Happy 46th Birthday Wishes

Just four years shy of fifty is forty-six, an excellent year to be, to still live your life fully and have a lot of fun.
It is the time of life where your children have settled in good or at least are living on their own so you can start having time for yourself.
If you know some people are turning that age, you might want to tell them a happy 46th birthday, or you can send them a text or chat.
Be original with these happy 46th birthday wishes that will surely make you their new favourite.

There are only some you can’t live without; you are that to me; happy 46th birthday!

To be with you on a particular day like this is already enough for me; enjoy it a lot!

Even when people tell you that you are no good, you are always the best for me.


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I want you to know that you are one of the most critical people in my life. Enjoy your day!

This is all that I want to tell you: you are the most fantastic person I have ever met in this life.

Happy 46th birthday. I wish I could wake up like this every morning, right next to you, my love.

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I think you must have been an angel up in disguise as my friend, and I wish you a particular day, girl.

You showed me what devotion and kindness is, and I am nothing but thankful to you.

My friend, I hope you have a lot of fun today for you are precious and unique to me, okay?

I think you are a particular person, being able to bring forth happiness within this room.

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I hope you will be as happy as you are now; happy 46th birthday!

It would help if you made this day when you turn forty-six the most memorable day of your life, do it.

The first friend I ever had in this world is you, and I could not have been any happier for it too.

I believe that you are indeed a remarkable human being. I wish you all the best in this life now.

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You are filled with courage, and that is one of the things that I like most about you, happy bday!

May you keep doing the things you are truly best at and live a productive, happy 46th birthday!

To the most intelligent woman I know in this world, keep giving your wisdom to others, happy bday!

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Happiest bday to the person who has brought laughter, strength and courage in this life, babe.

Do not take action when it’s too late, do them all now before it is, have a happy 46th birthday!

I hope you never stop believing all the best things in this world, and they are still alive up ‘til now.

Happy Birthday Goddaughter

I still believe that you made all the difference in my life, and I can’t be happier too.

My years on earth have been so much fun all because of you, so enjoy your big day.

I look at you, and when you smile, I am the happiest kid alive; happy 46th birthday, my mother.

Today is your special day, and I wish nothing but for you to enjoy it, on this day too.

You made all the difference in my life, so I hope you will have the happiest birthday!

It would help if you made this day the most memorable one ever, have a happy bday and enjoy it a lot.

You give me comfort because I can just be myself with you, thank you and happy 46th birthday.


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I think you have gained a lot over these years and that you should be thankful for all of them.

Your great personality is truly what sets you apart from the crowd; for today, enjoy your bday.

Your intelligence is genuinely up to par with geniuses, have a happy bday and have fun, girl.

Happy 46th birthday. You may still be thinking about her, but I hope you will take a glance here.

There should be no reason to shed a tear or even to pout. It would help if you were happy about this big day.

If you are frustrated because of your age, lie about it, no foul done, enjoy your day, babe.

I feel so blessed that I was given a lover like you; I cannot help but wish you a happy birthday!

I want to try new things with you, and I want you to be glad you are alive; happy 46th birthday!

What you are is a heavenly being trying your best to do kindness and enjoy your biggest day.

When I turn forty-six, I wish that I could still be as pretty as you are right now; enjoy today!

May you never forget just how much I genuinely love you and enjoy your big day, okay now?


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My wife, you are the most amazing woman I have ever met, and you still are; enjoy your day.

You are so scared of losing yourself; why not take a risk even just now? Happy 46th birthday!

The stars will keep shining for you long after you are gone, have a happy 46th birthday!

I want you to know that having a partner like you is the best thing for me, have a happy bday.

You must be a heavenly being that is disguised to be my wife, are you not? Enjoy your day!

As you blow all your candles, give time to ponder about the blessings that life gave you, okay?

I remembered letting you go once and promised never to do it again. Happy 46th birthday!

You may not see it, but I think you should know you make me feel so hard, happiest bday, man.

We grew up together, and having a sister like you makes me feel better than ever, enjoy life.

I think forty-six is still young enough to do the things you haven’t done before. Do it all now.


In your life, you have influenced many people, and I think that is enough reason to be happy.

We want to love so much that it hurts us; I hope you never broke; happy 46th birthday!

Dad, I want you to know how proud I am to be your son; always remember that, enjoy today.

Your life revolves around your work, but please do not forget about us; enjoy your life!

This day is pretty special for you again as it is your birthday so go out and have some fun.

In this life, you only get to live only once, so you might as well make the happiest 46th birthday!

I am thankful for all the help you have given me, Dad; enjoy the happiest days too!


You are getting older and getting wiser, so keep going and have tons of fun for now.

I won’t remind you about how old you are but what matters is that you sing and aren’t home.

You are the one that brings happiness to my life, so for today, I want you to be happy as well.

Ten years ago, we exchanged our vows, and I still love you so, happy 46th birthday!


You truly impacted my life the most, and I wish you nothing but the best on your news today.

May you have everything you wish for on this day for it’s your big day, enjoy it a lot, okay?

Girl, you have done something truly worth it; I wish you all the best as a couple too.


Happy 46th birthday to the woman who is the mother of my children; I will always be here.

Remember this: being forty-six does not mean that it is terrible, but it can be better now.

My wish is that you live well that you may continue doing it, have a pleased birthday.

You cannot help but enjoy some things in this life, and this is one of that life, happy bday!

Being with you is one of the best gifts I have ever received; I wish you a happy 46th birthday.

Keep spreading the love you receive, and soon you will be just fine; enjoy your day too.

This day is one that you would always want to go back to, so keep enjoying life.


Happiest bday to you; I hope you can keep on spreading your kindness to this world.

You grew another year older, and still, you look about the same age you did yesterday, my dad.

There is nothing impossible if you have the will and the strength to find it happy 46th birthday.

If you try your best to succeed, I still believe that you will. Keep being dedicated; happy bday!

It would help if you kept having the best birthday of your life; you deserve something else now.

May this be a reminder to you always to look pasts your dislikes and face them head-on now.

There is nothing more I would wish for than to be a bit younger looking; look at me now.


Those who have the heart can do it without being so clever. I love it all; happy 46th birthday!

You look so happy right now, and I can’t help but think of a more optimistic way to tell you a happy bday.

There are tons of reasons to do great things, so let me tell you about everything else now.

You have done a lot for me that I do not know what to offer you in exchange, after all now.


You are everything I wanted, and that alone is enough to get me by; happy bday now.

Happy 46th birthday; you are the best cure for my loneliness. I just had to tell that you.

Congratulations and welcome to being forty-six. May you remember that it is the same thing.

What am I supposed to do when the best person that I know has the happiest bday!