40+ New Baby Wishes and Messages

Arrival of a new life in every family brings an abundance of joy and sunshine with it.
Whether it is for a friend, a colleague, or a relative, add a sprinkle of color to this new chapter of their lives by dropping a sweet and beautiful wish for their new bundle of joy.

Say hello to a sleepless night, dirty diapers, and baby bottles. But, let me tell you that – it will be all worth it. There is nothing more priceless than witnessing your baby’s first walk, hearing your baby’s first words, and watching your baby grow up. Congratulations on this new chapter of your lives!

Congratulations on the sweet arrival of your angel. You are wishing your bundle of joy good health and happiness on her journey.

Cheers to the new mommy and daddy! May your sweet baby grow up bright and healthy! Congratulations!


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Nothing compares to the joy that your baby brings. The cute laughter and the sweet smile chase the stress away. Enjoy this new time of your lives. Congratulations on your new baby!

Of all the challenges that have passed your way, the arrival of your baby marks how far you have come. All the hardships, the scars and the challenges are all worth it. Enjoy this beautiful milestone of your life. Congratulations on your sweet angle!

May your sweet baby inherit the best from her parents – the kind and loving eyes of her mommy and the courage and strength of her daddy. Congratulations!

Wishing your beautiful angel, a future filled with amazing adventures, wealthy opportunities, and an abundance of health. Congratulations on the coming of your bundle of joy.

A baby marks the start a family. The new born brings the parents closer and teaches them to be stronger individuals. Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy!

Your life is changed forever with the arrival of your baby. You have more reasons to work harder, go home earlier and look forward to the future. All the stresses, overtime, and hardship will be more meaningful now. Welcome to the wonderful life of parenthood! Congratulations on your new baby!

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Every life is a blessing. God has sent you the sweetest gift a couple could ever ask for – a beautiful and healthy baby. Congratulations on your sweet new born!

Love is the foundation of every family. Love unites the couple and by love, they take a vow to spend the rest of their lives together. Through love, the couple is blessed with a sweet baby. May your bundle of joy grow with abundance of love all around him. Congratulations!

The cries of your baby at night will be your unprecedented alarm clock. The sound of your baby’s laughter will be your new jam. The development of your baby will be the most anticipated moments in your life. Congratulations on the safe coming of your sweet baby!

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Say goodbye to the morning sickness, endless food cravings and swollen legs. Brace yourself to a new chapter of dirty nappies, midnight feedings, and sleepless nights. Congratulations on your sweet baby!

May the days of your life as parents be blessed with joy, vigor and wealth. Congratulations on the arrival of your healthy baby.


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There is serenity found in all the out-pour of excitement this milestone of your life has brought you. The rhythmic rise and fall of your baby as he sleeps soundly atop your chest; the sweet innocent smile he does when he hears your voice; the way his little hands cling tightly on your fingers. This is the sweet gift of a new born. Bask in it! Congratulations!

You both have been together for a couple of years – had your ups and downs, trials that threaten to break you both apart and triumphs over those obstacles. You both have embarked on a new journey called marriage. It was both wonderful and challenging. Then, God blessed you with a baby. The pregnancy was trying but it only made you both stronger. After 9 months of insatiable waiting, your baby finally arrived, sweet and beautiful. A gift worth everything that both of you have gone through. Congratulations on your fruitful journey. Get ready for a new one with your baby!

The arrival of a baby changes a woman into a mother, a man into a father and a house into a home. Congratulations to this beautiful milestone of your lives!

The baby is the canvas and the parents are the paint – it is an art work of love. Congratulations on your sweet angel!

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Do you ever wonder why mothers never get tired of gazing at their babies? Why fathers own a shotgun after a baby girl is born? How parents always look so tired yet so happy? Welcome to the life of parenthood! Savour the journey!

Your grocery list normally includes cereals, eggs, bread and coffee. Now, you cannot forget to include the milk, diapers and baby wipes on the list! Congratulations on your sweet bundle of joy!


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Having a baby teaches the parents the art of responsibility, strength of heart and capacity for great love. Congratulations on this new endeavour! Best wishes on your beautiful new born!

Wishing your baby girl the kindness of Cinderella, the adventurous nature of Ariel, The bravery of Mulan, the intelligence of Belle and the charms of Aurora. Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet princess!

Like Princess Aurora’s fairies, I wish your beautiful baby girl, the gift of beauty, happiness and peace. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

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Great health, courage and strength are my wishes for your handsome baby boy. Congratulations on the coming of your angel!

