Happy 45th Birthday Wishes


It is not every day that someone that you care for would turn forty five, so you might as well make it as special as you can. For now, what you should do is to make it even more wonderful for that person with some happy 45th birthday wishes that will surely make him or her feel more special. You should tell them all the things that you would want. Here are some wonderful happy 45th birthday wishes that will surely make them feel happy so that they can also have a good day. …More

Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes


Birthday jams, party balloons, and noisy crowds – sometimes you think you may want that kind of celebration for your special day, but you realized it is not in your head when you are already 42 years old. You may just wander around the corner, drink your vodka, and stare at the strangers nearby in the pub. You start to wonder if you may want to talk to someone when somebody catches your eye. That’s it, you suddenly had the urge to know this person, who looks so bright in this cloudy morning. Here are some birthday wishes you can use. …More

Happy 36th Birthday Wishes


It’s not every day that someone you love will turn thirty six and as a nice person, you might as well greet them a happy 36th birthday, no matter if they are your friend, they are your son, daughter, sister, brother or if they are your parent or your other half. Greeting someone on their birthday is perfectly normal better yet, expected of you. Go ahead and think of something to say to make your loved one feel good on his or her special day. Greet them with these happy 36th birthday wishes if you are at lost for words or do not have the time to formulate the words. …More

Happy Birthday Batman


Batman is known as superhero who has appeared on comics, cartoons and even real life movies. He is a superhero that a lot of children adores. Also known as Bruce Wayne, he is a billionaire, and also the owner of the company Wayne Enterprises. If you want to wish him something like happy birthday Batman, here are some awesome birthday wishes that you can use for greetings. …More

Happy Birthday August


Do you know someone who is born on the month of August? If so, then you have come to the right place for here are some great happy birthday August wishes that you will surely find useful. People born in that month are truly interesting, they are ones who loves to keep things private, they do not trust a lot of people. They are very moody as well and choosy when it comes to their friends. Here are some messages that are sure to guarantee your spot on their friend list. …More

Happy 22nd Birthday


Celebrating a 22nd birthday is truly one of the happiest moment in someone’s life. A birthday is always a good day and at the same time, it is a wonderful moment to celebrate and treasure. There are a lot of birthdays and each one of them is truly precious as well. Being 22 would be a good year to start doing more things, to start being more and to start exploring more about yourself and the people around you. If your loved one is turning 22, may it be your sister or maybe your brother, maybe your lover, here are some happy 22nd birthday wishes that they would surely love and appreciate. …More

Happy Birthday Uncle in Heaven


You wish you have met him or that he is still alive by now, but your uncle in heaven watches you from above. You will never forget him or his birthday either because he meant something to you and to the rest of your family. He is someone who is a part of everyone’s life. Here are some happy birthday uncle in heaven wishes that you can use in order to make you feel better and to hope that somewhere out there he will hear you and listen to your wishes for him too. …More

Happy 48th Birthday Wishes


Turning 48 will make you feel older and give you a hard time getting up from bed in the morning. However, you are still you and there is nothing that should stop you from living your life. It is yours to take and yours to make. You may feel like you are not comfortable in your skin so help out those who are turning 48 as well by greeting them a happy birthday. Here are some happy 48th birthday wishes that will surely make their sour faces smile throughout their day. …More

Birthday Wishes for Old Lady


To the old lady in your family or to your old lady friend, it is very important to greet them a happy birthday on their special day. To show your appreciation to them and respect for the elderly as well so do not forget it and remember to greet them. If you are too busy to make a greeting for them, do not worry coz here are some happy birthday old lady wishes that will surely hit the right spot and make them feel appreciated, loved and thoroughly happy as well. …More

33rd Birthday Quotes


Your 33rd birthday is truly something worth celebrating, it is something to be rejoiced. There is something about your 33rd birthday that makes you so attached with life. You have survived more than three decades now. For your friends and family members that are celebrating their 33rd birthday, it will be very nice as well to greet them. Here are some happy 33rd birthday quotes that might help you out to greet them and let them know that you remembered them just then. …More

