The 85 Happy Birthday To Me With Wishes

One’s Birthday is celebrated because it serves as a milestone in one’s life.
The journey of life is seen through birthdays, and each one of them denotes achievement and conquering of each year.
Let us celebrate your birthday today with some of these quotes below:

Have a prosperous year and mark it with a smile on your face, my friend, it is your Birthday!

My heartfelt joy was overflowing as we celebrated your Birthday today because I know that I will spend another good year with you.

Being old is an asset because one gets to influence the younger generation. So age gracefully, dear friend.

Old age is wealth! The more you have, the greater the amount you’d again gain this year! Keep up the excellent work, and Happy Bday!

There are no work bonuses when it is your Birthday, but the happiness that your friends and family can bring you is enough for you to feel special today! Wonderful Birthday to you!


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Birthdays are never about the age that will add up to your current one but the people, the experiences, and the number of struggles you have overcome for the last year until today.

My Birthday wish for you is that you’ll never stop having the appetite to help others. It is the reason why we celebrate your life every year. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

You have never failed to make us smile, but today, it is our turn to put a smile on your face because it is your special day!

Years past but your kindness never did fade. On every Birthday that you have, we are glorious and overjoyed because we can get to see another year of your heart overflowing.

Today, we celebrate the life of a beautiful and intelligent person. Oh, is it my Birthday?! Yes, it is. Best Birthday to me!

Birthdays are always about adding one year to your age as it symbolizes moving forward and not looking behind the past.

Happy Birthday to my Husband

A fresh start is always at hand on a birthday! May you feel energized to start this New Year in your life.

It is another year for you to set new goals and aspirations in life, and we wish you all the strength to rise above the challenges you will face this year. Wonderful Bday!

Take pride as you face this new chapter of your life because it will be another round of thick paged madness.

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You have been there when I was weak. You have been there through my sorrows, and now that it is your Birthday, I am here to celebrate your existence because you have fought side by side through mine. Best Bday, Best Friend!

Neither gifts nor can money beat the fact that I grew up with you. Aging with you is the most beautiful gift that you have given me through the years.

The best feeling in the world has been celebrating your birthday every year for the last decade.

As candles on your birthday cake add every year, I will still be here to light each one up until a hundred. I hope you are too. Happy Birthday to you.

You deserve the best Birthday in the world because you have made our lives tremendously extraordinary.

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

I have only one thing to say about your Birthday. I want to tell you that you are getting old, but you are still the most beautiful person I know in this world.

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No one can replace a friend like you, and today I want to show you how happy I am that you will be alongside me once again for another year! Best Bday!

Do you still remember the very first Birthday that we had together? Even if it seems so long ago, I can still see the sparkle in your eyes today. It just shows the gladness that you feel each year. I hope you stay the same every year!


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Each year our memories pile up like mountains of good experiences. I hope this year it will tower up much more. Wonderful Bday!

I can’t believe that it is your Birthday once again. It seemed like yesterday, but as I see you grow old each year, I can genuinely say that you have never grown old in character.

The 40 Christian Birthday Wishes

It is my favorite day today because it is your Birthday. I know that I am the VIP person at your event. Happy Birthday to you!

It is a destiny that I met you, and your Birthday signifies that first fulfillment that we had as I humbly thank God that we crossed paths.

The best part of being your friend is that your Birthday is mine as well because you love me! Best Birthday!

Thank you for making us feel unique as your visitors today, even if it is your Birthday. You are a friend.

I can feel a little bit of pressure as your friend because it is your Birthday today. After all, you have never failed to make me smile every day, and now I have the most significant task to make you feel the same.

Flashbacks come during birthdays, and it is the best part of growing old. I hope that you recall good memories every year.

If anyone deserves happiness in this world, it is you because you have made ours delightfully unique. Wonderful Birthday!


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This day reminds me of how strong you were last year because you have passed through every challenge without fear.

Celebrate this Birthday with a fierce look in your eyes, saying, bring it on!

This is the marking of the day that you age. It is the day that you grow more intelligent, wiser, and stronger than ever.

Why is the shine a lot brighter today than yesterday? It is because it is your Birthday!


It is silly for you to think that your Birthday makes you believe that you are getting old. Instead of thinking about that, you have to rejoice because you are blessed with another 365 days to live.


