Happy 8th Birthday

It is not everyday that your child, friend, brother or your sister would turn eight.
In this sweet birthday, remind them how important they are to you by wishing them a happy 8th birthday.
Remembering their birthday is a great thing to note, it is something that will make them happy and if you bring a gift, that would make it even lovelier.
A simple happy 8th birthday wish or message can go a really long way coming from someone important to them.
However, should you be in a rush or you do not feel like you have the right words, here are some happy 8th birthday wishes that you can try to use for that special person.

Happy 8th birthday, may you wake up with a bright smile upon your lovely face, my daughter.

Would your bday turn brighter and happier if your uncle was here, for here he finally is now.

I want you to have fun but also the wisdom so that you can think things true, happy birthday!


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One day your dreams will come true as well and you will be just fine, happiest bday to you!

I think that this is the best morning I have ever seen you in, I wish you a happy 8th birthday!

Dreamers are blessed especially when they are truly selfless, I hope all your dreams be true.

100 Happy Birthday

May you keep on being inspired to do a lot of things I know you have thought of, happy bday.

I wish you good health and that you will always be happy and wise on your decisions my dear.

Seeing you happy makes me happy as well, I wish you nothing but the best, happy bday to you.

Happy 8th birthday, I am happy you came into my life exactly eight years ago from now, love.

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You seem to be proud, loving and also very wise and I cannot help but be proud, happy bday!

Having a child like you is one of the greatest blessings given to me eight years ago today, kid.

I would not exchange you for anything in the world right now, I wish you all the best, child.

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May you have the most spectacular day in history, happiest birthday to you, my dearest girl.

Happy 8th birthday, my child, you are always going to be a part of me, I am happy for you.

You are the type of kid who just does things on her own, I cannot be prouder, happy bday!

Now, just blow those candles and make some great wishes, I wish you a happy celebration.

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I know just how wonderful you are as much as kind and so I wish you a happy 8th birthday.

Get into the party mood and know that things are going to go your way, one way or another.

Some days you will get tired but most days you will survive, happy bday to you, dearest friend.

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All work without any playtime is bound to bore you so here are some toys from me to you now.

There is nothing I wish for you right now but that you may have a wonderful day today, dear.

Happy 8th birthday, I bet you would be the talk of town from this moment forward, my son.

You are one of those kids that never gave their parents a hard time and I am so proud of you.

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There is nothing in the world that could measure up to what you mean to me, happy bday now.

For you have that smile that makes me forget everything else in the world, I love you, my kid.

May this bday be the best one you have ever had, and that you like cake, happy 8th birthday!

Child the best thing that you can do now is to just have some great fun just like you did before.


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There is a place in this world where I forget everything when I feel sad, happy bday to you.

What a wonderful place it has become since you were born I hope you like living here with us.

Happy 8th birthday, I cannot believe it has been eight years since you were born, already now.

No matter what you plan to pursue, always remember that we are here to support you along.

I wish that you would have an amazing day today and that you will have a wonderful time too.

May you like all the gifts I have given to you for they are from the bottom of my heart as well.

Happy 8th birthday, you were my hope when I did not know if I can still go on, I thank you so.

I can already see how your future will be and I notice it is going to be a success, happy bday.

Happy bday to the most wonderful child in this world, you look your part, you truly do, girl.

There is no one else I’d love to spend the day with than you, my boy, the kindest kid I know.

They say that fairies grant wishes and I believe them for I have you now, happy 8th birthday!


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Happy 8th birthday, here are the cake, the ice cream and all the other things I know you love.

Just enjoy your childhood, okay and have tons of fun figuring out what you want to be later.

You are truly as beautiful as mermaid with an angel’s voice, I wish you a happy bday, girl.

Kiddo, your face is truly a sunny one, with so much radiance in it just as well, happy bday.

I will always be here to support you, to guide you and to help you out, happy bday, my dear.

Since the day you were born, I cannot help but smile each passing year, happy 8th birthday!

Never hesitate to ask anything you would want form me, I love you & wish you a happy bday.

You keep growing so fast, I can barely catch up and still I love you for who you are becoming.

Do not walk away from an opportunity in your life, my child, have a wonderful birthday now.

Happy 8th birthday you are growing up into a wonderful man, I cannot ask for more from you.


Do not worry about the future right now and just have a brilliant time now, my dearest child.

In this world, I do not want anything but to be your parent and now I am, happy bday to you!

My child, you are what is most precious to me and I love every moment spent with you, okay?

May your fairy god mother truly grant you a good wish from here on, so happy 8th birthday!


May the heavens always favor you, for you have been nothing but a kind and loving child.

Happy bday to you and for all that you are, I will always be here no matter what, my dear.

You have a good conscience and passionate as well wishing you all the best there is in life.


To you, my little prince charming, you are all of my wishes combined come to life, my son.

Happy 8th birthday here are ten dollars so go buy that ice cream flavor you have long wanted.

I do not know where I would be without you in my life, I wish you the happiest birthday ever.

Every step of every journey you will take from now, I will be right by your side, happy bday!

You are the one who has thought me the beauty of being alive, happiest bday to you, daughter.

Happy 8th birthday, I bought you the shoes you have been eyeing the last time may you like it.

Eight is a symbol for infinity and I feel good when I am with you now, happy birthday to you!


A thousand hurricanes will not keep you away from your mother’s love, happy birthday, son!

I would feel incomplete without you in my life for you are my entire world, happy bday, child.

Every day, I love coming home to you welcoming me, happy bday and have a great day too!

Go ahead and play with all of your friends and just have a lot of fun now, happy 8th birthday!

I remember all of your birthdays and will keep remembering this one onwards, happy bday!

I am just so happy that I am able to spend a lot of time with you especially on this special one.

The most special day of a child’s life is a bday, I hope you have the most awesome day too!


There is nothing that I wish for right now than for you to have the best day ever, I love you so.

Happy 8th birthday, keep on pursuing all of the dreams you had back last two years ago.

Happy bday to the most beautiful kid in the block, no one else can compare to you, my child.

I bought you something I know you would like: a lot of love and a surprise, happy bday, kid.

For every time that we met, I think you are a good person, I wish that you would keep happy.

Though most of the times I am away, I want you to know I still like you all the same, my dear.

How do you get through skinned knees when you fell down, I will put band-aids on them, kid.


I will kiss away all of your pain goodbye, that is how awesome I am, happy bday to you,, girl!

There is a place where we can go to have some great fun, it is here and now, happy bday boy.

For now, what you need to do is just take your time and have a lot of fun any our birthday.


You deserve everything you have right now and I just wish that you would that matter a lot?

You seem to be in a bit of a rush when we can all just have some good time visiting people.

The truth is that people get deployed all the time so just be careful and have a lot of fun now.

I want to share with you all the love that are in my heart meant for you, happy 8th birthday!