Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes

Birthday jams, party balloons, and noisy crowds – sometimes you think you may want that kind of celebration for your special day, but you realize it is not in your head when you are already 42 years old.
You may wander around the corner, drink your vodka, and stare at the strangers nearby in the pub.
You start to wonder if you may want to talk to someone when somebody catches your eye.
That’s it, and you suddenly had the urge to know this person, who looked so bright on this cloudy morning.
Here are some birthday wishes you can use.

Happy 42nd birthday to the one who truly loved this beautiful woman in front of him.

We may have the same birthday humour, but I think we can laugh later in the bedroom.

You may want to throw a birthday bash here in our own sexy and surreptitious paradise.


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You’re already 42 years old now. Woah, that is the most unbelievable but fantastic truth!

Blowing my candles in this cake would not extinguish the burning desires in our souls.

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I’ll count my steps towards the door of your heart, so I hope you open it with a party hat.

Drink this birthday paradise, and let me take you to the place where you want to go.

Either you’ll be the one who will throw a birthday party for me or the one who will ruin it.

Happy 42nd birthday to this silly man who suddenly got head over heels for this pretty girl.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, maybe you’re speaking in the birthday language?

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We can never be lost in our way if we follow those party balloons along the path.

You don’t have to be a fool to know that you are the birthday girl with pretty eyes.

The thing you get from greeting happy 42nd birthday is all of my heart and soul.

Feel the heat coming from the birthday candle and let the flames burn your desires.

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I have to garner all my strength and willpower to say a simple happy 42nd birthday.

Do you think there is much desirable than greeting and singing a bunch of songs?

I will write you a poem about your special day, groovy dance moves, and hopeful wishes.

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The night is dark, but it becomes brighter with your shining eyes, my dear birthday girl.

I might lose all of my senses now before I get the chance to say happy 42nd birthday to you.

We can fly away together across the indigo sky and tug the party balloons floating nearby.

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My deepest fear in the back of my mind is to forget you greet me like a happy 42nd birthday.

I will hold you tight in my arms, even until we sing each other’s happy 42nd birthday song.

My favourite thing in this world is receiving your birthday hugs and holding me tightly.

Birthdays remind us of our age, and it’s ridiculous that we feel like getting older more.

I’ll colour your fingernails in your hands and feet while you wear your elegant birthday suit.

I thought you had no appetite for your meals, but you’re indeed hungry our night.

If you listened to that cool melody, I would sing it like your birthday shindig tune.

We can beat all the odds and wait for the sun to greet you with a happy 42nd birthday smile.


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Nothing can beat our day except for a nice cup of coffee and a happy 42nd birthday card.

Maybe you can somehow sing the tunes of the happy 42nd birthday from the angels’ note.

The sky will turn down your fears if you give me your head and protect me with this party hat.

You can be somebody’s hero, like saving the day with a simple happy 42nd birthday song.

I can see your fears and worries, but we quickly cast them aside with a catchy birthday tune.

Don’t be afraid to be gushed with colourful lights and the sudden happy 42nd birthday song.

A fantastic round trip in the busy city of rednecks is a nice ending for your happy 42nd birthday.

Things like sending a lovely happy 42nd birthday card to bring me unimaginable happiness.

I thought you were the birthday girl because you look like you received all gifts in the world!

I think being with you is what I want, even if I witness all your birthday parties in your life.

It is too silly that you may want to take another route and dash across the streets with me.


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Making a new birthday tune is a great thing to do while we wait for our stint.

If you light up all these birthday candles, I will not hesitate to ignite my body into flames.

I will never forget the way your body moves with the cool, happy 42nd birthday song.

Would you like to stay at my birthday bash, singing with the crowd and forget the world?

Do you think you can stay the night and watch the stars twinkle for your birthday tune?

The mesmerizing view of your birthday smiles always takes my breath away from here.

My mind is filled with treats, party dresses, and colourful confetti when I think of you.

I can’t think of anything else today other than your mischievous birthday smiles.

I never thought you could never be the girl for me who will give me birthday-like happiness.

Happy 42nd birthday to this man who will you be the luckiest person having you as a wife.


Happy 42nd birthday to this man who wants to say his admiration for this woman’s beauty.

Happy 42nd birthday to the man who would want to profess his love to this gorgeous lady.

I will pour you a drink and wipe this frosting stain on my tongue with your pretty mouth.

These cupcakes will never satisfy my appetite, as I still longed for your share of skin.

You have a heavenly scent that smells like birthday parties and everlasting happiness.

You stole my heart and baked it into a birthday cake, which I found delightful and lovely.

I want to see your beautiful head and make your birthday paradise by whispering to your ears.


Happy 42nd birthday to this man who wants to be with your side forever.

We can do birthday jumps and move into our happy, giddy universe.

We can sing happy 42nd birthday to this man who does want to become your husband for life.

We are the old souls who probably want to make your birthday one of the best things.

Do you think you will like to wear these cute birthday socks in your sexy bedroom time?

You are as pretty as the brilliant sun who secretly sings the great birthday rhythm.

It might be interesting to know about the melody and the beat that meant birthday cakes.


You might want to taste this cake I baked for you, with my heart as the main topping.

I’ll sing the happy 42nd birthday song and dance with the raindrops on the pavement.

We can do the birthday jive, sing aloud our fears and disappointments.

Happy 42nd birthday to this man who finally found the girl that he wants to marry in his life.

Life begins on birthdays, and I have never been grateful until you were born in this world.

I love peaceful birthdays as it includes you and me just looking at each other in this world.

Little did I know today was your birthday, or we should be gone to the birthday caves.


Birthday traps are my favourite, as this means that I could be trapped in my world with you.

It’s funny. I know it was your birthday today because you have that kind of birthday smile.

Please wear your party hat, use it like a cowboy hat, and ride with me tonight.

You dive into this clear pool and take a swing of your birthday drink with me right now.

I love how your hair falls down your face, like how the colourful confetti falls to the ground.

Your red lipstick reminds me of that cranberry drink and the smell of your red velvet cake.

See how your birthday goes away as sudden happiness passes in front of your eyes.


I can’t believe I caught the birthday bugs today, and I can’t stop laughing right now, help me.

Good gracious, how is it that your gorgeous eyes look like every birthday party in the world?

Take a sip of this mixed drink as a birthday treat as I put all my love, passion, and soul into it.

I want to do a birthday jive with you and experience forgetting the world for a while.

I won’t forget birthdays like being reminded by your smile, sparkling eyes, and dance moves.

Birthdays for a 42nd-year-old like us are counting your candles and wishing they are lesser.


You can listen to my songs about your birthday smiles, beauty, and kindness.

I may forget anything in this world, but I know I will never forget your birthday for life.

Sing anything in this world, except birthday songs, because it will remind us about age.

Children might dream of fairytales, but hey, these are relatively the same as their birthdays.

Can I be your birth partner for tonight so that I can give you one of a kind birthday special?

Growing up sucks, but at least you tend to celebrate more happy birthdays until we are old.

Do you want to wear your birthday hat and pyjamas so you can have another in the bed?


Is there any place where you can celebrate your birthday as much as you want?

I imagine your birthday moment as you are drinking vodka and quietly reading a book.

Listen to the rhythm of the leaves and the beat of the raindrops, and it is your birthday song!

I hope I am one of the reasons for your birthday smiles and extreme bliss emotions.

Birthday cakes were my favourite thing in the world until I met you and your birthday suit.

Light up the candles, start the night with a friendly and blissful birthday kiss.