Short Birthday SMS for Friend

You do not want your friend to feel left out with all the birthdays happening everywhere in the world.
Make them feel a whole lot more special by giving them the greeting that they deserve.
Here are some of the best birthday SMS that you can send your friend to let them know how much you care about them!

You are my friend, one of the best gifts that life has given to me. Happy birthday, my friend.

I have counted on you so many times, and you have never failed me, friend. Have a wonderful birthday.

May our friendship continue to last long and keep on blossoming; happy birthday to you!

You are fantastic and you deserve an awesome birthday, my friend. Enjoy this day and let this party starts!

Happy birthday dear friend! Friends such as you only comes once in my lifetime so I will treasure you.


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I hope that you never change no matter how many years pass by, best birthday, friend.

You are my number one source of strength and happiness so have a wonderful bday, friend.

100 Happy Birthday

To my best friend in this whole world, know that I am always here for you, happy birthday!

We have been friends for so long although I barely noticed the years, best birthday to you!

You are still the most beautiful friend that I have no matter what, happy birthday to you, girl.

You have been kind and patient with me all the time so best birthday wishes to you and have fun.

Birthday Quotes for Friend

I like the way you would always be with me no matter what, happy birthday to you my friend.

Let us turn this birthday of yours into the most awesome birthday ever, my dearest friend.

I wish that I was there with you to celebrate your birthday today, happy awesome birthday, friend.

If there is a chance that you would stop to be my friend, I would then stop living because you give me hope when I felt so sad way back then.

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You deserve the things that life offers you so I hope that you have the best birthday ever!

I am glad that we are friends, you and I, I thank God for you each day, wonderful bday!

Birthday Wishes For A Good Friend

We were friends way before we learn the meaning of the word. Best birthday, friend.

From the moment we were in nappies until now we are friends, wonderful bday to you.

I will make this birthday of you this year the one you will remember, happy bday, friend.

Seriously, I think you should spend more time out and have fun, it’s your birthday today!

Let this day be the mark of our newly found friendship, happy birthday to you, my friend.

The 60 Sweet Birthday Messages

Life is going to make us go through so many challenges but I am happy with you, friend.

I am glad you were born or else I would be all alone right now, wonderful birthday, my friend.

I cannot dare to imagine what life would be without you in it, best birthday to you, friend.

No one bothers to know how I feel except you, you are my best friend, happy birthday!


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Dear friend, I would like to tell you just how special you are to me, wonderful bday to you!

Honesty Quotes

Please keep being the person I had known all this years, best bday to you, my friend.

Today you get to embark on a new adventure together with me, best bday, friend!

Do not worry even if you get older you still look the same to me, wonderful bday, friend!

I will never get tired of you, your jokes and your rants, friend, so best birthday to you!

I may never be able to pay back all the things that I owe you but happy birthday my friend.

A lot of people would love to be in my place but I would never trade this spot for the world, because it is the spot of being your best friend, wonderful birthday!

I hope that all your wishes come true, that you will be inspired to create something, my friend.

You knew me as who I really was, without pretense and accepted me, happy birthday, friend.

I want to take this moment to thank you for everything and that I miss you. Happy bday!


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Happy bday to you, my friend, you are the big brother I never had and I love you so much.

We are no longer friends for honestly we are already family, happy birthday to you friend!

What are we but friends or maybe siblings with different parents, wonderful birthday to you!

You can make me smile even when I am in doubt, you are my friend, best bday to you!

Let me show you that friendship can last forever, you and I, wonderful bday my dear friend.

You may not notice it now but I want to tell you that I care for you, happy bday to you!

You are the smartest one in our school and I am proud of you, happy birthday, my friend.


Even when the stars seem to be falling apart, may our friendship never do, best bday!

I may not look like it but I care so much for you, best birthday to you my dear friend.

I will risk it all, all that I have to be able to be friends with you, happy bday to you.

The only gift I can give you for now is my love, is that okay? Wonderful bday, friend.

No matter what happens, friends will keep being friends, best birthday to you, friend.


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I am happy that you look so healthy and alright, thank God for it, wonderful birthday.


Sometimes all you really need in your life is good friend, happy bday to you, friend.

You brighten up my days in ways you never know, happy birthday to you my friend.

Let us celebrate your birthday together this year, okay? Happy birthday to you, friend.

When it comes down to it, I have to thank you all the same. Wonderful birthday my friend!

You are the person that I feel most comfortable with, best birthday to you, my friend.


Life is so much fun with you in it, wonderful bday to you and have fun every day, dear.

Every gray hair in your head tells you how wise you truly are. Best bday, friend!

God is so kind to have given me a friend like you and I thank Him every night of my life.

I like the way that you tell me that you care because you do, best bday, friend!

Do you know just how important you are to me? If you do not, well wonderful bday to you!

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, best bday to you my dearest friend.

Today, I had another great year, I like how you are struggling, but wonderful birthday.

We are crazy when we are together and you know that, so happy birthday to you for now.


There is no telling when you might have to go to the infirmary, let us go. Happy bday!

It is killing me to know that you are still too far away from me, happy bday my friend.

Do not let anything ruin this day for you, okay? It is your day, wonderful bday to you.

I am going to sing Best birthday to you so much that I will not ask but embrace as well.

You are my dream come true, I wished for a true friend and now here you are.


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You are priceless, no one can buy how much you mean to me, my friend, wonderful bday.

At present, I want to tell you that you are the best thing that happened to me, best bday to you my dearest friend.

Dear friend, sorry for all the things I did wrong to you, best birthday to you, I miss you.


There is no greater love than friendship, so wonderful bday to you now, that I feel a little refreshed? Happy birthday to you my friend.

You make me happy by the simple things that you do, best birthday to you, friend.

There is no greater gift than the love of a friend, wonderful birthday to you, have fun today.

Until today, I still think that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, my friend, wonderful birthday to you!

Keep in mind that I will be here for you if you ever need me, best bday to you, friend.

Will you tell me that you want to be my friend, my insecurities always get the best out of me, wonderful bday to you, friend.

Even when things seem so hard, you light up my world, happy birthday my dearest friend.


You make living life so much more worth it, thank you for that and happy birthday, friend.

Nothing else comes close to the love that I feel for you, happy birthday to you, friend.

You always notice when I feel sad or alone and I thank you for it and know that I appreciate every single thing that you do for me.

Tell me that you love me, that you care for me that you are my friend, best birthday to you.

I am your friend until time ends, until you no longer need me, I will be here for you, best bday to you!

If there is a chance to pick my friends, I would choose you over and over again because you are the friend I love the most, so wonderful birthday to you!

No one realizes but your smile is what inspires me to go to my classes, happy birthday, friend.


One day, I hope that you and I would still be friends, even 10 years from this day forward.

You have all of my trust because you deserve it, best birthday to you, my dearest friend.

You make me smile even after a seriously bad day, I think it is, it is very cute you know? Wonderful bday to you and let us keep a long lasting friendship, just you and me.