Happy 89th Birthday Wishes


The happiest of birthdays are those that are celebrated with the people that you love and love you back. See, when you wish someone a happy 89th birthday, it means that you were thinking of that person when you were doing so. Stop using the same lines all over again and try something fresh and new. Here are some happy 89th birthday wishes to help you out to greet those people that are important to you so you never have to use the same lines twice. …More

Happy 88th Birthday Wishes


The generic greeting of happy 88th birthday is something that you should not use when it comes to greeting your loved one on her or his 88th birthday. Adding a few more words won’t hurt you and it would also make your message more personalized so you can have that flair. Now, if you have a hard time when it comes to thinking about those type of things, here are some happy 88th birthday wishes to help you out. …More

Happy 86th Birthday Wishes


Each year passes by and you are getting closer and closer to 90. Well, there is not anything wrong with that. After all, the more years you have in this world, the more things you can do. See, there is more to this life than what you know, so you I might as well find the time to remember other people. Should your remember anyone who might be celebrating their birthday today, go greet them a happy 86th birthday. To help you out, here are some happy 86th birthday wishes that will surely give you an idea to on how to greet someone special to you! …More

Happy 87th Birthday Wishes


When your grandmother or grandfather turns 87, that is something to be thankful for, that is something to be celebrated. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate and birthdays should always be one of them. Greet them a happy 87th birthday and thank them for staying alive after all this time. Celebrate life and tell them that you wish them all the best. Say all your greetings and messages as well. If you are having trouble in forming your message, here are some happy 87th birthday wishes to help you out. …More

Happy 85th Birthday Wishes


Life is a journey that must be lived fully and without holding back. It is now time to forget those regrets and let go of all the grudges that you once held. See, being 85 makes you realize a lot of things, makes you want to correct the past mistakes that you have done. If you know someone celebrating his 85th birthday, go greet him a happy 85th birthday and remind him you care. Here are some happy 85th birthday wishes to help you out in making him a bit happier on his big day. …More

Happy 84th Birthday Wishes


The world is filled with mysteries, with things that makes you wonder and feel alive as well. See, the place that you live in has been wonderful indeed but at 84, you can still make a mark. Every single day that you get to have is another chance you get into making your journey into an amazing one. It is always nice to enjoy life but even more to celebrate it, for the person turning 84 today, go greet him or her a happy 84th birthday. Below are some happy 84th birthday wishes to help you out so you can find the right words and say them at the right time. …More

Happy 83rd Birthday Wishes


Eighty three is a nice age to be at, something about living for a long time. And yet, even at that age, there must still be a lot of things that is left to be done, dreams that are hanging to be achieved and people to meet with. See, that is one of the beauty of life, you get to have more things to do even as time passes by. If you know someone celebrating their eighty third birthday, go and greet them a happy 83rd birthday. Here are some happy 83rd birthday wishes to help you. …More

Happy 82nd Birthday Wishes


Every birthday is a big deal, whether you are turning twelve or 82, it is something that is worth fussing over. The truth is that it is one of the most important day in someone’s life. Every birthday is like a new chance to start over and try to become a different person, someone that is better than who you used to be. Should you happen to know a person turning 82 soon, you need to greet them a happy 82nd birthday. Here are some happy 82nd birthday wishes that will surely do you some good all in all to try and see if it fits the person you are greeting. …More

Happy 76th Birthday Wishes


At seventy six, a lot of people are still going fast and strong and that is no wonder especially if they do take care of themselves. However, if someone close to you is turning 76, you just cannot let that pass without greeting that person. It is somehow an essential thing to greet someone. After all, what matters most is that you would get to say a happy 76th birthday to that person so that he or she would understand what he or she means to you. So for that, here are some happy 76th birthday that you can use for your loved one or your special person just as well now. …More

Happy 75th Birthday Wishes


Birthdays are the most spectacular day of anyone’s life and they deserve a celebration. How sad a celebration is without the messages all meant for the celebrant. If you know a person who is turning 75 really soon, sending out some greeting cards that are specialized will make them realize how special they are to you so here are some awesome happy 75th birthday wishes that you can use to greet them and tell them just how much you think about them every day now. …More

