Happy 41st Birthday Wishes

When someone who is important to you suddenly turns forty one, you would want to tell them a happy 41st birthday.
There are so many ways in which you can greet a person and maybe right now it does not seem like you have any idea on what to say.
When this moment comes, it would be a great relief to have some ready made quotes that you can easily use in order to greet the love of your life a happy 41st birthday.
Here are some happy 41st birthday wishes that you can use for that special day.

There are moments when things happen when you least expect it to, happy 41st birthday, girl!

With every year that passes by, I can only wish that you would still be here, happiest birthday!

I know now just how lucky I am to be here with you right now, being beside you all thru life.


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Blessings come in different sizes so do not worry if yours is small it still is a blessing, enjoy!

Today is special for you and I know that and I wish nothing but that you will enjoy your time.

Happy 41st birthday, all that I want for you is that you live a longer life, so spend it happily.

100 Happy Birthday

You are a true friend to me and I can only hope that you will keep being the best you can be.

I think birthdays is a way of life to tell us that we need some cake and some happiness too.

God must have sent you to me, knowing that I needed someone to lean on to, I am happy for it.

I did not forget your birthday and that is saying something as I often forget things happy bday.

Happy 14th Birthday Quotes

I look at you and I see the person I have fallen in love with all these years happy 41st birthday.

Thank you for teaching me how to fight for my right and for always trying your hardest too.

I am thankful that you were born forty one years ago for you are the best gift I ever received.

I know you have a lot of wishes and dreams and I can only hope that they would all come true.

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

I hope you wake up today and that you have a wonderful morning, have a happy 41st birthday.

Do not worry, you are still young enough to give things a second chance, a second try indeed.

I know you and by that I mean I know everything about you and I am happy to have met you.

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I wish you a happy bday and that you will be cherished and also adored by the ones you know.

Happy 41st birthday, if you ever find yourself missing me, just remember that I’m always here.

I’ll try to make my message as short as it can be: happy bday from me to you, happy bday girl.

40 Happy Birthday Dentist

There are more things I want to say that words cannot express & I still wish you the best now.

To the woman in front of me, I wish nothing but the best for you & that you will be happy too.

Forty one is just a number don’t think about it that much and just enjoy your life, happy bday.

Tomorrow, I hope you take the first step towards your dreams and goals, happy 41st birthday!

Growing Up Birthday Quotes

I bet you are receiving so many wishes from all the people whose lives you have touched now.

You may be getting older but you are also getting more wisdom and more beautiful, my dear.

I will tell you about the time when it seems to me that you are most beautiful: when you smile.


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You have always been a blessing to me and I want you to know I want to celebrate with you.

Happy 41st birthday may the spirits bless you and guide you towards better days from now on.

Let us fill your big day with happiness and with laughter too, I wish you all the best in life too.

You are the Belle to the beast inside of me, you are the one who will set me free, thank you!

There is no one else in this world I would rather be with than you, for I love you, happy bday!

Birthdays are the best excuse to party and get drunk, even when you are already at forty one.

Swim in the world full of people but never let yourself get lost in there, happy 41st birthday!

You have just spent another year having fun, for now you should be happy you are still alive.

There ain’t much I wish for you but that you will smile and be the happy thing in this world.

There ain’t no reason to wait for tomorrow if you can do everything on this day, enjoy today.

If I am not here anymore by tomorrow, please do not mind me and have a happy 41st birthday!

Today is the day when you should have fun and just enjoy your life, you truly deserve to, man.


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I wish for your happiness above all else, that you are happy wherever you may go to or be at.

Happy 41st birthday, know that if you feel like taking a rest, I always have your back, okay?

I can’t even start to describe how much you mean to me, darling you are my everything now.

There is no one else that is meant for me the way you are so enjoy life and have a happy bday.

You, my mother is everything that I have ever wanted in a mom I can’t even thank you enough.

I want you to be the happiest person on this day for today is special, girl, happy 41st birthday!

Inside of you I know there is a person waiting for a chance to prove himself, go out there now.

You have just gone through the big four oh and I bet you are still thinking about it right now.

Please never stop loving other people and dreaming of things you can still do, you need it.


Dance as wild as you can for there ain’t much time left and you need to make the most of it.

Mom, for all the times you gave me advice when I needed it I wish you a happy 41st birthday!

Sing so loud that everyone in the world can actually hear you, happy bday and just have fun.

There is so much ahead of you, forty one is not the end, you are only beginning, that is true.


You were born today forty one years ago and I can’t be happier that you were, happy bday!

To the woman who has captured my heart now and forever, I will always love you, remember.

Happy 41st birthday, you were always the first man I have ever loved, thank you for all, Dad.


May you never forget that I will always try my best for you, enjoy your special day right now.

They say the more birthdays you celebrate, the longer you live, happy birthday to you, babe.

I think you should celebrate this year with a drink in one hand and a mic with the other, man.

Go on, cut your cake and let us celebrate your big day, I wish you all the best in this life now.

You helped giving my life direction when I was feeling so lost back then, happy 41st birthday!

I think the best memories are those that have been spent with you, happiest birthday to you!

All that I wish for you right now is that you live a healthy life that is longer than most people.


Happy 41st birthday, you are all I thought you would be and more, thank you for everything.

I wish that all the desires of your heart gets fulfilled because you are truly amazing, my wife.

We have come so far, my wife, it’s been twenty years since we’ve met, happiest bday to you.

Your road to success may seem rough but nothing worth it is smooth sailing, so happy bday!

Life is going to stop you from getting what you want, you need to push through it, happy bday.

You gave me all that I have been looking for, woman of my dreams, happy 41st birthday, love.

You are awesome and so are your looks, I wish nothing but that you have a lot of fun as well.


You should say goodbye to your youth as you venture on new territory of adulthood right now.

Be thankful for the people who have stuck with you thru it all and just enjoy your special day.

Life can get a bit challenging sometimes but you need to stand tall and live a really good life.

Seeing you is always a good moment for me, so now let me wish you a happy 41st birthday!

Daughter, you will always be my best friend, I thank God for allowing you into my life, baby.

You should have a lot of fun on this bday of yours & just never forget to thank the Lord for it.

You are now forty one but you are still full of life and animation, I really pick the best woman.


My man, you are the best thing that ever came into this lonely life of mine, I wish you the best.

I don’t believe you are old, you are just eighteen with more than twenty years of memories.

How do you always know what the right thing to say is, have a really happy 41st birthday!


When a door closes, another shall open so sit tight and just wait for the blessings to come on.

When you stop trying to impress others, you will get to know yourself better, happy bday girl.

You are truly one of the best people I know and I wish nothing but the best for you, I love you.

Happy bday to the person who stuck with me through it all, enjoy this life like it’s your last.

Happy 41st birthday, you still sparkle like you did twenty years ago when I first met you, dear.