Happy Birthday Boy Wishes and Quotes

To the birthday boy, here are some things you can tell him to make him feel much happier on his birthday and make him the best birthday boy ever. Here are some quotes you can use for just that.
May you have the courage to make him have the best birthday ever!

To the brightest boy in the whole world, here is me wishing you the best birthday ever!

This day is about no one else, but you have fun on your birthday; I wish you all the best.

I have decided that your birthday will have the best party courtesy of me, happy bday!

You are the best friend in history and my gift to you is why you are, boy.

May you enjoy your birthday, boy, because you are awesome, you are fantastic, I love you!


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You are the most loyal, strong and brave companion to me, happy bday to you, boy!

Thank you for always getting me out of trouble, I am just right here for you, happy bday!

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May you spend a lot of time with me and just have fun on your birthday, I miss you so much!

Let us have dinner on your birthday and just enjoy the day because you need to have fun.

Just relax a bit on this birthday of yours because it is the best time you can ever experience.

You have hit another year at life and you keep going strong, happy birthday to you, friend!

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You light up the room when you laugh and that’s the best thing about you, happy birthday.

I remember the first time we met in a room full of people, you smiled, happy birthday, boy!

The first time I saw you, I knew we were going to be friends for life, boy, happy birthday!

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Who would have known we would be friends, I sure did not, happy birthday, to you, boy!

I never thought we would actually last this long as friends, happy birthday, my dear friend.

May you have the best day ever because I tried so hard to make this party a huge success.

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You have been my rock all this time and now it is your time to be happy, enjoy today, boy.

We may fight a lot and still I love you all the same, you are my friend, happy birthday to you!

I wish you all the best on your birthday today, keep living your life you want to live, boy.

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I want you to realize just how awesome you are and that I miss you so bad, happy birthday!

This day is for you because you make all things possible for me, thank you and happy birthday

Thank you for all the years of our friendship, here is to more, happy birthday to you, boy!

I wish that you would keep on achieving more and more success in life, happy birthday to you!

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You will always be a champion for me no matter what happens, happy birthday, little boy!

The best gift I can give you is a pint of your favorite ice cream flavor, wonderful birthday, boy!

Here is the best cake I can find just for you, happy birthday, to you, my darling, I miss you!

I am a true friend so I remember that today is your birthday, have fun and wonderful birthday.


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You are a dreamer so I hope that your dreams may come true, happy birthday to you, boy.

Now you are a year older, a year wiser and you are better, wonderful birthday to you, friend!

Life is complicated but when I have a friend like you with me, everything gets happier.

I wish that you would be here with me no matter what happens, happy birthday to you!

You are one of the few people who look young even when they grow old, wonderful birthday!

You are the best person I know and I think you always will be, happy birthday to you, friend.

I know how lucky I am to be able to have you as my friend, wonderful birthday to you, I love you!

Happy birthday to you and I do hope that you have more birthdays to come, my dear friend.

No matter what you want to be, I know you can do it, wonderful birthday to you, my dear friend.

I know that you can achieve you have in your life because that is you, wonderful birthday, dear!

You are my angel, you are my shining star you are my inspiration, wonderful birthday, my boy.

I am not there right now but I am sending hugs and kisses with this card, wonderful birthday!


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Ever since I met you, my life has been incredibly happier, thank you and wonderful birthday, boy.

You can do it, no matter what you may be struggling with life right now, wonderful birthday, boy.


Boy, you are the person who can do all things he believes he can, wonderful birthday to you, dear.

When I fail to try to say the things I want to say, know that I love you, wonderful birthday, boy!

May you finally have the things you have long wished for in life, happy birthday, baby boy.

Dear, you may not know it but you are blessed with intelligence and looks, wonderful birthday!

No matter what happens in life, just keep on struggling for the best, happy birthday to you!

Here is to you, boy, may you have the sweetest birthday ever because you are just lovely.


I am wishing you good health and more blessings on your birthday, best birthday to you!

You are the best person I met and you deserve the best birthday too, best birthday, friend!


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This day is for you, so go have all the fun you want to have, best birthday to you, my friend.

I pray that you become the best person I hope you can become because I miss you so much!


You are the smartest kid on the block, have the best birthday party of town, dear little boy.

May you have an awesome future because you are the kindest person I know, happy birthday.

You are growing up so fast but I know that you will be happy, happy birthday to you, boy.

My boy, you are my most prized possession, my one and only treasure, best birthday!

I hope you liked all your presents today because I made them just for you, best birthday!

No matter what circumstance you are in, I will always be with you no matter what, my boy.

Boy, you need to realize that there are some things you have to be responsible for, enjoy today!

Today is going to be the best day of your life, you gain another year, celebrate it with a blast.

May you have the most spectacular birthday of all and have an amazing year up ahead.

Happy birthday to you, may you always find the light even at the darkest of places in here.

You are the hope that I hold on to when I feel down, best birthday to you, cheer up, boy.

Have fun on this special day of yours because you deserve to be happy, birthday boy.


You need to be wise, to be smart about the things of life and grow up, best birthday, boy.

Things are not always going to be as easy as you expect them to but happy birthday to you!

Take care of the things that are the most important to you and you will be okay, enjoy today.


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May you finally find that things you have long been looking for in life, best birthday to you.

Believe me when I tell you that you are the best person in the world, happy birthday to you.

You are still young, carefree and innocent, so just believe in yourself, best birthday, boy.


Let me tell you that the best people in the world are the kind ones, happy birthday to you!

May you find the answers to all your questions, I hope you do, best birthday, dear boy.

It ain’t ever easy to be yourself so that is the real challenge of life, happy birthday to you!

If you want to be the best in what you do, make the most of today, best birthday, boy!

You can either sink down or fly high, that is all up to you, lovely birthday to you, boy!

You got me feeling that I can do anything in the world, lovely birthday and stay happy.


Just tell yourself that you can do it and you will do it, happy birthday, keep being yourself.

This world had enough drama, bring some happiness in, lovely birthday, boy, have fun!

No matter what, you can tell me anything that bothers you, lovely birthday to you!

You will always be the person I will trust in the world full of liars, happy birthday, boy!

Boy, you may be still young but you have that strength to carry on, lovely birthday, go for it!

Take all the time you need in growing up and knowing more about this world, wonderful birthday

Be the best person you can be, boy, because that is the only thing you can do, wonderful birthday!

I wish you all the best in this life, hold on tight and just enjoy the ride, happy birthday to you!


Always remember that the truth will prevail and just live the happy life, wonderful birthday, boy!

May you always find a reason to believe in yourself no matter what, happy birthday, boy!

Try to be in someone’s shoes so you will know their hardships, boy, wonderful birthday to you!

Always do what you think is right no matter what the circumstance is, happy birthday!

Do not let other people sway you on to their beliefs, believe in yourself, wonderful birthday!

May you keep on expressing yourself in way that only you can, happy birthday, boy!

You will always be my best bet, the one I will always look up to, wonderful birthday, boy!

Keep innocent but grow up just the same, wonderful birthday and all the best wishes to you!