Happy 72nd Birthday Wishes


Are there people that you know that are turning 72 real soon? If so, you should send them a private message or send them a birthday card greeting them a happy 72nd birthday as that is the one that will surely make them happier now. There is so much more to this life than just letting a special day pass by, celebrating and telling them a happy 72nd birthday would make them feel like they are special to you. Here are some happy 72nd birthday wishes to help you out. …More

Happy 69th Birthday Wishes


The year before someone turns seventy is truly a miracle, a blessing in disguise. There is so much more to it than what meets the eye. It is a time that is worth celebrating for. If you have someone that is turning sixty nine real soon, have you had your happy 69th birthday greeting prepared for already? If not, you might just be in trouble so go ahead and load yourself up with happy 69th birthday wishes which will surely be a good deal for you. Here are some happy 69th birthday greetings that will surely save you the trouble of conjuring the words yourself now. …More

Happy 67th Birthday Wishes


Being 67 is another huge achievement that people would surely be glad to achieve. Should you happen to know a friend, a loved one or even a family turning 67 soon, greet him or her with a happy 67th birthday to make him or her feel more appreciated. Letting them know that you remember them is the first step towards making a room in their heart for you. Here are some great happy 67th birthday wishes that they will surely love you for, whatever the case is. …More

Happy 66th Birthday Wishes


Another milestone would be turning into sixty six years old, one of those rare once in every ten years even that occurs when the age of a person is the same such as in thirty three and fifty five. It must be a lucky number too, whenever it happens in a person’s life, as it can bring some good luck all the same. Have you a family member you want to greet a happy 66th birthday to? Wish him some good luck and some great messages too? Well, if yes, then here are some happy 66th birthday wishes that will surely hit the right spot and make you look extra special for them. …More

Happy 62nd Birthday Wishes


After 61, the next in the series of age involves some happy 62nd birthday wishes that will surely make your special someone or family feel like they are really special to you. After all, that is what you want, right? To let them know that you did not forget their birthday so you can get some extra points for it and show your love all the same. There is something about greeting them a happy 62nd birthday that will surely put you on the top of their list, whatever type of good list it is. Here are some happy 62nd birthday wishes to help you out whatever the case may be. …More

Happy 58th Birthday Wishes


There are some things a person just never forgets while some years that are in between. Most people think that as you grow older, you will tend to forget the years that passes by as you wait for another milestone. However, it is in those years that you will find treasures. If someone you know is turning fifty eight, greet them a happy 58th birthday. Always make them special, that they could still become whatever they want to be. If you are at loss for words, here are some happy 58th birthday wishes that you can definitely use, anytime at all that you need them. …More

Happy 57th Birthday Wishes


Notice the gray strands of your hair, the ache of your joints, and the blurry eyesight -congratulations you are getting older! You may have achieved quite a fortune, but those thick wallets no longer give you any satisfaction. You are reaching your retirement soon and you begin to think what you will want to do after quitting your job. Are you going to be like those people who just continued working until they die? Before you think about it, go to a nice and cool pub, and engage in the conversations with other people, maybe try to break the ice with these pick-up lines. You will probably have your decision later after a nice chat with a stranger. …More

Happy 55th Birthday Wishes


Being 55 should feel good, it should make people believe in themselves even more. If you have a friend, a loved one or even a family member that is going to be celebrating his or her big day, you should definitely greet that person a happy 55th birthday. Greeting the ones you love on their special day is something that is intimate and necessary. However, there are times when you do not have the time to compose a greeting for them. During times like these, you can use these happy 55th birthday wishes instead and let them bask in the beautiful words written below. …More

Happy 47th Birthday Wishes


Someone you love, someone important in your life, or maybe someone you have just met once but has turned into a friend is turning 47 today, you might as well greet that person a happy 47th birthday. Being forty seven is only three years away from the big five oh. Greet that person with super great birthday wishes that are unique and truly on par with other greeting cards. Here are some happy 47th birthday wishes that will surely make them feel happy in celebrating their big days and make them feel awesome that they are now at this age in life. …More

Happy 46th Birthday Wishes


Just four years shy of fifty is forty six, a good year to be, to still live your life fully and just have a lot of fun. It is the time of life where your children have settled in good or at least are living on their own so you can start having time for yourself. If you know some people turning that age, you might want to tell them a happy 46th birthday or you can just send them a text or chat. Be original with these happy 46th birthday wishes that will surely make you their new favorite. …More