33rd Birthday Quotes

Your 33rd birthday is truly something worth celebrating, it is something to be rejoiced.
There is something about your 33rd birthday that makes you so attached with life.
You have survived more than three decades now.
For your friends and family members that are celebrating their 33rd birthday, it will be very nice as well to greet them.
Here are some happy 33rd birthday quotes that might help you out to greet them and let them know that you remembered them just then.

May your 33rd birthday be so much better than the previous birthdays that you have had, dear.

Let’s go out and party on your big day, after all you are turning a year older today, let’s go!

This is truly an event that only happens once in your lifetime, let us go make the most of it!


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We may not be the best of friends but know that I am here for you, always and forever, dear.

It is time you realize that your 33rd birthday means you are getting older, maybe wiser too.

There is no one in this world that loves you more than I do and I wish you the best today.

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May all of your wishes on this day come true for you deserve it more than you think you do.

Each birthday will give you a special thing and I hope this one brings you tons of wisdom.

Here is my 33rd birthday wish for you, that you become more prosperous in all aspects of life.

All birthdays are chances to let the celebrant know what you really feel for him or her, okay?

You are the craziest person I know in this universe and still I like you the most enjoy your day.

Let us keep on shining even though we are old and let us show them who really rule the world.

I want you to know that you are special to me in ways you never expect yourself to be, dear.

There is no one I would greet a happy 33rd birthday but you for I grew old together with you.

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You might just be the craziest girl I will ever meet but I really do like you, remember that, okay?

I wish you would go out to day and just have lots of fun because you deserve to be happy, girl.

My one wish is that you will always smile coz you have one that can change people’s hearts.

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You look so lovely and I can only wish you are happy on the day you were born, that I do, boy.

Life is full of surprises and now you are on your 33rd birthday, time surely flies both of us by.

May you get every desire that your heart wants on this bday of yours and that you have fun.

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Whatever you receive on this birthday, be thankful for the people who gave it & remembered.

Be grateful for those who never forgets your bday each year, they are one of the best people.

Who would believe it is now your 33rd birthday? You look so young that no one really does.

May this be the best bday you ever experienced for that is the one thing I really wish for you.

A brand new day is what this is, another chance to change the direction of your life, be happy.

Indulge yourself in cake and ice cream, you deserve a bit of happiness for some change, love.

May you have the best gifts of your life on this 33rd birthday of yours, enjoy it and hope it last.

I never would have thought we would be friends but now here we are, celebrating your bday!

Just let the people around you know that you are happy they remembered your bday, enjoy it!

You are one of the best people I know and I wish that your dreams would really come true too.

You are getting more mature, I’m sure, now that you are on your 33rd birthday, enjoy it, girl!


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Do whatever you want to do coz it is your life and now is the time you should do everything.

There is nothing wrong with getting older as long as you are also getting wiser with your age.

Go ahead and keep doing the things that you want to do because that is will make you happy.

You will find the light when you least expect it and that is okay, today, focus on yourself, love.

Have tons of fun on your 33rd birthday because you deserve that for all of your hard work, okay?

Honey, what you need is a long warm bath and a chance to just relax and enjoy your big day.

I hope you like this gift as much as I loved picking it for you, wishing you all the best today!

There is no one else in this world that means to me more than you, enjoy this big day of yours!

You have so much achievement that no one would believe it is just your 33rd birthday, honey.

Darling, I hope and wish you a happy 33rd birthday and that your wishes would all come true.

We may be apart right now but it does not mean I am not wishing you the happiest bday, girl.


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You are always in my heart and I am always counting the days ‘til we meet once more, friend.

Keep on having fabulous birthdays simply coz you deserve to, enjoy today and just have fun!

There will be a lot of gifts for you but mine is my love for you, I hope you will like it as well.

There is no one who has more space in my heart and life than you so happy 33rd birthday!

Forget the age, that is just another number, do not let it bother you, you are still beautiful.

I made you a thousand cranes so that you can wish it and let it come true, happy bday to you.

You really are bigger than life and I am happy to be able to see you smile and be the best.

Your 33rd birthday is meant to bring you more realizations and happiness, I hope that it did.

Age has never been an issue with us, I am always here whenever you need me, do not fret.

There will always be that one age you won’t like but do not worry, you are still amazing, girl.


No one in the world looks happier to me than you are right now, keep being that way, baby.

Darling, I am wishing you only the best and the brightest for this bday of yours so have fun!

I think you are just the most beautiful 33rd birthday celebrant in this world, I am proud of you.

There will be some obstacles in your way but I know you will be strong enough to get over it.

We have been together since day one and I am happy to share the womb with you, my sister.

For thirty three years, we have been together through ups and downs, enjoy your bday today.

There is no one else I would love to celebrate my bday with than you happy bday to both of us.


You should really stop aging from your 33rd birthday, from now on you stay 33, okay, honey?

And so I join my hands with you and we celebrate the 33rd year of our lives, let’s enjoy it.

You look better than you did last year, who would have known age looks good on you, babe?

What you need now is a good vacation and a chance to just relax and enjoy your special day.


Today you are 33 years old, it means you have survived for 33 years, congratulations to you.

There is nothing better than your 33rd birthday, believe me I have been there, enjoy your day!

You need to celebrate the fact that you are still alive and breathing, you have made it so far!


Over the years, I have come to appreciate the unique person that you became, happy bday!

Happy bday, you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen both inside and out, honey.

This bday of yours is the perfect opportunity to be the best we can become and just have fun.

That 33rd birthday will prove to you that age is just another number you should disregard.

You do not look any older than you did last year on your bday, it must be some magic, girl.

You are no longer young but you can still have fun, let us go out and celebrate your bday!

The good times and the bad times are better when I am with you, here’s to 33 years of you.


One of my favorite time of the year is your bday because it means tons of foods and happiness.

May you like every gift that is given to you because you deserve to have something for all of it.

There is nothing better for me than to be with you all the time, especially on your bday, dear.

Go ahead and flaunt all the gifts you received today for it is truly your day anyways, my love.


Darling there is not enough gifts in the world that can amount to the happiness you bring me.

I wish you all the best and that you may find the right path for you, your calling on this day.

May your 33rd birthday be as fruitful if not more than your other birthdays, wishing you all.


I am wishing that you get to be where you are needed to be, where you need to go on this day.

Your bday means a lot because it signifies the day that you came into this world, into my life.

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33 is not old, it is pretty young, you can still do whatever you want with your life, take control.

You control your life or you let it control you so be strong enough to be the bigger person.

Happy bday to you! I wish that you will have tons of happiness today and just smile all day.

There is no better gift than the gift of happiness and that of love and I bestow them to you.