40+ Happy Birthday For My Girl

Birthdays are the annual celebration of a chapter passed and the beginning of a new one.
Girls love marking the occasion with a great party surrounded by their friends and loved ones. It is this special day where she is living the life of a princess. Choose among the sweet and cute messages below and let her know that you have thought of her on her Birthday:

Don’t forget to whisper a wish as you blow the lights out on your birthday cake! Wish from the bottom of your heart, and it will be yours. After all, a special girl like you deserves all the happiness in this world. Happy bday.

Hurry, eat your cake before I beat you to it! May all of your wishes come true, princess. Wonderful Birthday.

There are not too many girls that I get along with – but you are a different case. You are excellent at getting your hands dirty. You get my humour and my little jokes. You can shoot some serious hoops. Best Birthday to the coolest girl I’ve ever known! Cheers.

I am wishing you a celebration as sweet and as fun as you are. Wonderful bday!

There’s no point in holding back. Tonight, you are entitled to have as much fun as you can. Happy Birthday!


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You are the boss tonight. I go where you go only if there’s cake and loads of drinks! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the coolest and cutest girl in the world – I wish you an awesome party that will knock you off your feet.

Happy Birthday Wishes for 12th old boy or girl

100 Birthday Wishes

My wish for you, my dear pretty friend, is for you to have days ahead full of joy, blessings and love. Happy Birthday.

Sure, I’m surrounded by loads of friends, but no one beats the awesomeness of this friend. You are always beside me whenever I need a friend, whether it’s a shopping or boy problem! Best bday!

The best friend deserves only the very best on her extraordinary day. Happy Birthday.

I can already see how bright your future will be, for a girl with vibrant eyes and a charming personality can conquer anything that will come her way. Best bday!

Birthday Greetings from President Trump

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Paint all of your heart’s desires on the canvas of your soul. Whisper a prayer and believe it will happen. A girl so unique and rare like you deserves all of life’s gems and treasures. Wonderful bday.

You can rock both high heels and sneaks. You can shoot hoops and score a thousand points on every person you meet. You can do a mean rap and beatbox and sing like an angel at the same time. How more awesome can you get? I could rant about you all day! Happy Birthday!

To everyone’s ideal girl, best Birthday. Open the doors to your new chapter full of courage, faith, and enthusiasm for what’s coming ahead.

The 60 Happy Birthday Wishes for Beautiful Girl

Here I am, celebrating and wishing you loads of sweet surprises and the craziest party on your Birthday. Cheers!

Top 65 Happy Birthday, My Love

Life won’t be as fun and fulfilling if not for a friend like you. Have a blast on your Birthday, awesome princess.

You messed up my life. What I mean by ‘mess up’ is that you completely shook up my life and turned it into an exciting adventure. Wonderful Birthday!

I hope that each day from today will be a rich learning experience and beautiful memories to enjoy. Happy Birthday!

I feel honoured to be able to celebrate this special day with you. Happy bday.

You are the proof that angels indeed walk with mortals on earth. Happy Birthday!

Whenever I’m with you, I feel this warm comfort inside my heart. I guess that’s what you think when your guardian is walking right beside you! Wishing you a happy birthday, my angel!


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A sweet princess like you deserves a magical and fairytale birthday. Have a blast! Happy bday!

May you reach all of the stars that your heart is yearning for, and may you be filled with love until there is no room left for more. Wonderful Birthday!

Have a fantastic and whimsical day ahead, filled with the things that you cherish the most. Best Birthday.

Nothing can shine brighter than your sparkling eyes. Tonight is the night where your radiance will fill up the night sky. Wonderful bday!

Special wishes of never-ending happiness, bountiful blessings, dreams fulfilled and brimming health to my special girl. Best bday.

There was no such thing as perfect in this world until you came along. Best bday!

Sweet Goodmorning Messages for Her

Thank you for all the things you have taught me – like how this world is still beautiful despite the madness and chaos or how we should cherish and live every moment given to us. Wonderful bday!


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I do not need the help of a telescope if I wish to look a little closer to the stars. All I have to do is look at you and find thousands of them trapped in your eyes. Best Birthday.


Someone like you who is full of fun and sunshine deserves an equally unique and exciting birthday. Cheers!

Your eyes are the skies; your cheeks are the soft clouds. Your smile is the sun; your laughter is the music. You are the beauty of the world encapsulated. Wonderful Birthday!

Not too many girls love Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and The Lord of The Rings like you do. More than that, you are kind, pretty and thoughtful. And that’s why I think you are exceptional. Happy bday.

Most girls are just pretty on the outside, but you cannot say the same on the inside. You are an exception to that. Not only are you stunning, but you also have the heart of an angel. Happy bday.

Blessings not only come in the form of the wealth accumulated. It is also in having a priceless and lovely friend like you in my life. Wonderful Birthday!


