Happy 77th Birthday Wishes

Everyone is bound to celebrate their seventy-seventh birthday at some time, it might just take them a bit of a time to actually absorb it.
After all, it is not everyday that someone turns 77 so you might want to make sure that you get to greet them a happy 77th birthday on their birthday.
To ensure that your greeting would be understood, you might want to use some greetings that have been tried and tested before like some happy 77th birthday wishes that are searched for.
Here are some of those happy 77th birthday wishes you can use and personalize for your own.

No matter what, even when you get older, I will be with you all the time, happy 77th birthday!

May this day come along the way you want it to be and that you have a lot of fun just as well.

And all that I wish is that you have a spectacular time on your party tonight, we love you so.


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Your new age looks so amazing on you, I just wanted to tell you that you still are so sexy too.

The truth is that it is by far, a lot easier than you thought it was, that is the truth of things.

My husband, you are the best person in this life, have a happy 77th birthday on this day now.

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The brightest of stars, that is what you are, may you always find some light on your path too.

I am sending you a lot of fuzzy and warm greetings for this bday of yours, enjoy it a lot now.

Life is indeed one great journey, you only have to enjoy the adventure you go through to it.

May your heart always be in the right place, keep yourself to be the best, happy 77th birthday!

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Every mile in this world matters just like in your life so go ahead and head out happy bday!

We were not the same people we were before but our friendship is but the same, enjoy today.

The truth is that to me, you are still my best friend no matter what happens, happy bday!

I hope that you will try to be the best person in this life indeed, have a happy 77th birthday.

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

The desire of my heart is you even up ‘til now that still holds true indeed, happy bday too.

The warmest of all the wishes is what I offer to you as you partake on your journey today.

May you realize that there is more to this world than you know, have a happy bday now, okay?

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Keep young at your heart and everything else will fall into their place, happy 77th birthday.

Happy 77th birthday, I hope that your heart guides you to the right path and the right place.

This bday of yours is a great timing to see more of what you have, enjoy it and love yourself.

Happy Birthday Goddaughter

If you want to be better you should first invest in yourself, that is the key to anything at all.

This is a reminder from me to you that you may get better and much more amazing too then.

I wish you would have fun and that you get to relive some of the feelings you have had before.

The thing is that you need to get things halfway done as well have a happy 77th birthday, okay?

Top 40 Reply to Birthday Wishes

You might be getting older but that does not mean you are getting uglier, you are prettier too.

What an amazing timing this is to reunite with your old friends on your special day, enjoy it.

You should just eat your cake and keep on smiling, it is okay to lie about your age, you know.

May there be some peace on the world as you celebrate your special day, enjoy it a whole lot.


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Happy 77th birthday, genius, I hope that you will still be the best person I know for now, okay?

We should party all night long but you are older now so you might not stay up, happy bday.

Dance it out, all of your frustrations as you once did before, enjoy the night and happy bday.

Let us sing to the music and dance to the beat as well now on your special bday party too.

You rock even at your age and that is something that I am proud of now, happy 77th birthday!

It is your bday so it is imperative that you enjoy it a lot and have tons of fun on this very day.

Go ahead and party wildly in order to make this day an unforgettable one indeed, enjoy it!

May you always be healthy and that you will have the most wonderful day for this day too.

What you are is brilliant and I hope that you will enjoy it a lot as well, happy 77th birthday.

The world will tell you that you can’t so prove to it than you can and that you really will.

Forever is such a long road but you should keep going as long as you are able to, enjoy it.


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This day is truly special so you must try your best to just be happy and enjoy it a lot, okay?

To the person that has truly touched my life in a lot of ways, I wish you a happy 77th birthday.

To the most charming and beautiful person ever, I wish you nothing but to have the best time.

I think this bday of yours if going to be so special and I want you to understand that for now.

This day reminds me that tomorrow you will have a hangover since we’re partying all night.

You remind me of myself sometimes but then again I am not that old, enjoy your special day!

Happy 77th birthday to the one who deserves so much joy and happiness in the world today.

Share this day with a friend, someone who can understand your views in life and enjoy it too.

Here is a cake that I hope you will enjoy and love until the very last bite, you deserve that.

You have the sweetest smile in my heart and there is nothing I want but you, enjoy it a lot.


I wish that you would have a great bday and have it fabulous as well, just like you are now.

The world can offer you a lot but the truth is that you deserve to have a happy 77th birthday.

I hope that I can be that someone that believes in you and trusts in you, have a happy bday.

Forget the past and the memories long gone and focus on today and on your special day too.

The best things in this life are yet to come so let us go and celebrate life with a bang, enjoy!

May this day of yours be as cool and awesome as you are have a really happy 77th birthday.

Look forward to the things in your future, I hope that you will get to have it a lot, I love you.


This day is filled with so much fun and I cannot help but be grateful to you for it, enjoy it.

To the person who has touched my life I am thankful that you love me for it right now too.

Happy 77th birthday, love, I want you to know that I think of you all the time even until now.


There are so many great blessings in this world and you are truly one of them, enjoy life now!

And though your standards are set to be high, you accepted me, thanks and have a good day.

You, my love, deserves something sweeter, you deserve a love that is real and pure as well.

There is nothing I love most than to see you have a happy 77th birthday and enjoy it as well.


Life is something to be enjoyed, a journey that is worth a whole lot more than you know it.

I think it’s truly an honor to be with you as you celebrate one of the best days of your life now.

You have the strength to help me and so you did so now let me help you to celebrate as well.

May you have a magical celeb, one that is filled with people you love, happy 77th birthday!

I just hope that this day of your life really will be the greatest there is, I will have you know it.

The year is just coming to pass and all that I wish is that you would have the best days ever.

In this life, there is so much more that needs to be done and yet you must enjoy it a lot too.


You have to get older in life, bolder too and there is no one that is really quite like you now.

Happy 77th birthday to you, sweetheart, know that I will always be here for you always now.

There is no one that is quite as fantastic as you are and for that I am truly grateful as well.


Here is an extra chunk of happiness with the hope that you really will be happier for it now.

They say that you lose some memories as you grow older but you still remember me, right?

There ain’t a better way to tell you a happy 77th birthday but with cakes and balloons too.

People truly get wiser with age which is why as you celebrate today, I wonder your age too.


I am celebrating today with you coz you are the one that gave me a reason to live to this day.

Thank you for being you and for sharing me the person that I thought you to be as well now.

The truth is that I am just grateful to have you around, thank you and enjoy this life now.

You are the reason why I am still alive so do let me know what happens from this day too.

I like you a lot like I love to eat those cakes at your bday, just like I am doing today, dear.