50 Bad Girl Quotes and Messages

Note that everyone is a good girl. There will be a bad girl that will change the way you view things in this life.
With that said, maybe you are the bad girl in the family, and you want someone to appreciate you for who you are.
Here are some terrible girl quotes that will change how you view a bad girl, which would be an eye-opener for you.

You will always be my bad girl, and I love you for that. May you remember it, love.

No more fighting over things; I will get what I want when I want it. That’s the way life is, sis.

We are all mad women at heart, and we fight for what we want no matter what it will cost us.


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And it was not my fight, but I was more than willing to lend my strength for the cause, babe.

How can I be like this, so indecisive and so implausible but still you love me a lot, my dear?

You are the words I can never bring myself to speak, the taboo, the forgotten, the unknown.

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It is not that lonely to be a bad girl, especially when someone accepts you for you.

There is not much I can say about you but that you rock my world in ways only you can.

How do you do that? How can you be worse than I thought you were but still have me w/ you?

Spare my heart, I beg of you, do not crush it and step on it as you have done to others.

Please let me be the one to guide you through the most challenging times of your life so you’d survive.

Today may be the day you should celebrate because everything is going to be better now.

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Find a bad girl and show her that you will love her because of it, not in spite of her being one.

Do you think you are tough? Please wait until you see how I am going to deal with you today.

I am more challenging than most girls, and I will show you that is not as bad as you think it is, you boy.

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You are one sly person, but I will make you realize that I am wiser than you depict me to be.

No one will be as evil as I am, I tell you, I am the worst of all the villains you know of.

And the truth is that the ones you think are the worst may be great people misunderstood.

The world may tell you that you are a bad girl but do not listen to them; you know yourself.

I am just a little troubled, and I do not know where I should be going right now; that’s is sad.

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Indeed I am but a little sad and dysfunctional at times, but I have survived until this far on out.

I mess up, a lot but I do clean after my mess, and if that is what being evil is, then yes, I am one.

I want to keep exercising my freedom to speak, and I wonder what is so evil about it.

I love you even if others tell you that you’re a bad girl; I will always love you no matter what.

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It is with you that I have found peace within myself, and so I do not care if you are a bad girl.

I have this wicked glimmer in my eyes telling you that I will get things going; I am.

Men should be cautioned about good women as well, and they have the worst secrets possible.

I got to go everywhere I can simply because I do not adhere well to rules. That’s the secret.

I am a survivor, and I am not evil; I just do all that I can do to keep alive.


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All that matters to me right now is that you are beautiful, and I love you my, bad girl.

I have always been like this, so full of energy, so willing to give it my all, and now here I am.

What is even worse is how you look at me as if I am going to bomb this room pretty soon.

And the truth is those good women that you have seen on TV are actually evil in disguise, boy.

Pick a side, good or evil and stop dilly dallying because it is the worst thing there ever is, girl.

I can smile all the time because I know who I really am, those haters well they can be damned.

If you want to have fun then try to spend some time with me, that you really should, my dear.

What a bad girl you have been, you may have to rethink your actions or I will have to see you.

There is no grey line you either are or you are not, choose which you would like to be, good?

I am not mean I am just honest, I like telling people exactly what comes into my mind, okay?


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Do not feel so upset when I am just telling you the truth, accept it and learn to improve it.

I just have to say that I am proud of myself because I know myself and so I love it a lot, baby.

I do not get insecure and that is the difference between you and me, I am quite confident, girl.

I wonder what punishment to give to a bad girl, maybe I should just let you think about that.

I am not trying to be anything that I am not, I just am me and that is what I should be today.


I am already lost when I saw you, I knew I was going to turn into one of those girls in love.

I think it is such a hassle to pretend to be something you are not so I’d just be myself, thanks.

Stop trying to get swayed by people and make your own stand, do not regret anything in life.

I have always wished that you, my bad girl would find some peace within yourself, that I do.

There is nothing uglier than someone who is trying to pretend to be somebody else, woman.

And the sad truth is that the monsters have long been gone under the bed but stayed inside us.

If you do not read a book I will consider you the worst type of woman possible to exist, lady.


I bet destiny has some good tricks up its sleeves just like it always did, like it always has.

No matter what other people thinks of you, forget them, you yourself knows you’re a bad girl.

Treat me like something that is important and I will show you I care, otherwise, goodbye, boy.

My attitude is dependent on the attitude you will show me, otherwise, forget about everything.

The happiest ones are those that knows themselves inside and out and never miss out at all.

The sad part is that attitude can be infectious one moment other people are the same as you.

Keep up a proper attitude and you can forget how you look like at this moment right now, girl.


Love does not care whether you are a bad girl or not, you make my heart skip a beat, okay?

I want to be the girl who can do anything she wants and not care about what the world thinks.

So, forget all the haters and just be who you want to be, you deserve to be happy at the least.

My problem is that you have never let me get over you and that is why I am leaving right now.

Maybe you can do something to change the world that you are in, it is time to take action.

Be the one that is in control of your life because that is the only way you are going to smile.

Sure, go ahead and brand yourself to be a bad girl just don’t break my heart, not this time.


Smile a lot because you know how things are going to play out, you’ve been here before.

This might be the time to rejoice for all the possible outcomes your life might have, my dear.

And in the middle of the city you found me and I found you and together we will create new.

You my baby are someone I respect no matter what attitude you may have, I care for you.

It is your badass attitude that has me falling in love with you and that is about the truth of it.

I wish you would listen to me when I tell you that you are not a bad girl, those are just labels.

This is not my battle, I would rather sit this one out, I am just but a watcher, a witness to it all.


For all those who feel like they are not enough, woman, you are more than you think you are.

You deserve so much more than what you are getting right now, you can do more than this.

I want you to know that no matter what you choose to do I will support you with all I have.


Baby, if you do not want to listen to me at least try to see what I am doing for you, for us.

Who cares if you are a bad girl, you make me feel like I am worth something and that’s good.

I am never letting you go again, I made the mistake once but never would I repeat it again.

You are the light of my life and I want you to know I care a lot about you, that’s the truth.

No matter what others may say about you, I believe in only what I get to see, my dear bad girl.

Bad girl is what they call girls who deviate from normal, when you make the difference here.

You are in my heart, dearest bad girl, may you try to be very careful with this fragile thing.