I may be running out of greetings, but you know what is in my heart. Happy Bday my good old friend.

Even if you feel old today, remember that I will always count on you more than I am, counting your age.

Each Birthday is another set of the guest. Some old, some new, but no matter how many or less they are in each year, the important thing is that they came to appreciate you.


I hope that your life will be sweeter than this birthday cake that you have prepared! Happy Bday!

I do not have a special gift for you today, but I can assure you that I am one of the few that remembered your Birthday without the reminder of Facebook.


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I have always dreamt of giving you the best birthday gift in this world, but I realized that words are priceless, so I am giving you a greeting from my heart instead.

Your Birthday can never be as fun as your personality, but as your good friend, I will try my best to make you feel happy!

I am sorry there is a bite on your precious cake. I had to make sure that it has no poison because I value you that much.


One cannot say that we can celebrate our Birthday a hundred times, but we can always glorify the many thousand days we have lived in this world.

Birthdays are the simplest of occasions and celebrations in one’s life, but it is the most important.


Hugs and kisses to the most beautiful person I know, because it is her Birthday.

Do you know why we celebrate your Birthday? It is because we want to show how much we appreciate you in our lives. May this Birthday be the best of your lifetime!

You are the best friend anyone would wish for, and because it is your special day, It is just but right for me to show my love to you. Wonderful Birthday!

It is my Birthday, but it is my mother that you have to thank for today, not me.

I want to be forever young with you but today is your Birthday so I guess starting now until my Birthday I will call you my older sister.


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I am happy my child that you are having your 18th Birthday because you have to buy your cake next year. I am so proud of you! Best Birthday!

Are you ready for another round this year?! Buckle up it is a bumpy road, my friend, but I will still be in your passenger’s seat! Wonderful Bday to you!

It is a brand new year. No regrets for last year because today is the beginning of another journey! Best Bday!

It is hard to spend money again this year for your Birthday because we have been friends for the longest time. I have bought you enough for a lifetime, but it is okay because I love you dearly as a friend; hence I will still buy for you once again.

I will take you as you are every year, good or bad. Happy Birthday!

We are lucky and thankful that you want to share your Birthday with us, but it should be us who should invite you for your Birthday because you are unique! Best Bday!

No better gift can aver amount of the happiness that I feel today because of your Birthday, but the truth of the matter is my attendance and utmost appreciation is the only gift I can offer you this year! Wonderful Bday to the most understanding friend ever!

Your day will always be remembered because I know how much you value this special day. Best Birthday!

There is no need for you to lie about your age. Your wrinkles smile when you would do so, but your heart is forever young. Do not worry too much! Wonderful Birthday my friend!

May you have the grandest Birthday of your life today because you are the most celebrated person in this world. Happy Bday!

Happy birthday to me quotes for Facebook

Happy Birthday to me, the one person I can believe without a doubt, the only person who understands me most, the only friend whose opinion I should care about.

A beautiful, bright day. Cake, presents, friends, and fun. I love this day; happy Birthday to me!


For me, the hardest thing to do is be confident in myself. Slowly, I’ve come to love myself. Today can be a celebration, not only of my birth but of my rebirth in a new me. Happy Birthday to me. You’ve worked hard.

No one loves their Birthday more than me! It’s the one day in the year I take for myself guilt-free. Happy Birthday me, enjoy you lazy day!

Can I get a happy birthday from me? This day is going to be great!

People may say you are complacent about this, but it’s your day. Look in a mirror and say it, happy Birthday to me! I deserve today.

Sometimes, when things are down, you need to be your own best friend. Make yourself a cake, and sing Happy Birthday to me until you feel as unique as you should.

A birthday is a once-in-a-while event. It should be memorable, not just another day, even if I have to be the one to celebrate. Happy Birthday to me; this day should be good.

It isn’t very comfortable to say, but every year on my Birthday, I look in a mirror and tell myself, Happy Birthday me!


A person needs to learn to embrace themselves. So on your Birthday say, ‘Happy Birthday to me‘ without shame!

It’s my Birthday, to make myself excited and ready For the day I shouted out, happy Birthday to myself!

My mom used always to tell me Happy Birthday; now I tell myself happy Birthday me.