Happy 73rd Birthday Wishes

Being 73 is something to be proud of; you have lived such a long life already, and you have more ahead of you.
For someone turning seventy-three real soon, you have to greet them with a happy 73rd birthday so that they know you remembered and cared enough to formulate a greeting or message for them.
Make them feel extra special with these happy 73rd birthday wishes as well.

Thank you for being a blessing to all of our lives. We all wish you a pleased 73rd birthday!

For all the times that you stood with me, thank you, and I hope you enjoy your special day too.

All that I wish is that you remember me as the person who never forgot your bday now, love.


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Dad, I hope you will enjoy your day today; happy birthday to you and wishing you the best.

Now that you are 73, I bet there are still so many things you want in this world, happy bday.

Everyone in this world has that one wish, and I know yours is to be happy; enjoy it now.

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There is no more fabulous treasure in this world than celebrating your bday, I, and Achieving that too.

May you have billions of blessings for your bday ha; happy birthday to you, my dear Mom!

You always did tell me how blessed I was, and I guess I genuinely am; happiest bday to you, Dad.

I always missed your birthday but not this one; I; There now, so let us go and celebrate.

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For all the years that I was not there for you, this is me making it all up to you, my dear Dad.

All the blessings I have received in this world is yours too, have the happiest bday ever, Mom.

And whenever I count my blessings, rest assured that I count you twice, ha; happy birthday!

There is nothing quite lovelier than being here with you, and I wish you the best too.

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You were always as fast as light when it came to giving what I wantwantedppy bday to you today.

All that I wish for you is that you will get e for today as well, have a good bday, okay?

The gifts in the world do not matter if you are not happy, so have fun on your special day now.

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I want you to smile and enjoy your big day, for nothing else should beat it for you, dear Mom.

The rest of the world may not know you, but I do, so enjoy your day and have fun; happy bday!

May God give you all the peace and joy you need with long life and happy 73rd birthday!

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He loves the world so much He decided that we can enjoy life with you, thanks & happy bday.

There is so much more to this world right now, and I wish you get it; happiest birthday to you!

Happy 73rd birthday, wishing that the Lord will give you more tomorrows to look forward to.

You are still so beautiful even after so many years, and I can’t be any happier right now as well.

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There are so many choices to do and so many paths to take, but yours is clearer today happy bday.

Like the water flowing freely in the river, you alwacontinuouslypt to your environment, enjoy today!

His endless love and joy that is everlasting are green to you, so have a happy 73rd birthday now.

There is nothing lovelier than touching the face of the one you love; enjoy your special day!


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My woman, I love it when I call you that for, you are mine as much as I’m yours, happy bday!

Let God continue to shower you with His amazfantasticinity and grace happy 73rd birthday, too.

I am more than willing to forget and leave it all behind us, so have fun for your day today.

Tell the rest of the world to mind their own business and enjoy your special day, my dear.

There is nothing I would love more than to be beside you as you celebrate this big day now.

Happy 73rd birthday; I wish the Lord will give you a rainbow for your bday; I genuinely do, love.

Happy birthday to the woman who held my hand while I year searched the path I would in this life.

For always holding me tight when I needed someone to may you have a fantastic bday today.

We call this journey we are now in life, and we struggle to get through it; happy 73rd birthday.

You are my best friend and nothing, and no one can ever change that, so have a happy bday!

Happiest bday to you, full of grace and awesomeness; I wish you a great day as well.


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In this world, there is only so much you can do, including having a happy birthday on your list.

The real challenge is succeeding in where we are, have a happy 73rd birthday for now, okay?

And this world will tell you that you do not deserve anything, but have a happy 73rd birthday!

I bet even at 73, you still feel lost at times, but hey, I hope that you will have fun just as well.

Every step that you take towards your dream is something that you should be proud of now.

Do not be ashamed, do not hesitate to follow your dreams; some does later than others.

Happy 73rd birthday, of all the people in this world, I; I assure you the most, believe me on it.

And there is nothing more I would like better than to live in a world filled with happiness now.

Forget the rest of the world, instead focus on getting better & being better as well; enjoy too!

Have a good time and remember that the best things in life are free, no charge at all!


Count on me, lean on me, believe that I wish you all the best for this life, ha; happy birthday!

There is not much I can give to you, but I can promise you the best bday celeb of all time now.

Today will be the day that changes your life, and I hope that it does. Enjoy it for now.

There is nothing better than hearing the waves crash on that shore; remember that, enjoy life.

Happy 73rd birthday; there would not be me if not for you, so I wish you all the good.

Your big day is another achievement in your life, so treasure it, have fun on your 73rd, dear.

The rest of the people may walk out of your life; as long as you have one, you will be fine.


May His presence grace the day that you are celebrating today, have a happy 73rd birthday!

And for now, all that I wish is that you will keep loving yourself, for you are beautiful as well.

Life does not always go the way you have wanted it to, but you will be surprised later on.

For now, I am praying to God that He blesses you, so proceed in all things now.

Cheers to a happy 73rd birthday and another year to go and have fun; I wish you all the best.

Sometimes, what you need is a hand to hold yours and support you from afar.

I hope you can trust me & put all of your heart in my hands, and I will take care of it; happy bday.


Praise His name for He gave you so many blessings, of73 years, have a happy 73rd birthday!

I am just telling you now that I am happy that you are now 73, my friend so happy for you too.

There was a time when all I wanted was for you to be happy, and I am wishing that every night.


Every single day & every single night, I hope you will have a good bday and have fun too.

Happy 73rd birthday. May you enjoy this day and the many more ones to come your way soon.

Do not bring things up that should not be brought up, and just enjoy a good day, for now, dear.

Happy bday to you; keep up with everything in the world and rest now and then.


You can’t make people like you, but you can make them know your worth; happy bday to you.

You should take your best shot when it comes to life; always give it your best.

You still have many years to go, so make the most out of each one; happy bday to you, man.

Happy 73rd birthday; peace and happiness are all I wish for you right now; believe me too.

People hate what they do not understand, so try to understand them and enjoy your birthday.

Do not stand down to people who do not know you; just stay happy as you are, happy bday!

I believe in you, and I know you will be okay, enjoy this world & have a good day on your bday.


For tomorrow, you start with a new year of your life, so enjoy being 73 prove.

There is so much in this world just waiting for you to notice; enjoy today and have a good day.

Love is there when you least expect it to be, have a happy bday and enjoy your day, Mom.

Reflect on all the things that you have previously done, and just have a happy 73rd birthday!


To the most handsome man in the world, have a happy bday; I love you, Pa; I’m so proud.

The luckiest woman in the world is me to have you as my husband, happy bday to you now!

There is nothing I can wish for another for you to be happy on your special day, happy bday!

Nothing is better than being with you today, have a good day; I love you a lot.