Happy 51st Birthday Wishes

Turning fifty-one is no easy feat; it is something that should be celebrated.
Your friend or family member is now off the high horse of being fifty and moving towards another milestone.
Greeting them a happy 51st birthday is a must.
Cheer them on as they move forward on the journey to ageing.
After all, age is but another number, so you have to keep remembering to greet the ones you love.
Here are some happy 51st birthday wishes that will help you to accomplish just that and give you some extra points with that person.

I wish I could fly next to you right now so I can whisper in your ears. Have a happy 51st birthday!

When they tell you that you suck, I will tell you that you rock, have some fun for this big day!

You deserve all the hugs and kisses from the people you love, for you are kind and loyal too.


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This bday is another milestone for you, fresh out from fifty and on your journey to the next.

It is okay to look back at your past mistakes and try your best not to repeat them, okay?

Happy 51st birthday; this is a special day to you, so keep my best wishes for you, my favourite.

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There is nothing better than spending your big day just lying around and having some rest.

For now, take a break and let yourself relax; you deserve to have some fun and enjoyment.

There is more to this world than work; you need to travel and see more of the world.

Happiest bday to you; I hope that you have settled down and you are enjoying your life now.

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We have not seen each other for ages, but I love you just the same; happy bday to you, dear.

You are the person I love the most in this world; I wish you a happy 51st birthday, love.

Keep looking in front of you to see your life be filled with happiness and face challenges too!

Happiest bday to the person who gave me the courage to live my life bravely and bolder too.

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You deserve everything that this life can offer to you, so get them; happy 51st birthday!

You are the one who gave me what I needed to be who I am right now. Happy bday, dear mom.

May this big day of yours provide you with the courage to become who you want to be, my dad.

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I pray to the Lord above us that He may grant you a happy 51st birthday to enjoy your day!

You are truly what I can call sunshine, and you light up my darkest days; happy 51st birthday!

What you need now is a friend to celebrate your special day with, and I can be that for you.

30 Happy Birthday Crazy Wishes

Today, let us drink, have fun, & enjoy what we have for this life is truly worth living.

May you feel happier today and that you become a better person on your special day as well.

Happy 51st birthday; you are the rainbow that shines at me right after the rain has let me free.

There is nothing more that I can wish but that you will enjoy your special day and have fun.

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Let us make your day even more special by having a party and letting you be the DJ, okay?

I know you feel old, but you should not; you can still do many things at this point.

I can count all the good things in my life, and I trust you twice; happy 51st birthday, my dear.

There is so much more to life than what you have seen, so keep living it and let us enjoy it too.


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Happy bday to you. Just remember that you need to loosen up a bit now and then as well.

Good fortune always comes in three parts, so celebrate, and keep celebrating; I love you so!

You are important to me, and I want you to know that happy 51st birthday to you by now!

My dear, what you need to do is keep shining like the star that you have always been.

I hope you will be energetic enough to do the things that make you happy, so smile.

Happy bday and cheers to the fun and all the laughs we have shared over the years, my friend.

There is no one more important on this day than you. It’s your day, have a happy 51st birthday!

I think that you truly deserve to be happy in this world; you are one of the few who do.

You seem more vibrant than ever to me right now, so go out there and have lots of fun as well.

Today, turn over a new leaf and just let yourself breathe some fresh air; enjoy today, okay?

To the kindest person I know, all the best wishes and a pleasing 51st birthday to you.


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May your dreams come true and that you become as happy as you can be, my dear friend.

Happy 51st birthday; it was raining too this day fifty-one years ago. I love you so much, Lil sis.

To my dearest friend in this world, happy bday to you, keep enjoying your life as you do, okay?

You were cheering for your happiness on your special day, and that you keep being an incredible person.

On your big day, you should keep making more memories, believe me on this too.

You are one of the greatest blessings in my life right now, so I wish you a happy 51st birthday.

What you have is kind and always pleasant; I wish you the best for this day too.

It seems that you are the person who keeps track of things, well go ahead, enjoy today!

It is okay to keep a record of what happens but do not forget to be in it; enjoy your day.

You must have been a star burning so brightly in your past life, happy 51st birthday to you.


When the world tries to leave you, hang in there, I will be here for you all the time, my dear.

Make more friends and enjoy your life; you are still young enough to do so; go ahead, love.

We will journey the world together, and we are still strong enough to do that; happy bday now.

Happy 51st birthday; I know how important this day is to you, so go ahead and enjoy it now!

You have a beautiful mind and heart, and I am reminded of why I married you. Happy bday!

When everything seems to fall apart, hold on, and everything will be okay; just enjoy your bday!

Something about life makes you want to scream, hey, it’s okay, have some fun.


May you feel the warmth that I am giving you right now thru this happy 51st birthday message.

Today, forget everything else and have fun; you deserve all the happiness the world offers.

You should try out new things, take some risks, you are never too old to do that, happy bday!


And when people try to tell you of your mistakes, put it all in the past, you deserve more, okay?

You are one of the people I would love to be with all the time, have a happy 51st birthday now.

What I mean is that you should be happy with what you have, but it’s okay to want even more.

No one can take this away from me. You are one of the best persons—happy 51st birthday to you.

Let no one take your happiness away from you, for you are genuinely remarkable; enjoy your special day!

This world would not let you forget anything, so enjoy your day and live a good life too.

You have always been a blessing to the people who know you. Rest assured, you will be just okay.

Happy 51st birthday to the one dearest to my heart; you, my love, enjoy your big day.

Happiest bday to the beautiful woman inside and out; I am proud to call you my wife.

We are equals, you and me, we are more than what other people see, so happy bday to thee!

The Lord has always looked down kindly upon you, and I can see why you are very kind too.


Happy 51st birthday; you are now old enough to know what you want, so go for those things.

May you have the happiest bday and enjoy a good life, you deserve it all, happy bday!

There are so many things you can do with your life, and being happy should be one of them.

Cheers to you, for you are fantastic and because you are my friend, let us live crazily for today.

Your kind soul is truly what makes you shine so much, and I am happy for you, have a happy bday.

Please make the most out of today and start living an extraordinary life; it is never too late to start now.

May you have so much fun today on your bday that you forget you even have problems, dear.


There is so much more you can do to enjoy your life. Start by being the best you can become.

Love, let no one in the world stop you from achieving what you want, have a happy bday too.

Let no one else make you do things you do not want to do, enjoy your life and live happily!


I wish you would see just how much you truly mean to everyone; we love you, enjoy today too.

Let us make your special day extra special by throwing the best party ever; you deserve this.

Happiest bday to the person who still makes my heart beat faster, my wife; I love you so much.

Husband, you still make me feel like a princess until now; happy birthday to you as well!