Happy Birthday Batman

Batman is known as superhero who has appeared on comics, cartoons and even real life movies.
He is a superhero that a lot of children adores.
Also known as Bruce Wayne, he is a billionaire, and also the owner of the company Wayne Enterprises.
If you want to wish him something like happy birthday Batman, here are some awesome birthday wishes that you can use for greetings.

Happy birthday Batman, you are truly the dark knight and I can’t help but to love you a lot.

May you keep on being as stylish as you are, you are truly one great superhero, dear Batman.

Happy birthday, I know you like Batman but I never thought you idolize him just as well, dear.


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If you are Batman, I will be your Batgirl so I can be with you whenever, happy bday to you!

I will be the Robin to your Batman, your ever so loyal sidekick, I will be there for you always.

You have a wonderful costume and girls cannot help but be charmed, happy birthday Batman!

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You are like the best superhero for me, happy bday to you and keep being true to who you are.

What wonderful toys you have and I just have to say I am fond of you, happiest bday to you!

Though a lot of circumstances has happened, I still believe in you, I wish you the best, now!

You brighten up my day every time that I see you, I wish you can do that more, happy bday!

Happy 14th Birthday Quotes

Happy birthday Batman, I hope that you are happy with your life, that you are having fun too.

Thank you for bringing some color in this boring life of mine, what an honor to celebrate too.

I am thinking that this day should be the best there is for I met you today, happy bday to you!

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Always remember that I will try to be whatever you want me to, I wish you the best day today.

You are the one who taught me to always enjoy life and live it as well happy birthday Batman!

May you have a great time today and that you will have a lot of fun and be joyful, my brother.

I remember how much you like Batman and I think you are just like him, big bro, happy bday.

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No matter how much you try not to say it, we all know you still idolize him, happy bday to you.

Happy birthday Batman, I still think that you are the man, I believe in you, enjoy this life now.

No matter how I think about it, you are truly amazing, so have a happy birthday Batman, ok?

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I wish that you would get the things that you have truly wanted in this life, happy bday now!

Happiest bday to the person who has been there with me all the time, wishing you luck too.

You are so generous & kind and I wish you can be more of what you already are, enjoy today.

I want to say that all that I wish for you is happiness thru and thru so happy birthday Batman!

There is so much things in front of you and I can only wish that you would be as happy today.

Today is a special day for you and I want everything to go perfect for you, enjoy this day now.

Now that you are thirty, I wish that you will have the most amazing time of your life this day.

Happy birthday Batman, thank you for giving me strength when I thought was so weak then.


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You are just as stunning as you were last year and I have to say I am happy for you right now.

Even today, you are all I am thinking of, I hope that you will be happy on your big day, today.

I have thought it over & over again, I admire you for all that you have done for me until now.

You inspired me to do things for the greater good all the time so now, happy birthday Batman!

No moment is wasted when I am with you and I am happy for that opportunity alone, my dear.

I think being with you on this special day of yours is enough for me, I need not ask for more.

As you celebrate your special day, I can only wish that you are going to be happy right now.

Happy birthday Batman, I am so proud that you choose what you did and saved the world too.

I personally think you are the most amazing person I have ever seen in my life, enjoy this day.

There is no sure method of treasuring someone like you but I will give it a try, it’s your bday.

Your birthday is significant, I just want you to know that as we start to celebrate it from now.


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At the very first minute after twelve, I will send this message to you, know that I remembered.

You will always be my hero no matter what, so have a happy birthday Batman, I love you so.

Happy birthday Batman, you have it in you, the makings of a hero and took upon some action.

I have always thought you were the best and it seemed you really are, I wish you a happy day.

Gotham deserves a hero and that is you, I just want you to know that, I wish you all the best.

You die or you live a hero and I hope that you will be the best of all heroes, happiest day now.

I am so proud of the person you have become and still are I wish you happy birthday Batman!

No matter what other people may tell you, know that you are a real hero for me, enjoy today.

Your birthday is finally here and so we celebrate, we make it the time of our lives, my Batman.

Not everyone knows who you are without the cape but I do and I love you for it, happy day!


May you have the most amazing day of your life at this day, you deserve a break right now.

Happy birthday Batman, may you become the person you always wanted to be, now and ever.

Here is me wishing you a really happy birthday and that you will always have lots of fun now.


It seems to me that you are having a really good time, well I am glad that you are, my dear.

I am here now, having tons of fun with you and I cannot help but smile at you, you’re dashing.

Wishing you would keep a smile on your face as much as you can, you look better with that.

I know who you are, just by looking at you, I am big fan of yours too, happy birthday Batman!


Tonight I am but the same as you are, a normal person and so we celebrate your big day too.

Remember that I am with you, always, looking over you, making sure you are gonna be ok.

You are the most amazing person that I have ever seen in this life of mine, I wish you the best.

Happy birthday Batman, stop smiling on the outside only but on the inside as well, ok now?

You taught me to have fun, to live like there will be no tomorrow and I miss you so much too.

You have shown me what I am worth and for that I am forever grateful to you, happy bday!

Remember that you are always going to be my number one hero, always and always, my dear.


May you never have to shed a single tear for anyone in the world, happy birthday Batman!

No one can dare compare to you, you are my hero and that is always gonna be the truth too.

Happiest birthday to the man who showed me what real heroes are truly made of, you did.

There is no one else that I would rather be a hero than you are, happiest birthday to you!

Happy birthday Batman, you look like a great person to me, I adore you a lot, very much.

Of all the people who deserve to be a hero, my vote goes to you, remember that, happy bday!

Not all superhero needs a power, you do just fine on your gadgets and wit, happy birthday!


Happiest bday to the one who blew all the other heroes away with his wit and knowledge.

Sometimes, money is a good power too and you proved that, you really did, happiest bday!

I think you are a wonderful person and I adore you a lot, I wish you happy birthday Batman!

Now, I just want to tell you that you are awesome and that I like you a lot, happiest bday too.

I recognized those costumes you wore simply coz I wear them to, now let’s have a good day.

Let us hang our capes for a moment and just live a normal day for once, happy bday to you!

Happy birthday Batman, you are truly the night no matter how I look at you, you really are.


I’m the type of girl who would give you all she has without you even asking for it, my dear.

For now, let us just focus on celebrating your bday for as much fun as we possibly can now.

And I just have to tell you that you are the most noble men that I have ever met in this world.

There is no one else I would rather be with to stay than you, believe in me and I will in you.

I trust you, even with my life and that is something to be truly proud of, I believe in you now.


Others have been there for you before but I am here now, let us start celebrating your day.

This day is solely yours so go ahead and do any that you would want to, celebrate it true.

Even in the darkest days, I know you would come and wipe all my worries away, happy bday.

I have waited all year to celebrate this day with you, I wish you a happy birthday Batman!