Happy Birthday August

Do you know someone who is born on the month of August? If so, then you have come to the right place for here are some great happy birthday August wishes that you will surely find useful.
People born in that month are truly interesting, they are ones who loves to keep things private, they do not trust a lot of people.
They are very moody as well and choosy when it comes to their friends.
Here are some messages that are sure to guarantee your spot on their friend list.

I know how affectionate you are though you try to hide it from me, happy birthday August!

I wish that a lot of happiness will come your way for you are very much kind, happy bday girl.

You are truly one of a kind, someone who should be treasured and so I would, enjoy this life.


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There is no cure for a common bday but yours can still be medicated with a great party now.

With one message, I will make you feel better than ever, I wish that I can just make you happy.

Every story you make is but a great hit and I am just happy for you, happy birthday August!

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Being a perfectionist is not such a bad thing it just means you are serious in what you do now.

Express your feelings for there is nothing wrong with that, you deserve to be happy as well.

I think you can become whoever you want to be, you have potential in you, enjoy this big day.

You have a special day today and you must celebrate it, you must keep going and have fun.

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Maybe today, you should just take a good rest for it is your day, you decide what you do to it.

Celebrate or not, just know that your day is something special, no matter what you decide.

You are a special person, someone who no one can dare ignore, happiest bday to you now!

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Happy birthday August celeb, I will do everything to gain your trust from this moment on now.

Happy birthday August, you seem so kind but only to your chosen few, I’m glad I belong in it.

You are my love, you are the one that I want to be with for the rest of forever, happiest bday!

I wish that your big day would be a sunny one, that you can enjoy it right outside of the house.

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As warm as people are, I hope that you will always be careful of trusting others, I love you!

Happiest bday to you and always remember how kind and wonderful you truly are, my dear.

I saw your creativity when you wrote me that story and I wish you a happy birthday August!

For a beautiful person such as yourself, I can only wish that you will get all the best in here.

I want to give you the best party you will ever have in this life and so I will, enjoy your day.

Each person has their special day and yours is a lovely one, I hope you get to have fun now.

Though I am not always available I promise I will be there for you, I wish you all the best.

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You stole my heart and I just hope you will take care of it, happiest bday to you, my lover.

Happy birthday August, I would hate to see you mad so I will try my best to make you happy.

Being with you is one of the best blessings this life has given me, dear, happy birthday August!

My friend there is not much I want but for you to be happy and to keep on smiling all the time.


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May you have a lot of reasons to be excited for today since it is indeed your special day, girl.

In this world, the best place to be is beside the person you love and celebrate together as well.

Happy birthday August baby, you are truly the best person in this world, or my world at that.

I fear the day that we will spend last so let us make every moment count, happiest bday, boy.

You are the one who stood beside me thru it all and so I can only thank you right now, baby.

Darling, you are beautiful and I cannot help but smile at the sight of you, have a happy day!

Happy birthday August celebrant, there are only a few people you trust, I am happy I am one.

You make me laugh and smile and I can only smile at you and just have some great time now.

Your accomplishments prove that you are a good person inside and out, have a good day girl.

There are a million reason for you to celebrate and today is because it is your special day too.

It is a good day to celebrate and so let us go and keep on being friends and have lots of fun.


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There are people who loves their friends and family like you, have a happy birthday August!

You are the one who make me smile and laugh as well so let us celebrate your special day too.

May you always do the things in life that makes you truly happy, I want that for you as well.

The truth is that I fear for your loss, that you may leave me though I know now you wouldn’t.

Happy birthday August babe, you express yourself in ways only some people can understand.

Forgive me for everything I did wrong and accept me greeting you a happy bday, my dearest.

You are a great sister and now that you are celebrating your birthday I wish you the best of it.

Bro, you are happy and that is what is important in the end, so go ahead and just have fun.

Happy birthday August girl, I think you are truly interesting and I love you for it, everything.

You are as perfect as you always seem to be and I can’t help but wish happy birthday August!


The world is beautiful if you know how to live your life rightly, come and let us have some fun.

And in this world, there are only a few of us who can do things, let us start with the now too.

A birthday is a day to celebrate so you can rejoice the day you were born, come let’s do that.

You take care of me in a way that only those who loves me do, happy birthday August celeb.

I know how private you are and which is why I am respecting you for it, let’s celebrate now.

You are at the place in your life that you are satisfied and content I hope you keep being there.

You are blessed with a talent and I hope you will keep on honing that, I wish you the best now.


Happy birthday August dear, may you express yourself in ways that you never have in this life.

We are as close as sisters and I wish that you would have all the fun you can possibly have.

I know you only have a few friends and I want to be that person for you as well, happy bday.

Take good care of yourself all the time for you should always prioritize your health, my dear.


I just want you to know that you are special for me, have a happy birthday August, I love you.

You are perfect being the way you are now, no need to change a thing, just enjoy your life.

I trust you in all that you do and I hope you trust me to as I’ve prepared something for you.


I have faced you in a lot of times when you were mad but I have to say I am so happy now.

Happy birthday August boy, you make me feel like you can be anything you want me to be.

You are rarely affectionate and now you are, I am happy and satisfied, happiest bday to you.

The world is trying to destroy people but you are trying to build them up, happy bday, dearest.

Some people are meant to teach you a lesson, that is the truth, do not be sad and celebrate it.

Life is not always going to be as fun as you want it to be but you should keep rejoicing it too.

There is so much potential in you and I can see it happening right now happy birthday August.


Happy birthday August, you always make me feel like I am special and I thank you for that.

Express your feelings and show people you care about them, it is the best you can do for now.

May you celebrate the day you were born for it is truly a blessing to me in this lifetime, girl.

I would forever treasure the friendship that you have shown me, for I really care about you.

You are as powerful as you tell yourself to be so be more confident, enjoy life and celebrate.

I know you only trust a few and I am happy you trust me too, have a happy birthday August!

My wish for you on your special day is that you have more friends and you should enjoy more.


Maybe it is time to express more of yourself and just have fun, I wish you all the best my dear.

What an interesting person you are for you are as wonderful as you tell me to be, happy bday!

I may not have the right words to tell you but I wanna say that I love you a lot, I totally do.


Happy birthday August, I think you are truly going to be a great writer, I can picture you in it.

Take good care of the people important to you, happy bday to you and have a good time now.

You will always have a place here in my heart, so do not forget that, happiest bday to you!

And the world may tell you that you are no good but do not believe them, trust yourself now.