Happy 63rd Birthday Wishes

If you know someone who is turning 63 soon, you might want to greet the person with a happy 63rd birthday.
Wishes like that rarely comes to people by these modern times, usually people just say, “Happy 63rd birthday” without any message to accompany it, or at the very least wishes to tell the person what they feel or what they want for him or her.
Bring back that tradition, those birthday cards are there for you to use them or to make them yourself.
If you are one of those people that appreciates good birthday greetings, here are some happy 63rd birthday wishes for you to use and make that person feel extra special on his or her big day.

Happy 63rd birthday, always know that I am just a single call away if you ever need me, okay?

Growing older ain’t a crime so just keep happy and enjoy your day have a good bday for now.

What you should do now is to rest so you would have the energy to just enjoy your big day!


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You are getting more and more beautiful as you grow older so just keep aging, happiest bday!

I love you, you know that and I am more than willing to do anything, happy 63rd birthday!

My real wish for you is that you get to become the type of person you’ve always longed to be.

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This is not the end, this is another beginning, do not take that for granted and just celebrate.

Sending you lots of love from me to you, have a good time and just enjoy your life for now too.

In the book of my life, so many chapters are dedicated to you alone, have a good bday okay?

When I am with you, it is still that way, as if nothing else matters now, happy 63rd birthday!

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There are far too many reasons why you are still in my life up ‘til now so just have fun, okoy?

You have truly captivated me by the way you style and present yourself, I wish you the best.

You are in luck as I am still here and wishing nothing but only the best for you, enjoy today.

Just keep in mind that I will always be here for you no matter what, enjoy your big day too.

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This world seems to be cheering you on as well, so just enjoy it and enjoy yourself as well.

You mean a lot to me and that alone is something to speak wonders about, have a good day.

There ain’t much I can do now but to wish you a happy 63rd birthday, have lots of fun now.

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I wish you the best in everything that you do, rest assured I am wishing a happy 63rd birthday!

When we see each other, I hope you remember the wonderful journey that it has been my love.

You have touched my life in so many ways and I can’t help but be happy for you just as well.

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I do not even know where to begin but that you’re always here in my mind forever and always.

There aren’t much people I am close with, you are one so have a really happy 63rd birthday!

May this day be worth your while, as you celebrate it and have tons of reasons to smile about.

Thank you for being with me every single step of the way, I still hold you in my heart, my dear.

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No one would be able to beat you here in my heart, that is the truth of it, enjoy your big day!

Happy 63rd birthday, celebrate it with the ones you love the most, do not forget to include me.

And when people tell you that you don’t deserve anything, the truth is that you do, enjoy it!

You are one unique person in my heart and you will always be like that to me, happy bday!

Mom, you have always given us all that you could so now let us give back to you, enjoy today.


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Happy 63rd birthday, I hope you invite me to your party just like the good old days, my dear.

You are still the reason I look forward to each day, to be able to see your face and smile too.

I cannot even start counting the reasons why I love you, I just know I do and happy bday too.

Believe me you are the reason for this smile on my face, so thank you and enjoy your day now.

When you look at me, I see the person who has touched my life in so many possible ways too.

Friend, we are so old now, but we still have lots to do so for now, have a happy 63rd birthday!

I do not even know how we started to be this close but I am very much grateful for it, dearest.

When people tell you to stop, keep going, do not let them control the life that is always yours.

I appreciate everything you have done for me and I can’t help but smile for it all as well now.

No one should tell you what you should be doing, it is still your life too, happy 63rd birthday!

Happy 63rd birthday, if you think things matter, well they really do so just enjoy the day away.


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No matter what life brings us, just know you will always have a place in mine, happiest day!

What is truly worth celebrating is your life and I want nothing but for you to enjoy this day.

Let us make a toast for being the wonderful person you are, I wish nothing but the best to you.

Some things still matters, small celebrations still do so just have a happy 63rd birthday, friend.

And in this moment I want nothing but to be with you and to give praise to the Lord with you!

The Lord is as spectacular as always, letting you have so many birthdays already, be thankful.

Always remind yourself that the best things in life will always come to those who know to wait.

You are my shining person, the one I look at when everything in my life seems to be dark too.

And I wish nothing but that you will always have a reason to be happy in your life, happy day!

My love, you are still the one that is the answer to all of my prayers, happy 63rd birthday too!


Do not forget that laughter is what will truly make your life happier so keep being happy now.

So for now, heed the ways of the Lord and you will be blessed, enjoy your special day as well.

In the middle of this world, you will find someone to be with you, just keep being yourself too.

Do be kind to yourself for you are the one who will lift yourself up in the end just as well dear.

When they all tell you that you are too old, you still look the best to me, happy 63rd birthday!

I want to tell you that you are one of the people who is always in my mind and heart, my love.

I do not even know where to begin but always remember that you are important to me, a lot.


May the world give me this one thing, that I may always be here with you, all the time too.

The rest of the world will tell you what they want but listen to what your heart truly desires.

You are now old enough to not be swayed by the masses, do your thing, forget everyone else.

Happy 63rd birthday, you are the one that means the most to me back then and even ‘til now.

Who could have known we will be friends for this long, well I wish you a happy 63rd birthday!

Hey, if you are looking for something special, let us go on a journey for the two of us alone.

And reminiscing those adventures with you brings a smile to my face, happy bday, it still does.


No one expected this, you and me, best of friends, through the test of time, happy bday, friend!

Happy 63rd birthday, I still want to be the shoulder you lean on to when you need someone.

No one else should dare to stand up to you when you did nothing wrong stand for yourself too.


I bet there is still a wish left in your bucket list, do let me know and we’ll make it come true!

For nothing in this world should rest unassured when it comes to you, you life changer, you!

Forget the rest of the world I will be here for you until the end of forever, happy 63rd birthday.

How do I even begin to forget your face when my heart tells me to keep on loving you alone.


Your smile is the one I still long for when I wake up or when I am away, have a good bday!

No one can tell me whom to love now that we are old enough you are still the one, happy day.

Happy 63rd birthday, just keep laughing and smiling until your big day ends, enjoy yourself.


Though the rest of the world is against the two of us, I am still with you have a happy bday!

There is nothing in this world that will make me against you, you are my favorite reason.

There are so many reasons why I should be happy but you are the only one that I love most.

For all the things that you have given up, I hope they come back tenfold, happiest bday!


The love of my life is looking at me, you are, and I can’t help but be happy all the same now.

My woman, you are the reason that I love things and now let me know that you inspire me so.

There are tons of reasons to celebrate and now let us enjoy your special day, okay, I love you!

I miss being with you during your birthdays so I’m truly glad to be celebrating today with you.