Top 30 Happy Birthday Photographer Quotes


We all have that one friend that loves taking photographs of people, our photographer friend who is rarely on the pictures but always behind the camera. Well, here is your chance to get a good shot of that friend and make him or her feel special too. Here are some greetings of happy birthday photographer for your friend that will surely make him or her feel that she is also important to you and also to all the photographers that you may know. …More

The 60 Happy Birthday Paragraph


Sometimes, what a person really needs is someone who remembers the fact that it is your birthday. There is something special that you feel when someone actually reminds you that it is the anniversary of your existence. It is why it is important that you greet the people you love a happy birthday and wish them well. If you do not know how to greet your loved ones a happy birthday, worry not because here are some happy birthday paragraph or greetings that you might just find suitable for your tastes and the one that you will be greeting. …More

Happy Birthday Crazy Girl Wishes


She’s the one girl that can drive you crazy because she is a bit crazy herself, the one that seems to have too much fun all the time but still love you as much as she can. Here’s to the girl who would give up everything just to have some fun with you, here’s to her that deserves an award for being the best girl ever. She may seem to have a bit of loose screw sometimes but on her special day, let her know you remember her by greeting her. Here are some happy birthday crazy girl wishes that might help you express what you want to tell her. …More

40 Morning Laugh Quotes


Maybe you should exercise being happy more often because it will help you in keeping a smile on your face and make you look more approachable than normal. It is with some morning laugh that you should start your day. It would be great to have some morning laugh and just keep going with whatever you are doing. When you start your morning laugh then you get to have a really great day too. Here are some quotes about morning laugh that you should let yourself read. …More

Happy Birthday Crazy Lady Wishes


You know that one lady that you have known for so long and still find a little bit crazy but still you feel like she deserves something more than what she has and what she is getting. To that person you treat like a lady, here are some happy birthday crazy lady wishes that you might want to try out to make sure that she gets what it is that she truly deserves. …More

40 Starting Over Quotes


There will be some second chances in life, believe me, there will be times when you are going to try starting over some things in your life and with that said, you must realize by now that starting over may be hard but if you try your best to do things, you can actually make do with what is happening in your life. Starting over again is not that hard especially if you have someone to help you make things work out this time. Here are some quotes about starting over that might inspire you and help you along the way and maybe add some spice to your stagnant life as well. …More

50 Bad Girl Quotes and Messages


Note that everyone is a good girl, there will be a bad girl that will change the way you view things in this life. With that said, maybe you are the bad girl in the family and you just want someone to appreciate you for who you are. Here are some bad girl quotes that will change the way you view a bad girl, something that would be really an eye opener for you. …More

30+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Muslim Friend


There are so many friends that you will get to have in your life and one of them is going to be a Muslim friend. You need to respect your friend by showing him that you care enough to actually go greet him by saying happy birthday Muslim friend and be supportive of what he does. There are a lot of ways to greet happy birthday Muslim friend and here are some of them. …More

40 Happy Birthday Crazy Man Wishes


One day you will meet the man that will drive you crazy for the rest of your life, but he will also be a little bit crazy at the same time, for love drives people mad at the very least. For when this time happen, when you meet the man you want to be with for the rest of forever here are some ideas on how to greet him on his birthday. Here are some happy birthday crazy man wishes that you can say to him or text him or maybe send him on an email. …More

Happy Birthday Crazy Sister Wishes


We all have that one sister that seems as crazy as ever, the one who laughs for no reason at all or by herself, the one who makes every member of the family happy, the one who you cannot help but enjoy being with. This is for the sister that makes you have a good laugh all the time, the one that is a bit mad more than all your other sisters. Here are some happy birthday crazy sister wishes that might suit your sister and might get you elected for national sister’s day. …More