Happy 39th Birthday Wishes

Being 39 years old is surely going to be exciting because you are almost on the verge of being 40, it is also something to be remembered, something that makes you think of what would happen a year from then, how you are going to be going on with your life.
Now, if you have a friend or loved one that is turning 39, it would be good to remind them and greet them so that you can give your advice or so.
Here are some happy 39th birthday wishes that will help you out.

Happy 39th birthday just a year more and you will be forty, congratulations for this very day!

You have too much energy even when you are at this age of your life, I wish you all the best.

Now, all you really need to do is sit back and just watch the program we have made for you.


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I want you to understand that there is something better for you out there, something magical.

As someone from your past & still in your present, I want to hope you have a great day today.

I wish that you would finally realize the beauty that you have inside of you, happy bday, love.

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Hang in there, you are close enough to being 40 so just enjoy today, happy 39th birthday!

Your future will depend on the choices that you make now, be careful and enjoy your big day!

There is nothing better in the world than to see you happy, I hope you are and happy birthday.

Of all the things you have said, I want you to know I care for you a lot, enjoy everything now.

I am still going to be your friend even until you are more than fifty, until we are still alive, pal.

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You are on one of the best years of your life, I am sure of it, I wish you a happy 39th birthday!

We will remain each other’s best friend and I will never forget to greet you a happy bday!

Dude, who would have realized that we have made it thru all obstacles, I am happy for us.

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Let us celebrate the fact that you made it past the worst days of your life and so keep happy.

Happy 39th birthday, I hope you had the most awesome time in your life, you deserve that.

All I am wishing for you is that you remain true to yourself and who you really are, dearest.

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May I never disappoint you on purpose, I want you to know I care so much about you, dear.

You deserve all the happiness the world can offer coz you are already way too selfless now.

Happy 39th birthday, you are now on the stage that is one year shy of being four decades old.

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I wish people would try and concentrate on what is in front of them, now your bday for sure!

There is not much I can do now but tell you that things will work out after your birthday comes.

You have the most amazing charisma here, happy birthday, dude, give some charm to us as well.

Happy 39th birthday, at this age you should look old but you are still as beautiful as ever girl.

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Life is truly going to be hard but if you work for it, it will pay off later on, enjoy your big day!

You are not a fossil just coz you are older, you are just more mature and motivated to do it.

I wish you would have the best that you can have coz you’re always kind to other people now.

I bought you a pack of hair color just for today, I wish you a really happy 39th birthday, man.

When the time come that you must choose, always pick the one that is in your heart as well.

I do not mind the silence, but I want some happiness too, happy bday to me, I hope me well.

You have a beautiful life, so go ahead an live it and just call your parent somehow, my dear.


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Man, happy 39th birthday to you, may all of the things you have wished on the bottle be true.

Thank you so much for all the laughter that you have brought into our lives, happy bday too!

You must have the best bday ever and just have tons of fun to realize that you what I want.

Loving you has been one the best things that ever happened to me I wish you the best bday!

Happy 39th birthday, why is it that as you grow older, your spirit just grows younger, darling?

May you have another year filled with exciting journeys and adventures never to forget, enjoy.

There is no one else here and I remember that memories we have had have a blast today, man.

You are still the reason that I am happy right now, may you have the best bday of all times.

You still look so young to me and yet I am wishing you a happy 39th birthday, right now, girl.

Happy 39th birthday, give me some tips on how you keep yourself looking so young, I wonder.

You are the reason I grew up and that alone is enough for me to wish you the happiest bday!


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You should have the most amazing birthday coz you are amazing yourself, go and have that.

For the one person to whom I owe my whole world to, I hope you are having tons of fun now.

I feel so down right now that I am not able to be with you, I wish you the best there ever was.

I want to ask you what has changed now that you grew older, happy 39th birthday to you, love.

What a brilliant person you are and you shine all the time, I wish you the best bday party too.

God truly loves you and so He has done what he can to help you out some, enjoy your big day.

Happy 39th birthday, may you enjoy every second of this year to its fullest, enjoy this day too.

You are the memory I would always want to keep, may you have the happiest bday of your life.

There is nothing else I want to say than you are the memory I would always keep, happy birthday!

I have you in my arms right now and everything feels perfect, have a really great day today.


Your smile makes me want to smile, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, now.

You do not really look older to me than yesterday, have a happy 39th birthday and have fun!

Thank you for coming into this life of mine and showing me I can still be happy, enjoy today!

I am so happy for you and glad that I stayed all throughout, have the best bday you can have.


Hoping you had a happy 39th birthday coz you deserve it after all the hard work you’ve done.

I wish you had fun celebrating your bday, just enjoy your life and be ready for the ride too.

You mean a lot to me and I am just reminding you about it, have a gorgeous birthday, love.


You are one of the people blessed with a great smile, like the rest of you, it just stands out!

There is something about you that makes me feel better about me, have a happy 39th birthday.

Whenever I close these eyes of mine, your face is the one that I see, happy bday to you, girl!

You have been brightening up my world since day one and I am lucky to have you with me.

Now that you are older, you can do what makes you happy, smile and happy 39th birthday!

I never knew someone as selfless and kind as you are, you are one of the best people in here.

Today, I am in awe of you and I want to greet you a happy birthday, just enjoy your life, boy.


There is nothing better than celebrating your birth date with the people you love, I love you!

Happy 39th birthday, there are things we may have fought over but let’s forget it for today!

You are already rich because you have family to support you no matter what your cause is.

What more can I wish for someone who has everything but that you continue having them?

Happy 39th birthday, it may not be much but I want to tell you I am so proud of you, my dear.

You have been the guide I followed since we met, I wish you all the best on this bday of yours.

Have another fantastic moment today and go out there and just keep smiling and having fun!


You will always be my son no matter what age you are in right now, so happy 39th birthday!

This is your time and moment to shine so keep the lights on you and show them what you can.

You bring pride and also happiness wherever you go and I am so proud of what you are, now.


Happy 39th birthday, you still amuse me enough to make me smile even when I do not want to.

Spend the rest of the year travelling, go ahead and explore the world around you, enjoy it too.

I love joining your birthday with you coz your eyes light up whenever you talk, happy bday.

May you not dwell on your age but on the things that you have done and those you will do.


It is not time to think you are too old, you can start what you want right now, go for it all!

You are meant to become who you are and you will, trust yourself and just have lots of fun.

No one else I would rather be together with than you, you make people happy by smiling too.

If you are a dog, you might be dead by now, I am glad you are not, have a good day now!

I wish that you will always remember to pray to God and thank Him for everything in your life.