45+ Good Luck Messages

Sometimes your friends, family, or loved ones will face a challenge, an unknown future, or something that they need to work hard on.
Here are some good luck messages you can send them or tell them so that they feel so much better than before and feel ready to face it, no matter what it may be.

Life is always hard. You just have to keep the faith and go for the gold; best luck on that!

You will realize that in this life, you may need to fight back sometimes; good luck!

Best luck on beating your assigned deadline at work or school; you can do this.

The challenges of life have always been complex and real, but you can do it!

Everything may look hard right now, but eventually, it will be easier; best luck to you!


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Best luck to all of your endeavors, may you be able to fulfill all of them greatly.

Some days, it seems as if life is hard but it really isn’t once you think about it, best luck.

Keep on making your dreams come true, good fortune on playing your life the way you want to.

Show the world just what you are capable of, dear, good fortune on what you want to do!

Let the light finally shine on you and try to find yourself in this world, best luck!

You may feel like you are in the dark right now but you will get out, eventually, best luck!

Believe in yourself and you will get to where you want to be, good luck to you!

You will get to where you are supposed to be because you are awesome, good luck to you!

The challenges of life is easy to get over if you believe in what you can do, best luck!

The hardest part is trying to find out who you really are, in the world we are in, good fortune.

I hope you are lucky enough to be at the right place at all the right times, best fortune to you!

May all of the things you wish for finally get to you because you are kind, good luck, friend.

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Best luck on making all your dreams come true, I know that you can do it, I believe in you.

Forget about everyone else, you can make what you want come true, good fortune to you!

Don’t take no for an answer and you will get what you truly desire, best luck.

Take your shot although it may seem scary because that is your chance, good fortune!

Sometimes you need to let go before you go all out of everything else, best luck to you!

You will make mistakes in life that is normal so just keep on going for the gold in everything that you decide to do, good fortune to you!

Forget about what people are telling you, because you know yourself better, best fortune!

Stop being ordinary because you are not, stop being sorry for who you are, good fortune!

Proceed as planned and just keep showing the world what you are truly made of, good luck.

Happiness is something you work hard for, it is not a given so best of luck to you, my friend.

I wish that you have the best of luck in whatever you choose to do in your life, my dear friend.


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Great things are always scary at first but that is okay, go for them still, best luck to you!

Stop waiting for the right and perfect moment and grab the time right now, best fortune!

Good luck on getting her heart, for she had shut it down a very long time ago until today.

May you find love even after all the pain of heart breaks you had experienced, best fortune.

I may not know who you are but this is me telling you good fortune in everything you will do.

I can feel that you are meant to do great things in your life and I believe in that, best fortune.

Fight for what you believe is right and everything else will be alright, best luck to you!

Good fortune in trying to make this world a better place, I still believe you can do it, so go for it!

No matter what you to, know that I will be here for you because I trust you, best fortune to you!

One day you will find the right person for you, I believe that you will, so believe it!


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Don’t ever stop asking questions in your life, it will make sense later on, I promise, good luck.

Keep on making mistakes; you learn from them, good luck on conquering your life from today.

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May you keep on going for the things that make you happy in this life of ours, best fortune!

Your deserve the opportunities you are being presented with, go for it and good fortune to you!

With all your efforts, I hope you get those things that you truly deserve, good fortune on that!

Good luck with your life, it is not going to be easy at all but sometimes it does get easier.

Things may seem rough right now and the road may seem bumpy but it will pass, best fortune!

Life is never going to be easy but smooth sailing was never possible, may you have good luck.

Just keep working hard and eventually good luck will most likely go to your side, one day.


Luck favors those people who try their best in everything that they try to do, that is true.

Stride your way down life in a 6 inches heels and good luck will find its way to you, I swear.

Stop depending on luck and take control of your life today, best luck with your life, friend.

I hope that luck goes your way together with happiness and success because you are kind.


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You are the kind of person who would share his blessings with others may luck come your way.

May you have fewer troubles and more blessings to come, best luck with your life, live it out.

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I hope that everything that goes inside your door will be positive things only, good fortune to you.

Best of luck to you and I hope that each and every dream of yours finally come true for you.

Because your heart is pure, I just know that luck will soon come knocking on your door, love.

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May this day bring out the best in you and may good luck keep on showering you with love.

Life is not a big race to see if who would finish first so do not rush but good fortune all the same.

You can win life, you can win anything at all if you just work a bit harder, best luck to you!

You will get a fairer share in life, I know that you will, trust me, good luck to you, my dear!

Stop wishing for happiness and start chasing after it, you can do this, best fortune to you!

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Enjoy your life to the fullest by doing your best in everything you can, good luck to you, dear.

Whatever you plan to do in your life, I hope that you have some good luck to go with that.

I’m wishing that you get all the luck you can get, what comes after ain’t ever going to be easy.

I hope you get all the year you want to, do all the things you have to, good fortune to you, friend.


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I know that you can get to the top of mountain should you want it, trust yourself, good luck!

I just wish that you have some courage to go through all the challenges in life, good luck!

If the world goes against you, walk away from it and try to get a new life, good fortune to you!

Leave your worries on the yesterday and just focus on today, this new morning, good luck!


I will always be rooting for you because I know exactly how amazing you are, best luck!

Life is always full of surprises, of things going the wrong way, of the wrong things!

Good fortune with your married life, may the two of you keep each other happy forever and ever.

May you share the happiness you feel with other people, keep being alive and well, best fortune.

I hope that the new project you are working on makes a big hit, good fortune to you on that.

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You are the best person I know that can handle things simultaneously, good fortune to you!


Now that you have graduated, you are moving on to the next stage of life, best fortune on that.

I hope that more blessings come your way so you can share it to other people!

I heard you are moving to the city soon, may you have the best time there!

You are chasing after your dreams and that is great, so may best luck come to you.

Best of luck to you on all the future endeavors that you are planning to go through, my friend.

There will be a lot of hurdles on your way but you can get through them, I promise!

I hope you will keep on bringing us good news, good luck to you, my dearest friend.

You need to be determined enough to go and chase what you want, you can do this, best luck!

I am happy to know that your life is full of best luck, I hope it remains that way, for long.

Make the most of life and stop wishing on things you can never bring back, best luck.

A speck of luck goes a long way so here is me wishing you more luck than you can ever have.

Sending you a lot of happy ideas from me because I want you to keep moving on, good fortune!

Life is more fun with friends so make some more when you move, best luck with the new town, my friend, enjoy the new things there!