Happy 43rd Birthday Wishes

Your 40s are somehow the interesting aspect of your life: you are not too old to wear anything you want, yet you are not that young to wear those things either.
At this age, you probably have the job that you probably don’t expect on your 20s and the endless get-togethers from your friends in your 30s.
If you are bothered you are still single at this age, you don’t have to be miserable because you may find the person sooner than you expected.
If you happen to find that special someone, maybe these pick-up lines might tug their heartstrings that they will not hesitate to grow old with you.
Here are some birthday wishes you can use.

You should throw a cowboy-themed birthday party, so we could ride each other tonight.

Do you hear the crickets, humming and singing you a wonderful birthday song tonight?

Wow, it is remarkable you don’t look that someone to be greeted a happy 43rd birthday today!


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Hi, I know we only just met but I felt it was already my birthday and I’m so happy right now.

I loved how that cranberry drink in your hands matches your scarlet lipstick and red dress.

I want to sing you a ‘happy 43rd birthday’ along with the rain and drenched, smiling faces.

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If you will allow me, I will send you a happy 43rd birthday card containing all my love for you.

I will sing you a happy 43rd birthday and we will go swinging on the dance floor.

You should throw your birthday wishes on this mailbox, so they can send them to heaven.

Do you believe that birthday fairies exist, and they can make your little wishes come true?

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Birthdays can probably make you gain another year, but you will always be looked younger.

I hear every beat and melody of your happy 43rd birthday song, it is indeed mesmerizing.

It’s a nice birthday treat for wearing clean pajamas and eating pizza while watching Netflix.

You should throw a birthday bash in the outer space, and we could party with the aliens.

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You should invite my heart and soul, and they will greet you a nice, happy 43rd birthday.

Let us sit here beside the trees and listen to the leaves singing a happy 43rd birthday song.

If you’re a pet lover, just throw a party in a shelter and let them howl happy 43rd birthday.

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I want to give you a birthday cappuccino, full of foam that tastes of frosting of the cake.

We can dance in the seaside along with the humming of seagulls for your birthday song.

We can do your birthday waltz around this backyard with a herd of sheep and horses.

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I can help you make your birthday cake by cracking my own eggs and caressing your neck.

I can plant these birthday kisses here and let it grow so you can harvest it for next year.

I hope when someone first greeted you a happy 43rd birthday on that morning, it would be me.

Maybe someday I will breathe a happy 43rd birthday song and you will just laugh at me.

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Someday I would paint your beautiful face that I saw humming the happy 43rd birthday song.

Let’s build a castle as our home out of these endless happy 43rd birthday cards.

Are you happy singing yourself a happy 43rd birthday song along with these happy people?


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You can build your birthday castle and march with your soldiers in party hats.

You are the queen of the birthday fairies and you can cast your magic, so we can be together.

This birthday cake of yours is made out of love, compassion, trust, loyalty, and gratitude.

Do you think that this crowd’s laughter is the symphony for your wonderful birthday song?

Maybe you could do a ballad-rock version for your birthday song that we can dance along?

Your beautiful laughter is the rhapsody that I can use for my next birthday song.

We would have a birthday hangover after being wasted and banging each other all the night.

I can help you make delicious birthday cupcakes so that maybe I could taste yours tonight.

You are the cherry top over the almond birthday cake of my life.

I will want everybody, even the buildings, and the pamphlets to sing you happy 43rd birthday!

Wear your birthday shoes and nightgown, let’s dance all through the night!


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Maybe you can write a book that can whisper a birthday song to our ears.

I want to place a lot of frosting, crinkles, and chocolates in every inch of your birthday suit.

Let me cross this bridge and go to your nice birthday party across the woods.

Would like to blow your birthday wishes into the breeze and across this countryside?

You didn’t say earlier it was your birthday, I should have been given myself as a gift for you.

Forty-three is a nice age for us who want to go back to the time when we can dance all night.

