Happy 64th Birthday Wishes

Another even-numbered age just like your loved one had two years ago, and this also means that another celebration is up.
Enjoy greeting them a happy 64th birthday with wishes that you know suit them or have the sincerity necessary for a birthday greeting.
There are a lot of reasons and messages that you can wish for them.
It does not need to belong, just sincere and thoughtful.
Here are some great ways to greet them with a happy 64th birthday that will surely make them happy and feel great that they have a friend like you.

May today be a lucky day for you since you have been very nice too; happy 64th birthday, dear!

Celebrate this day because it is a gift given to you by the Lord of heavens, happy bday to you.

You touched my life in ways that I never expected anyone to; happiest bday to you, I love you!


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You may be 64 now, but your mind and heart are still as young as ever; enjoy your big day now.

Happy 64th birthday; I hope you will love this big day of yours as much as I do.

I bet that you would like to relive your childhood just like me, am I right, enjoy your big day!

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No matter how old you may be, a cake is something you should have on you; happiest bday!

You look dashing as you always had, my knight in that shining armor; you are still handsome.

No matter how old you get, I will always see you as my savior. Happy bday my dear husband.

We should be grateful for; one is you: happy 64th birthday, love.

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Respect is something that I truly have for you for all the things you have done in your life now.

You are already well accomplished at this phase of your life; happiest bday to you now, okay?

This event only happens once every year, so you might want to go and give it a go; enjoy it!

Love, you are the most special person to me, so enjoy your life and live it happily; I love you!

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I do not even know where to begin, but I love you a lot, have a happy 64th birthday now.

Special is the day that I get to spend with you, and luckily it’s your big day too, happy bday!

Go ahead and slice your cake, eat it for you only get a slice, you should take care of yourself.

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Your health is more than necessary to me, so I want you to know, happy bday too!

There is nothing better than seeing you first when I wake up daily; happy 64th birthday!

Here I am telling you that you should always put yourself first and enjoy your special day!

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Take into consideration the blessings given to you, enjoy life, and have the happiest bday too!

May you keep on being blessed that you would always be under the grace of the Lord, dear.

You came into this world sixty-four years ago, and I can’t be more thankful for that day today.

You still are the love of my life, and I would give anything to be with you now; happy 64th birthday.

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You have been my doctor throughout my whole life, and I wish you the best, mom; happy bday!

You have had such a significant impact on my life, and I can’t believe that you are here to celebrate now.

Happiest bday to my number one idol, the one I have looked up to ever since I was a kid, my daddy.

May you have many more bday to come for you bring wonder wherever you go, I love you so.

No one can tell me who you are, for I know you better than I know myself; happy 64th birthday!


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Make this year as excellent as you can. It should be memorable too, so keep track of everything.

Your birthday should be the best now that you are 64, so keep smiling and enjoy it well.

There are so many things in line for your big day: happiness, love, and more; enjoy it good.

I think of you every time, how you have made my heart beat fast, and all that; happy bday, you!

Who knows who I am better than you? You are the love of this life of mine, happy 64th birthday.

To live a happy life, you must have happiness, wisdom & love, and I wish you all three right now!

Blow out all of your candles as they are too many now; it might take you a while. Happy bday.

You will always be close to this heart of mine, for we are good friends, after all, right?

Happy bday to the woman who completed my definition of love; enjoy today and have fun too.

It is people like you that make me feel happier than ever. Happy bday. I wish you everything.

You are the light of my world; you guide me through my miseries as well—happy 64th birthday.


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And the world will tell you to give up, and I tell you to keep holding on; love, happy 64th birthday!

All I want for you is that your dreams may come true; it is not too late to do them.

Let us cross off those remaining things on your bucket list, for you deserve a good celebration.

I would never let your hand go, for I am happiest when I hold it in mine, happy 64th birthday.

Whatever your heart desires, all you got to do is tell me, and I will try to do them.

For now, what I want is to be with you, so live close to my heart; happy bday, I miss you now.

There are moments like this when I wish you were right next to me, not far away; happy bday.

I wish that you would never give up on me no matter what, have a happy 64th birthday, okay?

I thank God for you letting you into this life of mine, for you are truly what is unique today.

In a world where everyone seems to give off hate, you are the one who brings love into it.


No one knows me as much as you do, and so I love you the most, have a happy 64th birthday!

What a remarkable life you have lived, showing just how awesome you indeed are; I love you.

Happy bday to the woman who changed my life in ways that she doesn’t know herself, mom.

Happy 64th birthday to you. There is no one happier than me right now because of you, dear.

You are more than exceptional to me, and you are the star to my moon, happy bday, see you real soon.

Celebrate a fantastic bday and remind yourself that things happen for a reason; believe it.

The best of your days is yet to come, so keep holding on to your hopes, have the happiest bday.


Do not bring tears into your eyes, and remember that some memories do last forever; enjoy!

Nothing in this world is forever, but our love sure lasted for so long; happy 64th birthday!

Your bday is something worth celebrating so do that, enjoy your life and remember this day.

Make this day immortal by having lots of fun and celebrating it; enjoy and love it.


You should always keep the things that are essential close, so do that and enjoy life.

And the only thing that I can tell you is that I am so in love with you still; happy 64th birthday!

For there are moments you will never forget, let us make this bday one of them, enjoy!


I look forward to the beautiful things this life will offer you & have a happy bday.

How can I ever think about all the things we have done? I wish you a happy 64th birthday, love.

Do not let the simple mistakes in your life ruin your view of it, enjoy this bday & love life too.

There is so much in this world than you think you know, so for now, just enjoy it and have fun.

How would things turn out? I wonder, how do you deal with loss? We do; happy bday!

You can’t be sad on your bday, and it is the one special day you should treasure the most, dear.

You are still the one that I love the most in this world after all this time, happy 64th birthday!


In this life, all that I ask is that you do your best, give your best as well, enjoy your bday!

Happy bday to the person that been the center of my life from 30 years ago until now, my wife.

Dad, you are still the one I look for whenever I want to go fishing, have a jolly bday today!


You have always been the one that is all smiles all the time; I wish you a pleasant day too.

No matter what other people tell you, remind yourself that things will be refined later on.

Happy 64th birthday. May you keep in mind that you are the one for me, always and forever.

Happy bday, enjoy whatever you are doing right now. What you decide still matters too.


For now, enjoy the way you are living your life, it means a lot to do that, happiest bday.

There is much more to things than what they seem to the eyes, so look closely, happy bday!

For there is nothing better than lying under the sun and celebrating your big day, enjoy it!

Right now, what you need is to rest up well and just relax too; happy bday, you deserve it.

After all this time, you should take some time off and just enjoy life, happy bday.

For God is the one who gave us the love we need in our lives. Have a happy 64th birthday.