Happy 44th Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are always fun unless you are already 44 years old and sick of hearing birthday songs for about 44 times.
It could be fun, of course, if you will spend your special day with your loved ones.
If you like that special someone of yours and you want to celebrate your favorite day with that person, maybe these birthday wishes will help you out to greet them up.

We will sing the happy 44th birthday song and you will blow all my candles for tonight.

Don’t stop smiling, I want to capture your birthday grin and wrap it like a gift of memory.

It’s cool that you gained another year and also gained wonderful people like me in your life.


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Wear your birthday suit and sing your happy 44th birthday song all through the night.

I can be your wonderful gift for tonight and sing you a happy 44th birthday song!

Your birthday suit is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.

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I want to be this cologne that you received on your birthday, so you could always be with me.

I loved these whiskey stones gift set for my birthday, but I thought I liked you more.

Hearing your angelic voice sing to me the happy 44th birthday song makes me so happy.

I will whisper this happy 44th birthday song to you so listen well, my dear cupcake.

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Will you let me dance the happy 44th birthday song with the beautiful birthday girl like you?

I want to sing you the happy 44th birthday song and dance with you on the rooftop!

I always want to be like your birthday scarf that can take away your cold and fears.

I could the gift that can be wrapped with your elegant birthday suit.

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We could be like those colorful balloons and be floating higher than the clouds.

Oh, it is my new birthday now because I found you, the most wonderful gift from the heavens!

Happy 44th birthday to you, the most beautiful girl on this planet.

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I want you to my sweet birthday cake for the rest of my life, happy 44th birthday!.

Be my birthday balloon and take me to the paradise with you.

Happy 44th birthday to you and me, because I know we are already one entity tonight.

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Is it your birthday because I think I want to see your birthday suit right now?

I will this birthday song with the top of my lungs while we dream all through the night.

We can celebrate this special day with a toast and end with a special birthday kiss from you.

I wished that your happy 44th birthday wish will come true as well.

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Your birthday bash could either be a party dance or watching a Netflix movie with you.

I bet you look good on the dance floor while dancing to your happy birthday 44th song.

What would you like to drink on your birthday – this cranberry or my own juices?

I want to eat this birthday cake like I want to taste yours tonight.


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Hey, the birthday girl, let’s dance to these mad sounds all through the night.

Have a happy and wild 44th birthday to someone who is truly happy and wild!

I think we should do the happy 44th birthday waltz and have fun with our lives tonight!

Can I be your birthday candles, so you can blow me right over the party?

You can repeatedly sing happy 44th birthday and I will still be amazed at your beautiful voice.

When we got older, I wish we are together singing each other’s happy 44th birthday song.

Maybe someday we should go dancing on disco and sing happy 44th birthday to each other.

You could wear your birthday suit with your ridiculous party hat and your pretty smile.

I have liked a birthday gift that you already got me wrapped around your finger.

I think you have your birthday look right now: extremely happy and overwhelmed!

Is it okay to send you a birthday card full of my love and admiration for your beauty?


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I am really amazed at your party dress that actually suited your beautiful shining eyes.

Seeing this cranberry drink reminded me of your full red lips and sunset party dress.

I want to kiss you a birthday wish that can fulfill all your hopes and dreams in your life.

I was thinking about good puns for you, but you are already giving me your birthday smile.

Your birthday smiles are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.

I wish that I can be your number 1 birthday party anthem.

I will give you all of my cigarettes, so I can breathe your birthday smoke for tonight.

I will write your birthday wishes on this magical note, hoping one will you asked to be mine.

I want you to keep smiling all the night, so I will sing you a birthday serenade right now.

The magic phrase for us to be together and make our great escape is ‘happy 44th birthday’.


I want to lick that icing cake all over your fingers, your face and the strands of your hair.

Will you give me your birthday kiss tonight, my beautiful lady?

I loved how your eyes and lips moved along with the beat of your birthday bash song.

Is it your birthday tonight that I felt giving myself as a wonderful gift to you right now?

Let’s gate-crash, sing ‘happy 44th birthday’, and be happily drunk until we lost our minds.

They keep singing the ‘happy 44th birthday’ but all I noticed is your enthusiastic smile.

Would like to see my dance craze in silly birthday song of yours?


This place gives our memories back dancing with our birthday suits all through the night.

I want to remember how you say ‘happy 44th birthday’ so I will be as happy a few years later.

I might receive these cards, shaving cream, and neckties, you are still the best birthday gift.

You may not be aware of your pretty face because of that confetti and mustard sauce.

I don’t usually like chocolate cakes, but I do now because it felt good tasting it in your mouth.

This wine is so good that I felt icing cake is rinsed inside all our ravenous mouths.

Whisper the happy 44th birthday song to me and sing with the angels like you in heaven.


I wish there is a boogie version of ‘happy 44th birthday’ song so we can do our crazy dance.

Your birthday clock is now ticking and listen because it says you are the one for me.

I will be a superhero and make every day your birthday, so I can see you smile all the time.

Your spangling dress is too adorable for your golden hair and almond skin.

Let me pick those colorful balloons and tie our hands so we can float away into paradise.

I hope your beautiful hands will be steady when you slice that birthday cake of yours.

Well, I bet your birthday suit will be the best among these birthday meals.


I think there is a place where you can get your wishes, but they want us to get older first.

Wipe this name of yours that I wrote with icing cake in my chest with your tongue.

Birthdays always remind me of you: the gorgeous smiles, the silly dance, and ice creams.

You are my birthday tattoo that is forever beautifully stuck in my mind.

I felt high just seeing you wiping your red lipstick on your birthday napkin.

The birthday fairies probably went down their kingdom and gave my birthday present as you.

It’s too splendid that you wrapped yourself with scarlet ribbon and showed your beauty to me.


I will always want to see those precious birthday smiles that became the light of my world.

Do you think we can build your birthday castle and we can become the birthday royalties?

If you will build your birthday castle, will it be made out of frosting and tasty toppings?

Your special day is in winter, yet I think you have the brightest and warmest party smile.

I am not a party pooper, so don’t ever hesitate to take me wherever you want to go.

Wear your birthday shoes, tuck your shirt in, and waltz with me all through the night.

I will never forget this special day of yours because this became my special thing as well.

Your twinkling eyes while you blow your candles, I really want to see it later for tonight.

Don’t be so bothered to become the party dancer, because I will be with you all the time.

Your birthdays may not be forever, but my love for you will be eternal and true.

I will always to keep and protect your birthday smiles and tears with all my might.

This note contains the happy 44th birthday song, which I want to sing with all my heart.


Party hats are not my thing, but I am more than willing to wear them to celebrate your bday.

I want to let go of these worries and just hope that I will be one of your birthday wishes.

You are drinking from your wine glass and saying you want your birthday fears to go away.

Hear me what I wanted to say, as I want to be with you dancing with your party hats.

Your birthday is like a supernova: explosive, colorful, and the start of a new journey.

Maybe I am already drunk, but I still want to taste that icing cake on your lips.

We are already getting older, but we are still feeling wild and young for our own ages.


Your beauty is the art that is similar to the cakes, oceans, mountains, rivers, and roses.

Your smile always reminded me of loud music, laughing children, and sweet sunshine.

You can blow my candles now and munch my special cake tonight.

Let us feel the rush and release my balloons so we can take ourselves into our secret paradise.

I wish it’s your birthday every day, so I can always see you for the rest of my life.