Charms like the Thor, might like the Hulk, guts Captain America, wit like Iron Man and sharpness like Hawkeye are my best wishes for your superhero baby! Congratulations on your lovely baby boy!


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Dear baby, bring forth loads of bliss on the lives of your parents. Grow up healthy and as beautiful as the rising sun. Congratulations on your safe arrival in this world.

Prepare the wooden crib, stick stardust on the walls, and fill up the feeding bottles. This is a new wonderful chapter of your lives. Best wishes on your new baby!

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This signifies a new beginning in your lives. A chance to create a future for the sweet angel that God has bestowed on you. Wishing your family an abundance love, peace and joy. Congratulations on your baby!

What to write in a baby shower wishes card

A bud blossoms into life, carrying in it the wonderful news of your baby’s safe and sound arrival in this world. Congratulations to the new parents!

Having a baby is not a walk in the park. It entails a lot of sacrifice, hard-work and love. The journey will be all worth it though. Nothing compares to the joy of parenthood. Congratulations on your sweet baby!

The joys of being parents will push you to your limits. It will stretch your capacity to love and it will save you. Being a mother and a father will open your eyes to a brighter future that you haven’t seen before. You now have your baby that you want to tirelessly look forward to as he/she grows you. Yes, it will be a beautiful and hard-earned chapter in your lives. Enjoy your new journey! Congratulations on your beautiful sweet angel!

Rain or shine, the joy of having a baby is a feeling so divine! Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet angel!


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Happy Anniversary Wishes for Mom and Dad

A baby so sweet
Makes your life complete.
Shower your baby with kisses,
And I will pour her with sweet wishes.
May her heart be filled with love,
Her voice singing praises for God above.
May her mind be brimming with wisdom
Her words be spoken with reason.
May her pages be filled with happiness,
Her parents be far from loneliness!

Life has become more meaningful with the arrival of your angel. Everything that has happened in your journey makes sense now. The trials that have tried to break you are only preparing you for this big moment in your life. You will need all your strength, all that you have learned and will still learn, and all your love to raise your child. There is no greater joy than this. Enjoy the rollercoaster ride of being parents. Congratulations on your sweet baby!

When you think that you are not capable of such great love, you will be surprised how the arrival your baby has changed that. You now have someone you will do anything for (aside from your partner). Someone you will fight for and provide a good life for no matter what it takes. Someone you will look forward to as he/she walks on the roads of life and protect no matter what. This is the wonderful gift of having a child. Enjoy this treasure! Congratulations on your baby!


You will want to be the umbrella that shelters her from the rain, the rock she can lean on when the going gets tough. You will want to hold her tight when her heart is breaking, make her a cup of hot chocolate and tell her that everything is going to be okay. You will want to hold her as tightly as you can as you walk her down the aisle and give her away to man she chooses to love. You will give anything to see her happy. You will do anything to protect her. This is the life of having a daughter. Congratulations on the arrival of your princess!

You will tell him that the first scar on his knees will make him stronger. The bullies on school, you will tell him, are the weak ones and you will tell him not to get in a fight with them. But he will anyway. You will remind him to protect the weak, not to exploit them. You will teach him the values of being a gentleman and to be kind with whomever he meets because just like him, everyone is going through something. You will remind him to make his wife happy and to make his child even happier. These are the wonders of having a son. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy!

Funny wishes on new baby

Congratulations on the new baby and all of the joy that your little one is going to bring into the world!

You have welcomed a new baby into the world and that is a very exciting thing! Congratulations!

A new baby brings so much to the world and you have the joy of raising that little one… congratulations!

There is nothing quite like welcoming a new child into the world and I am so excited for all that is coming into your life right now!

I am so happy for you and the way that your future has been forever changed. Congratulations on the new baby!

You deserve nothing but the best every day, and your new baby is going to bring so much joy into your life. Congratulations on the birth of that special little one.

I am so happy to see your life changed through the arrival of your new baby! Congratulations and all the best to you!

May your new baby bring a new sense of joy into your life and change your world for the better. Congratulations on the birth of that little one!

I want you to know just how happy I am about the birth of your new little baby! Congratulations and all of the best to the both of you!

Joy is going to be a big part of your world now, as you welcome a little one into your home and family! Congratulations on the birth of your new baby!

Congratulations on the birth of a very special baby! May life be perfect as you raise that little one and enjoy life as a parent!

I want you to know that the birth of your new little one has brought me much joy – and I am sure it has brought you the same! Congratulations, and may your future be amazing!