Happy 52nd Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are interesting, except when you are already getting grey hair, wrinkles, and weaker bones.
You don’t have to be much bothered by the thought because we like wines that get better as they age.
Just sit back and relax on that comfortable couch, look for the girl of your dreams, and make your special day to be extraordinary by starting with these pick-up lines and leading her to your world.

I can sing happy 52nd birthday wishes and dance with this pretty lady all through the night.

Will you fetch me a birthday cake, so I can distract you and steal your heart?

I can sing happy 52nd birthday wishes as much as possible, but I will never get tired of you.


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Can I write you a song about screaming happy 52nd birthday wishes to your enemies?

Excuse me, but I think I must see you dance when I sing happy 52nd birthday wishes for you.

Do you mind dropping that cranberry drink for a while and seeing my version of birthday kiss?

100 Birthday Quotes

Do you mind if you stop smiling at me and instead give me a birthday kiss tonight?

I could write a song about singing happy 52nd birthday wishes to a beautiful lady like you.

We could bake a cake right now, pour the white frosting, and taste our version of heaven.

We can dance along with your birthday smile beneath these millions of stars in the night sky.

Happy 14th Birthday Quotes

You are the impeccably happy 52nd birthday wishes singing along inside my ears.

You are the most beautiful birthday smile that ever existed in my entire life.

Can you be my sweet vanilla frosting, and I will be your little fluffy chocolate cake?

Paint some wings for these happy 52nd birthday wishes so it can fly and sing by itself for you.

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

I wish we could be the people who will say happy 52nd birthday wishes to each other someday.

Happy 52nd birthday wishes to the man who suddenly fell in love with this beautiful woman.

We can plant plenty of birthday wishes here and gather them every year of your special day.

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Can I be your disco man who will always sing happy birthday in your happy life?

I will give you a card, not singing happy 52nd birthday wishes but be marrying me instead.

Nothing can beat this song of happy 52nd birthday wishes and my everlasting love for you.

30 Happy Birthday Wishes for Pastor

I love how your hair looks like a birthday song of the dancing candlelight.

You might notice my exchanging glances because I am too attracted to your birthday eyes.

I never thought that you would be the birthday thief who would suddenly steal my heart tonight.

I know that your beautiful eyes will open the sky, and the angels will sing your birthday song.

60 Wish You Happy Birthday Message

You are that beautiful serenade about birthday wishes, delicious cakes, and colourful confetti.

I think you might not know it, but you seemed to be like the birthday party of my lonely life.

We can talk about painting flowers on your birthday hat and your pretty little summer dress.

I am too amazed that your pretty face becomes more beautiful with your little birthday smiles.


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You may never know how your reflection amplifies into the depths of my birthday soul.

Let’s go to the world of dancing shoes, cranberry drinks, party dresses, and birthday cakes.

You are the birthday fairy who can give me that kind of birthday happiness all my life.

My true happiness is the arrival of the moment of sending happy 52nd birthday wishes to you.

You can sing and dance with your birthday dress out of sunflowers and a nicotine patch.

You may never know how you can make my heart sing your happy birthday tune.

Little did I know I might be the reason for bringing out the best birthday smile of your life.

We can go to the place you wanted the most, and we can sing your birthday song with the stars.

I want to see your birthday smile full of loyalty, trustworthiness, and serenity.

We can sing the birthday tune beneath the shining moonlight and the midnight blue sky.

I want to drown our birthday suits in the secret paradise where we can call it our place.


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Every little bit of you smells like vanilla icing, cranberry drink, and birthday party bombs.

Right now, I think your birthday soul is shining into my solitary and despairing darkness.

Your birthday smile gives me excellent thoughts about living how a happy man should be.

Can you be the birthday cake that I will taste and eat for the rest of my life?

I want to wrap our bodies with birthday balloons and fly with the dancing stars in the sky.

You can throw all of these birthday cards into the depths of my soul.

I will become a baker who will build our own gingerbread house as my birthday gift for you.

