Happy 15th Birthday

A teen’s fifteenth birthday is a sign of maturing, a signal that the person is moving on to the more important aspect of his or her life.
After all, it is the time when one must get into high school, one of the most memorable part of school life.
If you have a friend, a sister, a brother or maybe your child, that is turning 15, it would be nice to wish him or her a happy 15th birthday.
Here are some wishes and messages that you can use to help you in expressing yourself to show the person that you love him or her and that you appreciate him or her in your life.

Happy 15th birthday! How time flies, you were just on my knees yesterday now your grown up.

You are one of the best people I know which is why I hope you will have a great time today!

It is your special day I hope that you will find today, what it is you have been looking for then.


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You have a heart that sympathize and has kindness, I wish you’d experience some of that too.

I think you need to be in for a wild ride coz I just made you the coolest bday party celebration!

All I wish is that you have a happy 15th birthday and that you get to enjoy your special day.

100 Happy Birthday Quotes

Maybe from here on out, you will move on a faster pace in life, I wish you all the best as well!

You have a heart of gold, and I will never be good enough to be your friend, happy bday!

My child, you are the most loyal person out of all my children, I am loyal to you as well.

I wish you would grow old until your hair has turned white but still wishing you all the best.

Happy 14th Birthday Quotes

Happy 15th birthday, I know that you get to be older but we will be right here for you, always.

In this world where people do not know where they are, I think we should keep celebrating!

At this age, I hope you become more sensible and more capable of handling things of today.

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

Good day, may your bday always be happy and that you will keep on smiling just like now!

I am so excited for you, turning 15 and still having an awesome family, enjoy your bday!

There is nothing better than being with you and wishing you a happy 15th birthday, dear child.

I hope that God will keep blessing you even when you are at your worst, enjoy a happy bday!

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Today is your special day so let us do it no matter what you want to, I promise to go and see.

I wish the path ahead of you is going to be full of surprises and joy, happy bday, my friends!

May all the dark clouds on your day be washed away by the grace of the Lord, happy bday!

Happy Birthday Notes And Messages

Happy 15th birthday, as you grow older you will see the world is not really black and white.

My cousin, I wish you nothing but the best on this year and this time of the year for you, ok?

Have lots of fun and just enjoy your special day while it lasts, always smile and be happy!

You can break through whatever are in your way, you can do this so enjoy your birthday, son!

Thank You Sister Quotes and Wishes

You are now fifteen, you can do all the things you could not do last year, have a great day!

I am wishing that you will enjoy today and have an awesome happy 15th birthday, good luck!

May all the things you have wished for in the previous years, finally come true now for today.

Let us party all thru the night and just enjoy things as they come, we can do all that we want!


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Come and have a feast for today is your birthday and you should welcome it with joy and fun.

Today, forget about everything else and just focus on having tons of fun and enjoyment now.

My friend, happy 15th birthday, may you be happy with your life right now and also always.

Put aside all your worries for tomorrow and just enjoy yourself for you deserve that, friend.

And suddenly, you became this 15 year old kid I don’t know a thing about, happy bday, kiddo!

Though you may look all grown up, you are still a child in the inside, happiest bday to you!

There have been times when you were sad but always remember that today you are happy!

May God help you in achieving all of the dreams that you have, you truly deserve to have it.

Through all the years we had been together I hope you have a happy 15th birthday, my sister!

Here is a cake for you on your birthday, may you enjoy it and love every bite of it, my dear.

Darling, only the best wishes for the most beautiful girl in my world, from your dearest Papa.

My wish for you is to have more wisdom so you would know the right things from the wrong.


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I think that you are just like your mom when she was 15 happy 15th birthday to you dear niece.

I wish that this big day of yours will bring you some good luck for the rest of the coming year.

May your special day be a great one, something you can be proud of years form this very day.

I know you have a lot of dreams and goals but today step back and see where you are at, now.

May today be an extra happy day for you, one you will never forget in your whole life, son.

Look how tall you have already become, I hope you keep growing taller and taller, my love.

Happy 15th birthday, may you have all the best of luck in all of your future endeavors, dear.

You are indeed the epitome of a growing kid and I cannot help but love you for it, daughter.

Who would have known you would turn out to be so handsome, baby brother, happy bday!


On this bday of yours, I hope you just have the best time and that you will truly be happy.

I know you do not wish for much but still I hope you will get whatever it is that you want to.

I know what you are, what you want, happy 15th birthday, may you like these gifts of mine.

I can practically see your future glowing ahead of you, may all your endeavors be a success!

The truth is you cannot stay young for the rest of forever so treasure every moment you have.

It seems you are only going to be better with age so keep growing up to be a healthy person!

To the girl who is struggling hard to become who she wants to be now, happy 15th birthday!


Some days are bad, some are good but your bday is something you can truly decide on, bro.

I hope that this day, your special day brings you nothing but joy, luck, and utter happiness!

I still look forward to seeing more and more of you each day, enjoy today, have a happy bday.

Take the time to enjoy your day, open your wonderful presents and eat all of your cakes!


You are the one person everybody is looking forward to seeing today to greet you happy bday.

Happy 15th birthday, I see now how wonderful and bright your future will be, enjoy it now.

You were one of my closest friends & so I wish you a happy 15th birthday on your special day.


I know you are looking forward to being able to learn driving, but just calm down and enjoy.

There are so many new responsibilities you will have to take on, do them one at a time, girl.

You get to stay up a little later than normal for you are turning a year older today, enjoy this!

I love you and that is why I only want you to enjoy and have fun on your big day, dear girl.

Who would’ve thought we would love our own company still I wish you happy 15th birthday!

Let us celebrate this day and welcome it with smiles, loud noise and the biggest party ever!

Time does fly when you have fun, I bet today will be a really short one indeed, happy bday!


May you finally have the things you have patiently wished, prayed and hope for this day, girl.

Happy 15th birthday, may the goddess of luck be right behind of you right now, not really.

I just want you to know that you are treasured, that you are loved and you are special to us.

You may not know it but we love you so much and we appreciate all that you do for us here.

It is hard, not knowing where to go to but I am sure you will figure it out soon, happy bday!

I know how awesome and fantastic you are so I am wishing you a happy 15th birthday too.

May you have the best birthday and just enjoy it, life is hard but you do what you can do.


If you ever need anything, know that you can always go to me and we can talk about it, sis.

For my favorite brother in this world, I wish you all the good luck in this life of yours, bro.

You can count on me on every second for every day of the rest of your life, I’m your friend.

The best thing about your past is to keep it there, find someone else happy 15th birthday


There is no one else I would love to be with as he celebrates his birthday more than you!

You look so wonderful right now, on your best birthday bash ever too, happy 15th birthday!

Being this age has its perks as well so do not sulk on it and have a really happy 15th birthday!

I wish you happy 15th birthday and that everything will go well on your side of things as well.