The 60 Happy Birthday Paragraph

Sometimes, what a person really needs is someone who remembers the fact that it is your birthday.
There is something special that you feel when someone actually reminds you that it is the anniversary of your existence.
It is why it is important that you greet the people you love a happy birthday and wish them well.
If you do not know how to greet your loved ones a happy birthday, worry not because here are some happy birthday paragraph or greetings that you might just find suitable for your tastes and the one that you will be greeting.

Happy birthday! Always remember that I am always here for you through it all, all the time.

One look at you and I know you are ecstatic and for that I thank the Lord that you are alive.

You have to thank everyone you know because you got it through another year, congrats!


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I wish that you would never have to worry about minor problems ever again, enjoy your day.

Today you have the power to do anything that you want to do, so do it and don’t regret it.

You might as well just keep on having fun because that is what this day is for, having fun.

100 Happy Birthday Quotes

May you always remember to count the blessings given to you, I wish you a happy birthday!

Some days I look at you and see so much potential, keep honing your skills, enjoy this day.

Words are never going to be enough to tell you how proud I am for you and of you today.

I am happy for you and I can only wish that my happiness shows and that you are happy too.

Happy 14th Birthday Quotes

You are one of the best people that I know, I wish you will have everything you’ve wanted.

Happy birthday and I hope that you would find new ways to enjoy every single one of them.

When you celebrate life, you get love, you get happiness, that is all that I wish for you, babe.

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

May every minute of the following year be as fun and as joyful as your year, or even better.

You are the type of person who makes miracles wherever you go, keep making them again.

You never cease to amaze me and for that alone, I just hope you get whatever you want.

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There are only a handful of selfless people in the world, I’m lucky I know one of them: you.

You are growing older, but I wish you are also growing happier, have a happy birthday!

One day you will look at this day and decide it is the one you love most, happy birthday!

For all the time we spent together, I can only hope we make more time the year after too.

You will get your breakthrough one day, do not rush and take things one at a time, my dear.

No matter how others try to put the flame out of your heart, I know you will be just fine.

The world will never be the same without you in it, especially mine, I’m glad you were born.

I will never forget this day because you were born today so just have a really happy birthday!

30+ Simple Birthday Wishes For Friends

This day of yours is something I’m grateful for because if it didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be here.

You keep getting wiser and I am also glad that you are, for you are the whole world to me.

Sometimes, there are just some people you don’t like, some you do not want, they exist too.

I may not be there for you all the time, but remember that I am still here for you, okay?

Happy birthday, this is me reminding you of how awesome and amazing you totally are, dear.


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I never expected we’d be friends, but you are here now and I can’t imagine life without you.

I wonder how I survived so long before I ever got to meet you, you are my world, my love.

I can’t think of the best gift so I hope for now, that the gift of love will do, I love you a lot!

You make every single day of my life so meaningful, I wouldn’t be who I am without you.

I know you have a lot of wishes and I hope that all of them comes true for you happy birthday.

No matter how bad everything else goes, I know you are there for me and that is enough.

There is just that person who makes everything bad go away, and that is you for me, friend.

I want to remind you that you are a special person to me, you are someone I adore and love.

Every moment we spend together is something that I will always remember and cherish.

Cheers to the gift of life, let’s keep on celebrating our lives together, you know what I mean.

There is nothing else that I can wish for you but that you may have a really happy birthday!


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May this day of yours be full of happiness and laughter, for now I wish you a happy birthday.

I could lose everyone but I could not afford to lose you ever again, you mean a lot to me!

You can make me smile when I don’t want to and that is why you are so damn special to me.

I would never forget about today because you are the most special person to me, enjoy today!

And the days pass by but I can only think of you and that I am wishing you a happy birthday!

The sun will set at the west and I will your friend, the best, I want you to just have fun today.

I cannot think of the right gift for you but for today, I hope that you will enjoy your life, dear.

The best gift that I can ever give you is my friendship and a promise that I will always stay.

Even if we always fight, I will always be here whenever you need me, that I can promise you.

Your special day is truly something that is worth celebrating so have a really happy birthday.


I stare at you and I am satisfied that I am seeing someone who sees me for me, thank you!

You have touched my heart in ways more than you know so now let me touch yours too.

There is nowhere I want to be right now on your big day than to be beside you, my friend.

Life is a big journey but when I am beside you, I know I would love every single step, honey!

No one and nothing will ever amount to me the same way you do to me happy birthday to you.

There will be times when you will feel sad, remember that my shoulder is always here for you.

Sending you all my love and all my hugs and everything else, just have fun on your big day!


You need to loosen up a bit and just enjoy your life, have fun and party really hard, my love.

Happy birthday to the brightest star in my whole universe, you are the one I dream about.

There is nothing else I want to do for you than be right there when you blow your cake.

Though we may have changed, our friendship will stay strong so just hang on, my friend.


I wish that everything you desire will somehow find its way to you, I wish you all the best.

Of all the days that you have had before, may you make this one the best, happy birthday!

You are my inspiration, the one I truly adore, I miss you the most, enjoy this big day, love.


The warmest of wishes I give to you, that somehow your dreams would come true, my dear.

I would take this opportunity to tell you that I only want the best for you, that is the truth.

The stars will never be as bright as you are for you just shine, so, happy birthday to you.

And though you may think that everything is for naught, the truth is that I care for you a lot.

You are like a kid to me, you like candies and everything else so I would give them to you.

I baked you a cake and I hope you will like them after you blow the candles on them, dear.

There is nothing I’d love more than to greet you a happy birthday, enjoy your life, my dear.


I do wish the best for you and that you may always just have fun, wishing you all the best.

Dance until you want to actually drop to your knees and just celebrate your day, my friend.

And just know if you decide to go wild tonight that I will be there to support you, party hard!

You can party until you feel like dropping, there is no need to worry about anything else.

May tomorrow come as lovely as you are right now, happy birthday to you, dear friend.

Your life should be filled with the best things in the world: happiness and everything else.

Who would have thought I would love anything more than books: but here you are now.


I want to remind you that I am here and that I care for you, I remember your birth date too!

I love you more than anyone & I just need you to understand that today is special for me too.

Congrats on a happy birthday, may you have many more to come in the near future, love.

Of all the people in the world, you matter a lot to me and that means literally the world.


Spread the love and just spread your generosity as well, you deserve everything you have.

Though the world may be small, I want you to know that I care for you a whole lot more.

There is nothing I would like right now but to remind you that everything is gonna be okay.

Just want to tell you that you are the best and that you will always be the best for me, dear.