I will make a teddy bear who will someday sing you happy 52nd birthday wishes as a present.

You might not have noticed that the stars wrote you a song about happy 52nd birthday wishes.

You can look at your reflection and discover your birthday smile to be brighter than the stars.


Will you act as an excellent birthday lady and make me want to wear my birthday suit tonight?

You can go around the corner, take my hand, and search for the birthday smiles in the world.

I was busy finding the real happiness, and then I found you: my future reliable, gorgeous comrade.

I think about the stars busy dancing on their birthdays and how we should do the same.

We can never consider ourselves lucky until we find who we want to be on our birthdays.

As a birthday gift, I want to draw your beautiful hair and paint some flowers on it.

Will you allow me to eat this birthday cake so that you can taste my chocolate-flavoured lips?


I thought my best birthday gift was a pair of socks until I realized meeting you were better.

Lots of possible good birthday bash, but I’m already contented just spending my day with you.

We need a sound birthday card that yells happy 52nd birthday wishes into our ears.

My greatest desire is to run away with you in an old car while listening to birthday songs.

Do you think I would not be captivated by the eyes that whisper happy 52nd birthday wishes?

I think your hair smells like vanilla and wine, and I want to eat you like a good birthday cake.

I think you have the gorgeous birthday smile that I have seen in my entire life.


Hey, I think you have the most beautiful birthday cupcakes, and it suits your hot dress.

Do you mind-blowing some of the pretty stiff birthday candles of mine for my birthday cake?

I am lost in thought about your smile and how it shines brightly against the quiet night sky.

It is astonishing how you kept your cool about our warmest birthday surprise in town for you tonight.

I think we can go to that magical place where we celebrate birthdays as long as we like.

You can listen to a lovely birthday song and stare at the stars who dance along with us.

It’s your birthday, but I want mash potatoes, apple pie, and your birthday suit tonight.


Sometimes we will have to serenade some birthday songs that we can make out of our heads.

Can you be my birthday gift so that I can unwrap you and make me see the inside of you?

We can go into this empty room and play the piano that can sing happy 52nd birthday wishes.

I will never forget this birthday moment, and I will cherish it every time I see a birthday cake.

I could write you a poem about little crickets dancing along with your lovely birthday song.

Sometimes we could wish for a wild birthday bash where we could eat each other’s cupcakes.

We can celebrate this thing in a friendly, warm bubble bath with fresh scented candles.


It is lovely and fascinating how you walk through that door wearing your fabulous birthday dress.

Fabulous things are fabulous if we try to make something new in our birthday suits.

I will happily die seeing your birthday smile shining along with the stars in the midnight sky.

Can you wear your birthday shoes and waltz with me through the jazz music of blissfulness?

Maybe we can play this phonograph and wait until happy 52nd birthday wishes play?

Get around the corner and show me your birthday dance moves while I play my violin.

Sometimes I wonder about the taste of this cake will be the same if I taste it in your mouth.


You can beg for many happy 52nd birthday wishes as much as you want, and I still want you.

Notice and feel every little bit of wonder on these happy 52nd birthday wishes of mine.

Dance along with the birthday beat of your heart and soul all through the night.

All these happy 52nd birthday wishes, but all I want is to have a lovely waltz with you.

Birthday parties are more relaxed if they won’t remind your age and be happy for a while.

Is that your birthday dress because I think it will be more excellent if you rather wear your birthday suit.

Listen to these tiny happy 52nd birthday wishes and see how they are so delicate and well.

I never thought I’d never see a woman with the gorgeous birthday smile in the entire universe.


We can swim into the lake and hear the frogs croak happy 52nd birthday wishes for you.

Laugh while you can and sing your birthday tune along with your squeaky dancing shoes.

I could lift you into the air, so you can feel the birthday breeze against your gorgeous face.

I might never think that I can find someone with the most beautiful soul on their birthday.

You have the prettiest birthday face in the world, and I can’t help but look at it.