Happy 57th Birthday Wishes

Notice the gray strands of your hair, the ache of your joints, and the blurry eyesight -congratulations, you are getting older! You may have achieved quite a fortune, but those thick wallets no longer give you any satisfaction.
You are reaching your retirement soon, and you begin to think about what you will want to do after quitting your job.
Are you going to be like those people who just continued working until they die? Before you think about it, go to a friendly and relaxed pub, engage in conversations with other people, maybe try to break the ice with these pick-up lines.
You will probably have your decision later after a friendly chat with a stranger.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to your mom’s wedding dress which I bet you’ll also wear soon.

Let go of your birthday fears and sing aloud the things you are hiding beneath your heart.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to the lazy heart of mine that jumps upon seeing your beauty.


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Maybe we should skip the rocks and do a birthday dance with the fishes lurking in the lake.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to the old clock that tells it is time for you to be with me forever.

Can I be one of the stargazers for your birthday star that glows majestically in the night sky?

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

Do you mind that I will take your hand and lead you to a special place for birthday people?

Happy 57th birthday wishes to this worn-out chair, one of your favorite places as a child.

You are the most fantastic birthday miracle that ever happened in my miserable and lonely life.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to this miracle of you that brought my dream back to life.

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Happy 57th birthday wishes to the church where we will exchange our wedding vows.

I think I will be even more mesmerized if you lift your hair and wear your nice birthday suit.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to this playground, one of the most excellent places in the world.

We can fly into the moon and celebrate your birthday by drinking vodka with the aliens.

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

Listen to the whisper of the grasses that sing along with their version of the birthday tune.

You should keep your beautiful birthday smile and shine it across the world from time to time.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to this wine bottle that we should drink on our wedding day.

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Happy 57th birthday wishes to this walking cane which is used to be your grandmother’s.

We can celebrate this birthday party in the parade of serenity and trustworthiness.

Is your birthday today because I have never seen that kind of birthday happiness in my life.

Short Birthday SMS for Friend

Please go into the riverbank, find the water lilies, give a birthday bow, and waltz with them all night.

I think we are in a state of grace, and we should dance to your happy 57th birthday wishes.

Let us think about how we can sing happy 57th birthday wishes in our hoarse voices.

We can either dance to a summer song or a birthday tune, and we will have the best time.

Excuse me for my knobby weak knees, and I want to dance with a pretty lady like you.

You might be one of the pageant queens who suddenly remembered it’s her birthday tonight.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to this oak table which could be our place in the meantime.

Your hair seems pretty similar to my red wine drink: dark, elegant, flowy, and smooth.


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My wish is to build a birthday castle with you using these gift wrappers and red ribbons.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to these confessions for you that I hid back inside my mind.

You can go to the pub, take a swig into these silly drinks, and dance to your birthday tune.

Hearing your angelic voice singing my birthday song makes me feel like a statue in my seat.

I want to have more birthday miracles with you for the rest of my tragic and solitary life.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to the witch who tries to hurt you and wait until I meet her.

Drink this ice-cold beer and say what is your birthday miracle using your smoky eyes.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to this pen that wrote some letters of your mom to your dad.

It turns me on when I see your cherry-red lipstick mark on those clear wine glasses.

Please take me with your birthday soul into a secret paradise that we have never seen before.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to this lullaby that kept you asleep throughout the years.


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Sing what you want, and magical birthday miracles will suddenly appear right before your eyes.

You cannot escape this beautiful birthday trouble that I can give for the rest of our lives.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to this pick-up truck, and I hope it will take us away from here.

That gorgeous smile of yours will be forever stuck in my mind every year of my birthday.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to this cradle, probably your comfortable place in the world.

Light up this world with your birthday smile and walk through the party crowd with me.

I can think of dozen birthday surprises, but I am much mesmerized by your subtle beauty.

Feel the rhythm of my heart, singing my version of the birthday song for only you.

Nothing, not even a birthday symphony or melody, can change my everlasting love for you.

You can listen to the murmur of the birds, speaking about the beauty of this birthday lady.


I will take my time listening to the rhythm of my heart and how it sings my love for you.

You can take your time finding the beating of your heart and figuring out if it is all mine.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to this old guitar that can sing my everlasting love for you.

Do you think you love this birthday cake because I admit that I am more in love with you?

We may have weaker bones and blurry eye sights, but we have stronger love and devotions.

I never knew I would reach this age and find someone like you who is gorgeous and delicate.

I can hear dozens of mad sounds in my ears, and it is creeping me out, my dear birthday girl.


We could never be as wasted as before, but I think I am already drunk being in love with you.

I think I liked your cheetah blouse and birthday skirt, but you might find it useless later.

You can sing along with this birthday tune, like a tattoo at the bottom of my heart.


Your angelic voice kept ringing in my ears and into the depths of my lonely, miserable soul.

I offer you either a nice cold drink of cranberry or another paradise you might never hear of.

I am pretty undecided if I should open these birthday presents or go for your birthday suit.

If there is a birthday race, I must win in it to finally win your gorgeous smile.


Happy 57th birthday wishes to this painting which has more colorful lives than we can have.

You can sit here with me and sing along to the birthday tune that I will play from my guitar.

I found these old music sheets, and I suddenly wanted to play the composed birthday melody.

I think there is an island where billions of wishes were all stranded and never came back.

We can sit here beside the fire, play my old guitar, and sing your favorite birthday tune.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to these music sheets, which are about your true birthday soul.

Let’s go away from here, look for your birthday wishes and let me fulfill all of them for you.


I lost my soul at your birthday party, and suddenly I found it hiding beneath your hazy eyes.

I will find your memorable birthday moment if you let me take your hand and your life.

I wanted to search more for birthday cakes until I found yours, and it was irresistibly sweet.

Look for the birthday stars, and you will find yourself belonging to these glowing lights.

I will take care of the rest, so sit here and give your gorgeous birthday smiles forever.

You can go to the seaside, and we look for the pigeons that will dance to your birthday tune.

I am searching for my lost birthday soul, and I think it is hidden beneath your birthday suit.


You might need a birthday fellow who can sing, dance, and shoot puns with you tonight.

My love for you is a beautiful ghost lurking behind you and spending birthdays with you.

As a pirate in disguise, I want to conquer your birthday and make it into my own forever.

I can see true happiness beneath the silly smirk that you wear along with your party dress.

You can dance with me beneath this oak tree and hum with the golden fireflies lurking around.

Happy 57th birthday wishes to this pocket watch that reminds us always to love each other.

Let us see and listen to the trees singing about your birthday song in the summer breeze.

I am mesmerized by how you can enter the night as a lovely lady wearing an impeccable smile.

After that, let us see if a winter road connects all of these birthday mysteries.

I believe you are one of the birthday miracles that I wanted the most in my entire life.

This loud heartbeat is my composing birthday tune about your perfection and beauty.

Do you mind if we start building our birthday castle using these drinking cups and cupcakes?


Stay where you are, the birthday girl, and I will send you to the euphoria just like you wanted.

Maybe we can build our home in a place where there is no war and just birthdays all the time.

I want to write a birthday song about a beautiful lady with a pair of gorgeous eyes and a smile.

Let’s see how these palm trees will sway along with your favorite birthday tune.