The 105 Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Quotes

We owe a lot to our parents.

They are the reason why we exist, and on top of that, they sacrificed many things for us to be where we are now.

Send a special card or a Facebook dedication to your wonderful parents on their wedding anniversary to show your love and appreciation for all the things they did for you.

Through the years, through thin and thin, for better or for worst, for richer or poorer, my dear mom and dad, you guys have proven that marriages do last. I am proud of both of you! Happy Anniversary!

Despite all the years that have passed, the trials that you have both been to, your marriage has remained steadfast. When I marry someday, I hope to have a solid and steady bond with my partner, as both of you have—the best Anniversary to my parents.

Dear Mom and Dad, with so many divorces happening these days, my faith in marriage continues to disintegrate. However, seeing how both of you manage to get past the struggles, I want to reinforce my belief in the sanctity of marriage. Awesome Anniversary.


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Couples these days need to learn from the two of you how to make a marriage stand firm for so many years. Because of your commitment to making it work, mom and dad, I can enjoy the bliss and blessings of having a happy family. For that, I will forever be thankful. Wonderful Anniversary.

Most people don’t believe in ‘forever,’ but seeing how both of you love each other so much makes me think of the existence of ‘forever.’ Wonderful Anniversary, mom and dad.

Thank you, mom and dad, for all the sacrifice and patience in keeping the family together. I am lucky to have not experienced the pain of a broken family because both of you have worked so hard in keeping your marriage together. Awesome Anniversary.

Year after year, the love you share only grows stronger and sturdier, nurturing and keeping the family closer—happy Anniversary to the best parents in the world.

You two still hold hands when strolling at the mall or the park. Dad still buys mom flowers during her birthday. Mom still surprises dad during his birthday. Both of you still go on dates now and then. When your theme song plays, you two hit the dance floor and waltz-like it is your first dance as newlyweds. That goes to show how love is not dead unless you let it wither and die—happy Anniversary to my parents.

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Couples should follow in your footsteps. It is not easy to stay together during the ups and downs while keeping the family nurtured with love. Best Anniversary, mom and dad. I am proud of you two!

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I am indeed blessed to have such loving parents. The love that both of you share only burns even brighter with each passing year—the best Anniversary to the coolest parents ever.

You are the epitome of true love that has passed the test of time. No matter how the waves of life may threaten to knock you over, you hold on tight and fight through it together—a remarkable Anniversary to the best parents ever.

You fight over a lot of things, but you never show it in front of us. You have many differences that sometimes threaten to tear you apart, but instead of giving up, you make it work and compromise with each other. You are dealing with many trials, but that does not dampen your love for your children, to my awesome parents, whose commitment is as steadfast as the mountains, wonderful Anniversary.

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Many of my friends are jealous of me for having such sweet, loving, and rock n roll cool parents. Wonderful Anniversary to my parents.

Every kid wishes to have cool and devoted parents like you, every couple wishes to have an unwavering commitment like you have, and every family wishes to have a solid and sturdy foundation like you have given to ours—remarkable Anniversary to the best mom and dad in the world.

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Your love towards each other has opened our eyes to the true essence of love. Your patience towards each other’s differences has made us realize the value of solidarity. Your support towards each other’s goals has taught us the quintessence of commitment. Happy Anniversary, my loving parents.

Family is the first foundation of every person’s character. I owe it to you, mom and dad, for teaching me the importance of having a good personality and attitude towards any adversity I face. Best Anniversary.


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Mom and dad, your spirit of teamwork can beat Batman and Robin’s – you managed to juggle housework, maintain and keep the love alive in your relationship, take good care of us, your children, all the while compromising with your differences. Happy Anniversary to the best superhero duo on earth!

Words cannot express how proud I am for having such sweet and loving parents who are a great example of ever-lasting love—best Anniversary to the best parents in the world.

The two of you really took your wedding vows seriously! Look how many years you’ve been tolerating each other and still make it work. How’s that? Remarkable Anniversary to my parents.

I will always be the number 1 fan of your duo, making your marriage work for so many years. Celebrities need to learn from both of you! Wonderful Anniversary to the best parents in the world.

Mom and dad, I think it is time you guys give serious thought about teaching a class in ‘The Foundations of Marriage.’ The present generation needs to learn a lot from both of you! Happy Anniversary.

Here’s to more wedding anniversaries to come! Keep the love alive and keep it more decisive year after year—wonderful Anniversary to my parents.

I am looking forward to celebrating every milestone of your marriage, from silver, ruby, and gold to diamond! Happy Anniversary.


