Happy Birthday Dear Friend

No one can get through life without the help of our dear friends. Without them, life will be dull, tedious, unbearable, and thorny. And so, on their Birthday, make sure to tell them how grateful you are to them and how much they mean the world to you.
Take a look at these selections of birthday wishes for your dear friend:

Happy Bday to my most particular friend, who I cannot imagine living my world without. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the very best and the greatest Birthday ever!

Birthday only comes around once a year. I’m not going to let this year pass without shouting out to the world how special you are to me! Happy Birthday!

Even if I have to scour all corners of the world for the right words, no words can ever compare to how special you are to me. Wonderful Birthday.

Would I pass the opportunity to share this crazy and fun Birthday with you? Of course not! As your dear friend, I must make sure that a special day like this does not pass lifelessly. Best Birthday!

We may not have the same blood flowing through our veins, but it feels like we share this unshakable bond that will last forever. Wonderful Bday.


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The real treasure in life is having dear friends like you who I can forever count on in times of trouble. A gem of a friend like you deserves the very best on their Birthday. Happy Birthday.

Our friendship is one of life’s prized treasures – you are my guardian angel minus the wings. Best Bday.

I’m not a selfish person, but I wouldn’t say I like sharing when it comes to a dear friend like you. If only I could keep and lock you up like a treasure box all to me. Happy Birthday!

The internet may have all the facts about the world, but no one knows all the details about me, unlike you do—best Bday to my walking Slumbook and my dearest friend.

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When the world is against me, I come running to you. When I feel alone and lonely, I come knocking on your door. When I need to lift my spirits back, I come seeking your comfort. Thank you for staying with me no matter what. Wonderful Bday!

Our friendship is the music of my life. You are the melody, and I am the lyrics. That’s how awesome we are! Best Birthday, my dear friend.

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

I may have a lot of friends, but you are the only friend I need in my life. Happy Birthday.

You are the rainbow that painted my life in a multitude of colours. You are the red, the colour that brought so much love into my life. You are the orange, the sweet fruit that gives me strength. You are the yellow, my sunshine. You are the green, my sentient tree. You are the blue, my sky. You are the indigo, like my fields of flowers in spring. You are the violet, my colour of royalty. Happy Birthday.

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I will stand by you. You will stand by me. That’s how sturdy and incredible our friendship is. Happy Birthday, my dearest friend.

I cannot help but wonder what I did in my life to deserve such a dear friend like you. May you be showered with the most astonishing surprises in your life that you deserve. Wonderful Birthday!

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I don’t think I will ever get sick of your sweetness, cuteness, and kindness. I am lucky to have that in unlimited supply from you. Happy Bday, my dearest friend.

I owe your parents my life for bringing you into this world. Because of that, I was able to meet you and become my friend. Happy Bday.

A dear best friend knows how to listen and tolerate my rants and knows how to knock me back to my sense when I’m about to do something stupid. Wonderful Birthday!

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Batman and Robin, Pikachu and Ash, Lilo and Stitch, or Cable and Deadpool are no match to the superpower of our incredible friendship. Cheers on your special day, my dear buddy. Best Birthday.

Sometimes you scold me, sometimes you ignore me. Sometimes you are sweet to me, sometimes too clingy. Sometimes you are as warm as a ray of sunshine; sometimes, you are as cold as ice. No matter, I love you for who you are, and I will not change one thing about you. Wonderful Bday.

Cheers to our years of beautiful friendship! Life is so much wonderful knowing we got each other’s back no matter where we go. Here’s to more years of amazing adventures together. Best Bday!


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Things can be thrown away – an old worn-out pair of shoes, a ragged teddy bear, jeans with a big hole in the back. But our friendship, no matter how old, no matter how worn-out, and no matter how ragged, I will never think of throwing away our company. Best Bday!

I learned how to be brave since I know I have someone I can lean on when I stumble and fall. How lucky am I to have a dear friend like you? Wonderful Bday!

If only I could extend your Birthday to two more days of a crazy and rollercoaster fun party, I would. I’d never get tired of partying if you were with me. Best Birthday, buddy!

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Every day has been diluted of sadness, misery, loneliness, distress, agony, and boredom when you walked into my life. Thank you for making my life so much better. Wonderful Birthday.

I should baptize you with a new middle name – water or sunshine or air – because you are one of the things I need to live and survive in this world. Happy Birthday.

The fact that you chose to be friends with me is the most incredible honour of my entire life. Happy Bday.

Since the birth of our friendship, the complexities and difficulties of my life have become easier to bear and understand. Happy Birthday.


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The reason why I feel happy and contented, despite singleness, is because I have an awesome friend like you who never make me feel alone. Happy Bday.

