Happy 74th Birthday Wishes

Who knows when the world is going to end or how many years you have left? There are some things that are better left unknown and yet birthdays are truly something to celebrate.
Should you have a friend, family member or a loved one that is celebrating his or her 74th birthday, greet him or her a happy 74th birthday and remind that person how happy you truly are for him or her.
Here are some happy 74th birthday wishes you can personalize to make your own, enjoy and use them.

Happy 74th birthday, may the Lord guide you towards being on the rightful path all the time.

There is more to this life than being successful, what matters is that you are happy, enjoy it!

At 74, success is not important, just that you are smiling with joy as well, my dearest mom.


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Forget all that happened in the past, instead look forward to the future that will come for you.

I really just came here for a piece of your bday cake, kidding, it is to wish you a happy bday!

There is no star brighter than you, I wish you a happy 74th birthday, have so much fun as well.

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To the one person who is really funny, smart and handsome, I wish you all the best in this life.

I believe that the world is filled with people that deserves to be happy you are one of them too.

There is so much in this world besides being happy so just have the happiest bday ever now.

I love you without any reasons, I just do and I hope that is enough, I wish you a great bday!

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To the sun in my life I wish that you would have a happy 74th birthday, enjoy your special day!

Who knows what tomorrow really brings? All that I know is you should celebrate this life too.

And if no one tells you how wonderful you are, I will for you are, have the happiest bday too!

All I wish is that people would always be there for you when you need them most, happy bday.

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There is no one I would rather be with but you ‘til the very end, have a happy bday, I love you.

Happy 74th birthday, all that I am is all coz of you, thanks and have a great day as well now.

The world is just waiting for someone like you and it has waited long enough too, happy bday.

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There really is no one that is quite like you in the world that we are in, happiest bday my love.

For there is no one I love better than you, I wish you a happy 74th birthday, enjoy your day!

You are fair in all aspects and that is what I care for the most, equality at its finest in you.

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There are times I look at you and I see the memories that has come and gone, happy bday!

To the man that has taken care of me for the past 30 years, I wish you a happy bday as well.

Today you are no longer 73 but a year older too so have a happy 74th birthday, enjoy the rest.

To the one man who supported me in every aspect of this life, my salutes to you, happy bday!

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There is no one that would ever be as grand as you are to me, have a good day and enjoy life.

For there is no one else in this world I would rather be but with you, happy bday to you too!

You deserve only the best today, so have a happy 74th birthday and have some fun as well too.

You are the missing piece that I need to complete the puzzle of my life, happy bday for you!


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I had the hardest time shopping for this gift I am about to give you, better be happy for this!

I did not get you anything for this year but my offer of true friendship, happy bday to you!

There is no one happier than me for you today as I wish you a happy 74th birthday love you!

For this bday of yours today, I decided to give you my love, very much unconditional as well.

In lieu of a gift, I have decided to give you all of the love I have in my heart instead, my dear.

You got another year older and that on its own is another reason to celebrate, happy bday!

Take some time to celebrate the biggest day of your life, have a happy 74th birthday, my dear.

Do not worry about anything now, your secret age is definitely safe with me, happy bday too.

The best thing that even money can’t afford is my love so here is to that I wish you a good day.

Like a bottle of a high priced and well aged wine, you have truly aged up to perfection today.

To the person I can’t tolerate but I still love, I wish you would have a good bday for this day.


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There is nothing more special than your big day so have a happy 74th birthday and enjoy life.

I bet there is no one in this world that loves you more than I do so have a happy 74th birthday!

Today is a good day to start thanking me for remembering your big day, I know, happy bday!

I wanted to wish you the happiest bday but my internet was not working fine at all, my bad.

Obviously, you are not getting any younger but hey, you are aging so fine, have a good day!

Just have a happy 74th birthday and leave the rest of your worries with me for just a day now.

You might as well smile as you have still some teeth left, enjoy your bday and smile for me.

Today is another one year round trip around the big ball of hot fire, the sun, happiest bday!

Enjoy your ride towards the sun and know that I am happy you are here with me right now.

Wishing you all the best and that you may have a happy 74th birthday, I love you a lot as well.


Getting old is a part of life so grow well into it and have the best day ever, I like you a lot too.

You know you’re 74 when you and your teeth do not sleep in the same bed any longer at night.

You are younger if we translate your age into dog years so go and have a lot of fun as well!

There is no one that can ever equal the love that I have for you, enjoy a happy 74th birthday!

You are only young once but you can keep being immature for the rest of your life, happy day.

Look at the number of candles in your cake, it sure reminds me of how old you are now, babe.

There is no need for any social media for me to remember your big day, I assure you that too.


Happy 74th birthday to the man that has stood beside me throughout this life, my dear hubby.

You are 74 but still looking as great as ever have the happiest bday party ever, I love you so.

You are young and pretty and that is why I love you a lot, have a good day for today as well.


There are grey hairs on your head, but your smile is still the same have a happy bday to you.

Your voice sounds more melodious than ever and I can’t help but be happier for that as well.

Wife until now you hold on to all of our marriage vows, I wish you a happy 74th birthday now.

Happy 74th birthday, the best wishes I dedicate to you who has undoubtedly given the best too.


A lot of famous people are actually born today like you, it is just too bad that you are not that.

When walking up the stairs is as good as exercise to you, you really must be getting older too.

Some things go up and never gets back down, guess what that is: your age have fun today too.

In this life, there is me and you until my very last breath, wife have a happy 74th birthday now.

Bday cakes are the type of food that everyone else still wants a piece though someone spat on.

Age is not really that important unless that you think you are a cheese, so just enjoy your life.

Inside of you is someone that is younger but have already been through a lot in this life now.


There is nothing I want more than to celebrate a happy 74th birthday with you, my dear love.

You are not getting any older nor are you getting any wise but I am happy you are here now.

For every time that you laugh something inside of me comes alive, thank you and enjoy today.


The only wish that I have is that someone will take care of you and now you are seventy four!

Happy 74th birthday you deserve the world and that is why I want to give it all to you, enjoy!

I am still hoping that for the best for you that all the wishes you have made come true too.

I want you to know that I am so happy that you did all that you can, rest assured I love you!


You tried your best and for me that is enough, have the happiest bday party, enjoy it as well.

There is never enough going on in your life to be sad and miserable, make the most of it all.

My love for you is like the river that is flowing into the bottom of the rocks, happy bday to you.

There is nothing greater than someone that loves you a lot, happy bday to you as well today.

And in the end, what matters is that you are happy, that is all, so enjoy your big day by today.

May all the worries inside of you be gone for today, just have fun and enjoy your birthday.