Could I ask for anyone better in my life? You are a pro-shopper, an expert haggler, and a fantastic chef rolled in one! Best Birthday.

With each passing year, you only bloom more gracefully and exquisitely. The reason is clearly because of your big and kind heart. Wonderful bday.


You radiate with kindness everywhere you go, and that’s why people follow you like a guiding star. You exude love and generosity, and that’s why people get inspired when they are around you. You fill up the room with your warmth and sunshine, and that’s why there will be no else like you in this world. Best bday!

You are not just my best friend; you are also my sage advisor, sister from another mother, and guardian angel. Best bday!


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Life is too short and precious to be wasted over the negative things in life. Enjoy every moment to the fullest and bloom with the experiences that will shower along the way! Wonderful bday.

Live your life without an ounce of regrets. Party like you never did before and embraced all the possibilities that will come your way. Best Birthday.

I never thought I would have an excellent friend like you who likes the same things as I do. Wonderful Birthday.

May we share more memorable moments in the days, weeks, months and years to come. Cheers to more pizza over movies, gossip over coffee, and conversations under the night sky! Happy bday.

You are one of those people that I choose to keep in my life. You made everything better with your sweet smile, infectious laughter and overflowing kindness. Happy Birthday.

I know that a strong, smart and sassy girl like you can pull through anything. Even if the troubles push you down to the ground, always remember to stand and continue to follow your dreams. Happy bday.

If the world has more kind and amazing girls like you, it will be a better and more wonderful place to live in. Happy Birthday.

A friend like you who reaches out to me and heals my wounded heart is truly a wonderful treasure. I definitely can’t imagine living this life without you! Wonderful Birthday

To my favourite person in the entire world, I wish you a wonderful and best Birthday. I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that all your wishes unfold along the way.

May your special day be as incredible, fantastic and brilliant as a rainbow in a clear blue sky – just like you! Wonderful bday.


I’ve always wished for a friend who will stand by me through the great and the worst. My wish came true when you walked into my life. Best bday!

Wear your prettiest hat, your favourite dress and your cutest shoes. This is your special day, after all. Happy Birthday.


I promise to stay by your side even if all else falls apart. That’s how we are – we are friends who stick together no matter what comes our way. Best bday.

Cupcakes, cookies, and the most delicious cakes – may your journey ahead be as sweet and warm as you are. Wonderful bday.


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To the person who made my life unique, extraordinary, unbelievably fantastic and amazingly fulfilling, I’m wishing you the happiest and the most memorable Birthday. Cheers to you, dear.

I don’t remember how we first met. All I remember are the happy and fun times we spent together talking about anything under the sun. Since then, we’ve been inseparable. Best Birthday!

Thank you for never getting tired of listening to my rants. Thank you for tagging along on my shopping spree, and most of all, thank you for being there all the time as one of the best girls in my life. Wonderful Birthday.

You have written yet another beautiful chapter brimming with beautiful memories. I hope to be part of that journey year after year. Happy Birthday.

It does not matter what colour you are wearing since you are wearing the rainbow on your eyes. It does not matter whether you have make-up on or not since your face forever glows like the sun. It does not matter if you don’t have your best shoes on since you leave wonderful footprints wherever you go. Happy bday.

There have been no more boring and trivial days ever since I met you. I found a person with whom I can learn new things, go to the movies, and tell all my troubles. Happy bday.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for my girl

Happy Birthday to the best girl in the world. May your day be filled with incredible memories that last forever.

To a girl that has changed my life, changed my heart, and who I want to be with forever. I hope you have a fantastic birthday, baby.


Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl who haheart hear; II hope you make the most of it today and always.

May you have such an incredible night celebrating your Birthday tonight; I love you more than anything.

So excited to celebrate your Birthday with you; I hope we have a fantastic time and many future memories to come.

I hope you have a fantastic birthday, my love, for a girl who makes me smile every time she’s around.

Happy Birthday to the most important girl in my world, my everything. May your Birthday be filled with love and light.

On your Birthday, I hope you relax, baby, enjoy today, and may you have many more to come.

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous love; I would do anything to bring a smile to your face. I love you.

There is nothing more special to me than you, baby, and I hope your Birthday today is the best one that fills your day with fun and love.

Happy Birthday to my better half; I live for loving you and can’t wait to celebrate with you, baby.

You light up my life, my love; I hope your Birthday is amazing and that you have an incredible night to remember.


To someone who is the most important person in my life, I love you more than anything and wish you a fantastic birthday.

Happy Birthday to someone special who means so much to me; I hope your Birthday is precisely what you wanted.

May you have an enchanting evening surrounded by friends and family; I can’t wait to celebrate; I love you dearly; Happy Birthday, baby.