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I don’t need to look elsewhere; my future ideal marriage is right in front of me. I hope to have a lasting marriage someday like what you both have, mom and dad. Awesome Anniversary.

You two are the proof that odd couples are the most interesting pair in the world. Happy anniversary weirdoes.

My dear parents, you have proven that ‘once upon a time’ can genuinely end with a ‘happily ever after.’ Best Anniversary.


Together, you have built a wonderful family and nourished your children with teeming love. Together, you have survived the crises of life and leaned on each other for support. Together, you have achieved so many wonderful milestones and witnessed each other’s triumphs. Together, you have shown the world that love can last forever—the best Anniversary to my amazing parents.


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Marriage is not a walk in the park, but how come you make it look so easy? Remarkable Anniversary to the coolest parents in the world.

I’ve read many accounts of love lasting the test of time. I’ve learned of legends and stories of star-crossed lovers walking the road laden with fire to be with each other. However, I only need my parents’ account to make me believe that love can last for eternity—a wonderful Anniversary to my parents.


My dear mom and dad, I wish both of you more anniversaries to celebrate, stronger faith and love for each other, and more adventures as a couple in the years to come. Happy Anniversary.

From black and white to colored portraits, from a couple to parents, from 1 year to many more years to come, I wish you both millions of happy moments together—a wonderful Anniversary to the best parents in the world.


It takes a lot of work to make a marriage last. Mom and dad, you have shown us that a marriage can survive the ripples of time with patience, hard work, commitment, and love. Awesome Anniversary.

You are an inspiration as a parent for raising your children with love and discipline. You are a model as a couple for overcoming the trials that tested the strength of your love and commitment for one another—best Anniversary to my parents.


Best Anniversary, my dear mom and dad. Your love has proven to be more challenging than the sturdiest trees, standing against the raging storms of life. Your commitment has proven to be more unshakable than the mountains, surviving the onslaught of trials and trepidation that threatens to tear you apart from each other. I am proud as your child for having such wonderful parents!


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Mom keeps complaining when dad leaves the toilet seat-up, while dad keeps complaining when it takes mom ages to finish her shopping. Mom complains about dad’s loud snoring, while dad complains about mom’s obsession with scented candles. Mom says dad is crazy, and dad says that mom is crazier. But those little things never seem to leave a dent in the love you have for each other. I am ever proud and happy for having such crazy parents! Remarkable Anniversary to my parents.


You two may grow old and wrinkly, but the love that you both share is forever young—a wonderful Anniversary to my parents.

I never thought it was possible to fall deeper and deeper in love with each other as the years went by. Mom and dad, you have demonstrated that this feat is not just a fairy tale but a reality with an unwavering love you have for one another. Wonderful Anniversary.

I will never get tired of hearing your love story. It makes me believe in the existence of ‘happily ever after.’ Remarkable Anniversary, my dear parents.

The two of you are a perfect example of the cliché that ‘opposites attract.’ Although not known to many, it takes trust, patience, and true love to make this pairing work—best Anniversary to my dear parents.


Life’s challenges are not as frightening if you have a partner you can lean on through thick and thin. I think it is lucky and destined that you found one another—happy Anniversary to the best parents in the world.

Life is filled with trials and hardships, but both of you did not let it break you apart. Instead, it made your marriage even stronger and tougher than ever before. Best Anniversary.

Funny Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Quotes

Your love has always been an example for me growing up; it’s so pure and true, wishing for a love as deep as yours one day; Happy Anniversary, mom and dad.

Happy Anniversary to the people who created me; I am proud to call you two my parents.

Wishing my loving parents a very Happy Anniversary today; I am forever grateful you two fell in love and decided to create a beautiful family with me in it.

Growing up, I always thought love was easy; having you and dad as my example always gave me a positive outlook, I now know it’s very hard work, and I am proud you and Dad have stuck it out; Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad, I love you.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad; you two love birds make me sick with love every day; I hope you have the most romantic day!

Here is to the happiest couple even after 40 years; Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.

I can see the love every time you look at each other; I hope to find the same passion one day myself; I love you two very much; Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.


Happy love day Mom and Dad.

I wish I were closer to celebrating with you, but you know I’m there in spirit! Happy Anniversary to my parents, don’t overeat cake tonight.

You two lovebirds make love seem timeless; I hope it is so; Happy Anniversary to my parents who live in the snow!

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful parents; I made you a cake and have dinner all set up for you two tonight; I love you.

Sending all the love out to my parents on their Anniversary, I wish I could celebrate, but I still love you like no one else!