You can ride this car, buckle your seatbelt, and we can go to the paradise of cakes and vodka.

Blow these birthday candles as you would like to do into mine tonight.

I think the ocean waves are making the sounds and melodies of a nice birthday song.

You are as pretty as the wine glasses, confetti, and the colorful party dresses.


Be a superhero who can celebrate her birthday with a power to make it like an eternity.

Today is your special day for someone like you is extremely special in my life.

I’m thankful for your birthdays as it always reminds me that you’re given to me by the heaven.

Just grab my hand and we can fly into the place where we can celebrate your special day.

Do you have birthday dreams that haunt you and crept out in the back of your mind?

Little did I know it was your birthday today, or I should have brought my party machine.

I hope there is a place that we can just celebrate your special day and be happy all the time.


We will sing your birthday anthem, just raise your hands and feel the rhythm into your body.

This birthday cake that you made for me tastes like your love, beauty, honesty, and passion.

Let’s raise our wine glass and celebrate this special day of our special someone in our lives.

We are too old for birthday games, but we are not that old for our special tricks in the divan.

You have this birthday scent that I really liked: vanilla icing, candle smoke, and sugar.

We can lay here in the dancing grass and hear them singing happy 43rd birthday for you.

Teasers and tricks are cool until these suddenly yell happy 43rd birthday into you.


Imagine singing a happy 43rd birthday tune for yourself, and with me wearing my grey hair.

Tragedies don’t exist on birthdays because we’re destined to be happy on that special day.

Imagine inventing a tune of birthday song, like maybe the humming of the stars in the sky.

We can go in a car show and let the drivers honk a happy 43rd birthday tune for you.

I should send you a birthday card containing my sweet smooches and warm hugs for you.

Here is your birthday drink that can wash all of your worries and fears inside your mind.

I would really like to dance with this beautiful girl like you, my dear cupcake.


Birthdays are not my thing, but I think you are the most beautiful birthday treat right now.

I want to put this strawberry frosting in your cheeks, so I could kiss and lick it in satisfaction.

I should always go to your birthday parties because I want to see your birthday smile again.

This is the probably the day we can make our own universe where every day is our birthday.

You can wear a party dress out of sweet almond cake, candles, ribbons, and ice cream.

The smell of your hair is like a birthday cupcake: too sweet and extremely marvelous.

If you want a wild birthday, we can climb the mountain and waltz with the twinkling stars.


You might have never liked these French fries, but I am sure you will love my French kisses.

You can celebrate your 43rd birthday in a nice and cozy spa, so you can relax with me.

Perhaps you should practice yoga because we will have an interesting night, my birthday girl.

How about you invite the aliens in your birthday party, make them dance along with us?

Wait for me right under the bed to sing you in a nice and sexy happy 43rd birthday song.

Do you feel good hearing the rhapsody of the bees for your happy 43rd birthday song?

You can give away all those birthday treats but all I want is your birthday suit.

In your special day, I will dance with you along the sidewalks, table tops, and the fountain.


I want to drink beers with you under the moonlight and to watch you laugh on your birthday.

You can dance the happy 43rd birthday song while you dream with me over the clouds.

We could hover and watch the northern lights shine over your face on your special day.

We could be the freakish nerds that can play birthday games all through the night.

I think I’m already drunk because I want to revive your mashed potato in your birthday party.

My drink is vodka and soy sauce, so looked who threw up all through your birthday bash.

Your glamorous, beautiful face is one of the highlights of this wonderful birthday party.

I might be hearing now the angels who are serenading you a nice happy 43rd birthday song.


I wrote a song about you, a birthday girl who is beautiful, kind, genius, and a sweetheart.

It is certainly proved that you are the girl of my birthday dreams and hopeful chances.

You can wear this party dress, jump into the clouds and serenade with the songbirds.

I can no longer think of true happiness except for your dazzling face in your birthday party.