The Hangover trilogy or the Lord of the Rings is nothing compared to the awesomeness of our friendship. Wonderful Birthday.

When I dream of a life with a dear friend like you, I see a colourful, bright, and exciting adventure ahead. Without you, though, I will see nothing but darkness and void—best Birthday to my friend who made my life as vibrant as a spring and summer combined.


When I look at you, I can’t help but smile. When I don’t, my smile fades away. Happy Birthday to my dear friend, who made my life so much brighter and amazing.

On your Birthday, will you let me be selfish and wish for infinite years for our friendship? I am looking forward to spending more years of great adventures with you until we are fragile, old, wrinkly. Wonderful Bday.


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Our friendship is stronger than the highest mountains. The laughter and memories we shared are more precious than the Ring from the Lord of the Rings. The bond we share is more magical than Harry Potter. Best Bday to my dearest friend in the whole world!

You annoy me, and you are violent with me most of the time. You nag and mock me, and you make fun of me all the time. Despite that, I’d rather endure your years of endless torture than lose you. That’s how much you mean to me! Best Bday.

I cannot count on my hand how many types of friends there are in the world. No matter, I only need one kind, and that’s – you! Wonderful Bday.


Our friendship is more timeless than the Casablanca, The Titanic or the Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Best Birthday.

We don’t need the help of Facebook to remind each other of our birthdays. Ours is already stamped and written on each other’s hearts. Happy Birthday!


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Your Birthday is like Christmas and New Year to me. It’s one of the most important occasions of the year! Happy Birthday to my dearest friend.


Our friendship is as priceless as diamonds, stronger than titanium, and as timeless as gold—cheers to our unique and great friendship. Wonderful Birthday.

If I am to personify my sixth sense or gut feeling, it will be you! You know how to keep me out of danger and stupid decisions. Plus, you know how to steer me in the right direction. Happy Bday.

I would not resort to sending you a birthday greeting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I don’t want a simple birthday greeting for you, but a big, massive, explosive and special one like this! Happy Bday.

Never stop dreaming. Hold your head up high and bravely travel the road towards your goal. I promise you I will be right behind you, waving your flag. Then, of course, watch you fall, laugh, and then help you back up. Wonderful Birthday!


Cheers to another 365days of awesome rollercoaster adventure with you. Let’s make this year more explosive than the last. Best Birthday.


My dearest friend, have a happy, healthy, wonderful and exciting year ahead. Wonderful Bday.

No birthday gift is enough to match how priceless the gift of friendship we have, not even a truck full of presents, a room full of gold or tons of cake or ice cream. I wish you an incredible journey ahead, my dear friend. Best Bday!

All I want in life is simple – happiness and peace. You gave me the former generously when you walked into my life, but now I am completely drained of the latter. I wouldn’t have it the other way! Best Bday.

Your happiness, good health and success are some of my life’s most fantastic wishes. Happy Birthday!

You are my friends packed with the benefits of Vitamin Adventure, Vitamin Blessings, Vitamin Care, Vitamin Delight, and Vitamin Excitement. Wonderful Bday.

Thank you for standing by my side when everything has fallen apart. Thank you for loving me even during the times I’m intolerable. Most of all, thank you for the gift of priceless friendship. Best Birthday.

Happy Birthday Quotes for my dearest friend

Happy Birthday to my best friend in the world! Thanks for always having my back.

To the person who is always there when I need it, thank you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of the dearest people in my life.

When I need a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, or someone to sit quietly with me, you are always there. Happy Birthday! Thank you for being a great friend.


Here are Birthday wishes to the best guy in the world! Thanks for being my friend!

Happy Birthday to the best gal in the world! Thanks for being my friend!

To the friend who has become family. Happy Birthday! I love you!

I hope that the year to come is filled with love, laughter, and lots of fun. Happy Birthday dear friend!

You make the world a little brighter just for being there. Happy Birthday to my dearest friend.

Get ready for the best Birthday ever! Happy Birthday!

I hope your day is as amazing as you are! Happy Birthday!

I hope your Birthday is as unforgettable as you are.

Birthday wishes from me to you on your special day.

Special birthday wishes for an extraordinary friend.

To one who is dear to my heart, Happy Birthday!

Friends call you when you have a problem. Best friends show up with chocolate and no judgments. Happy Birthday to my best friend.

To someone genuinely great! Happy Birthday!

I don’t know what I would do without you because you’re always there for me. Birthday wishes to my best friend.


I’m sending warm birthday wishes to my best friend in the world!

Happy Birthday to someone who means the world to me.

I hope your day is filled with love, joy, and laughter because you deserve it all. Happy Birthday!