’ve been through tough times together. We’ve shared the best moments of our lives together. I am hoping for more years of adventures with you, buddy. Best birthday.

I believe that dogs are sent by God as guardians to watch over us. I consider you as an angel and the truly the purest soul in my life. Happy birthday, buddy.

A few years ago, I was one of those people who look at dogs as just dogs. When you made you way into my life, you slowly changed it. You became my truest and most trusted companion. You taught me lessons that no one else could. You made me happy during my saddest times. Thank you, buddy. Wonderful bday.

The moment I hear your bark from the door, I can’t help but smile. For that reason, I always look forward to going home and rub that furry tummy of yours. Happy birthday, buddy.

105 Funny Birthday Wishes

There is no empty-heart when paired with a bouncing and happy furry friend. Dogs are masters of showering unconditional love to anyone. Thank you for filling my empty heart overflowing with love, buddy. Happy birthday.


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I never could imagine that a creature so cute and cuddly is capable of so much love. I never could imagine of loving you as much a parent loves his child. Best bday, buddy.


The number of years a dog gets to live is not even close to those of humans. I want you in my life for the rest of my journey and however impossible, I promise to let you live your life to the fullest. Best bday, buddy.

The 60 Happy Birthday Girl

Your deep and trusting puppy dog eyes are my kryptonite. Your happy and energetic disposition is my pleasure. Your cute and cuddly furry tummy is my favourite pillow. Wonderful bday, buddy.


You are better than most humans, buddy. You are obedient, loyal, selfless and constantly happy. We should learn from you! Best birthday.

Dear buddy, remember when we first met when both of us are lost? Do you remember the times that I pushed everyone away, but only you dared to destroy the wall that I’ve built? Do you remember the time when I am at my loneliest and you stayed by my side until I can stand again? Do you remember how we shared the happiest time and how you walked so merrily by my side? No one can take these memories away. No matter where I’ll go, I will always carry these best times in my life with you. Let us build more chapters together. Wonderful birthday.

One of the greatest blessings I’ve ever received in my life is you, buddy. My life wouldn’t be as happy without you. You never once left me alone and you gave me so much love than anyone ever could. Happy bday, my best friend.


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Today is your day, buddy! You are allowed to feast on your favorite food and most scrumptious treats. Happy bday!


How are you capable of so much love? You have given me so much and even loved my family so much more! You are truly part of the family, buddy. Wonderful birthday!

I only need one dog in my life. You have given me so much joy that I could ever wish for. Buddy, stay with me as long as you can, okay? Let’s live each and every day full of adventure and joy! Best birthday.

When I was little, I’ve always wanted a puppy. Having you has taught me responsibility, loyalty and love. That has been one of my greatest wish that I have never regretted asking. Thank you, buddy. Happy birthday.


Because of you, my weekends are never boring. You have been keeping me busy with taking you out for a run, giving you baths and just hanging around with you. I’d prefer this kind of Sundays rather than passing out in a bar! Wonderful bday!


You have taught me patience and persistence through the tricks that we are eager to master together. You have taught me loyalty and true friendship by sticking with me through the good and the bad. You have taught me unconditional love and true happiness by loving me no matter what circumstances we are in. Thank you, buddy. Best bday.


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You don’t need to know any tricks to capture my heart, just flash me that cute puppy dog eyes and all of it is yours. Best bday, buddy.

We are the perfect match. You are the best one that understands me and knows how to cheer me up when I needed it the most. I know your favourite treats and the best tricks that you know. Wonderful bday, partner.


All I’ve ever wanted in my life is a loyal companion. I guess you are all I ever needed after all. Thank you for always staying by my side, buddy. Happy birthday.

Your birthday is more of a treat for me because it means that you are turning over a new chapter in your doggy years. Here is to more adventures for us. Best birthday.

You are one of the few who truly misses me when I’m gone. The thought of it makes me really happy. I’ll never get tired of going home to your wet and icky licks and body slams. Wonderful birthday, buddy.

With you as my friend, I’ll never have to worry about my trusting getting broken. Happy bday, partner.

No matter what the size of the dog is, the amount of love that it can give always prevails over everything. Dogs are a creature of love. I am so lucky to have a best friend like you in my life, buddy. Happy bday.

Birthday wishes for a dog lover

Hope you have a pawsome day! It’s your birthday!

You probably won’t know this, but today is a special day! It’s your birthday, so you’ll be getting your weight in dog treats (much to the disappointment of the vet)!

To my oldest friend, and favorite four legged woofball, happy birthday!

Today only, you can sniff any pee, mark any tree, eat all the dog treats and sleep on my sheets! Happy birthday boy!

You’re special to me every day of the year, and always excited when I get home from work. You never fail to brighten my day, and today you’ll be spoiled in every way!

Happy birthday, hope you have a woofing great day!

It’s a silly tradition that we humans have to celebrate the anniversary of our birth. However, it usually comes with cake, so we made sure you’re getting plenty of treats today! Happy birthday!

To the greatest dog in the universe, happy birthday!

I wish I could speak dog, so I could explain why today is different and important! It’s your birthday and we love you, so you’re getting extra special treatment today!

The unconditional love you give is the best feeling in the world. Happy birthday to the best little pup!

To my oldest friend and most loyal companion, I know you won’t understand today but it’s your birthday! Hope all your doggy dreams come true!

Big woofs to the best dog in the world, it’s your birthday!

Woof! Woof! Hooray! It’s your birthday a.k.a. the extra dog treat day!

Who’s a good boy? You are! Happy birthday to the greatest mutt in the world!

Today is the day we’re celebrating your arrival in our lives and hearts. You may not be human, but you’re still family. Happy birthday!

On my darkest day, you brought light back into my life. You are the best companion any human could ask for! Happy birthday to the greatest dog and oldest friend!